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    Bill Gates: Next pandemic likely to be man-made and worse than COVID-19 –
    Cardiologist: Over 7M Americans may have some form of HEART INJURY due to COVID-19 vaccines – Natur…
  • pfizer pushed back-but admitted to jab side effects like pericarditis and myocardis
    Pfizer Claims It Never ‘Conducted Gain of Function Research’ In Response To Project Veritas Bombshe…
    COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer goes on to admit it may "engineer" viruses "in a limited number of cases."
  • And here's another Rumble video, offering more footage of the evil and moronic Jordon Walker, exposing himself and Pfizer, to real criticism....😂
    He claims that he's not a real scientist, but based on a consultancy background..... and they made this fool a director...LOL😂

    I think that the American term is "ass hat..." LOL😂
    Pfizer mRNA Scientific Planning Director Jordon Walker gets confronted, grabs and smashes a tablet…
  • Yes, although it's truly bizarre, this crazy maniac is indeed what he says he is...A Pfizer Director, who really has spilled the beans on gain of function research into additional coronaviruses, albeit he describes it differently as "directed evolution"....And I would suggest that it's more of an involution.....This virus is intended to do harm to humanity, so that this evil man and his wicked company, can profit.....They create the problem and offer the "cure."
    He even reveals the revolving door process, correctly, which explains why regulators always give Pfizer and others, a free pass.....

    I'll offer the actual admissions by this character on a Rumble video, as the powers that be are getting very twitchy about what Jordon Walker is exposing to the world.....Although he is "educated," he is dumb and the very first big pharma director, to spill his beans on camera....

    He is also pretty stupid if he thinks destroying humanity is good for profits....A very evil and stupid little man......

    Tucker Carlson made a Rumble vid, which includes much more, than YouTube will allow....They are panicking over this and trying to keep it beyond public scrutiny...
    Members should watch this revelation, so that they never take any future vaccine, of the MRNA type, if they might have thought it safe...Spread this far and wide and inform relatives and friends.
    Tucker Carlson On Project Veritas, Jordon Walker & Pfizer’s “Directed Evolution” Plans
  • 😂So this moronic, low-IQ yob, Jordon Walker, is supposed to be the Pfizer Director Worldwide R&D Strategy Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning..?


    WELCOME TO THE LOWER ASTRAL PLANE......We truly live in the twilight zone....This childish reaction by the "Director," is hard to believe, even for the odious Pfizer corp.....

    If you took a Pfizer jab, or know anyone who did, you might be "reassured" that you made the "right" decision, now that you have seen this Director of Worldwide Strategy, in action...??

    Enjoy the show.....😂
  • What I also find in common is that everyone says that oats are healthy, although this actually only applies to cold-pressed oats. Nobody is told that the oats are heated. There are no more vitamins in the heating of oats, but they are so important.
  • Before you diet, you should detoxify your body. Sometimes the metabolism isn't right either and you should perhaps have your thyroid values ​​checked to see if this organ is working normally or isn't working properly without you noticing. The body is like a car engine, if only one spark plug is not ok or not suitable or a cable is not properly tightened, it can have consequences for the entire process in the engine and lead to much greater engine damage.
    Cleaning will be the topic in 2023 anyway, isn't it? It's okay to start now. Insects are also mixed into our food. Who knows what else you can eat.
  • They kept that quiet! 🤔
  • Ever since the timesplice of 2012, the Earth has a combined synthesis of formerly disparate timelines, melded into one singularity...A single path that possesses both the very dark outcomes and events, side by side, with very positive and glorious events...In essence, 21st century history is witnessing both the very best of Human good will, creativity and compassionate beauty, alongside the very worst of ugly monsters, mass killers, degenerates, murderers and control freaks, seeking to destroy all life as we know it...

    We have entered the lower astral plane.......And the impossibly insane and manic events around the world, prove it...
    The sheer lack of wisdom, of logic in some, while others possess these in abundance......The exclusive clubs of the powerful and rich, more decadent and corrupt than ever, while the many honest folk strive for good deeds, in a heartless "new normal.."

    The elites demonstrating their double standards, constantly....Preaching "inclusivity and diversity" for the people, while practicing exclusivity and privilege, for themselves...They even seek a monopoly on real food and energy...While offering the people Frankenfood, bugs and insects...

    Tyranny offered the masses, while the elites travel freely, among themselves...For them, ugliness is a virtue...

    Seeing the wokesters and WEFsters at play, we know that monsters inhabit our realm, alongside us all....🤣🧟 🧟 🧟
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"As if covid19 mRNA vaxx takers didn't have enough to worry about, a further paper discusses the potential for multiple sclerosis in the vaccinated...
Surprisingly, this new paper was commissioned by the W.H.O. itself and I strongly urge all readers…"
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  Goddess Tara & Tibetan Monks of Melchizedek Shambala Activation By Anumani SantosWelcome to Sound Alchemy for Your Soul with intuitive healer, channel, and voice alchemist, Anümani Santos. In this show, we will transport you to Shambala, where you…
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"🦘In the land down under, there are a variety of more poisonous creatures, than any other continent...Russian girl tells it how it is......Actually, not that bad, really🪆👍🏻🥰"
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"Also, many people suffer "back problems" and especially if engaged in office work...Sitting in a chair for long periods, etc...In fact I remember a former work colleague, having severe back problems and spending a fortune on caropractors, most of…"
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"It seems that many people suffer from heart palpitations and arrhythmias...These heart irregularities can be resolved, if we appreciate that solutions may be relatively simple, if the causal factor is initially identified....This video may help…"
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"Most people may not realise that the Federal Reserve bank is a private bank and neither federal, nor a reserve...Albeit, many on ACC know this fact....However, what many here may not know is that the current central bank system, with the Fed at it's…"
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"AE ... True, politicians and politics becoming a disease … with no immediate cure insight ... leading towards the cliff ... and .... then "free fall""
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