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  • Hellen, it's very true what you say about Russia....Maybe you might enjoy a visit to one of my forums, covering this very topic, of Russian esoteric astrology...And as you suggest...AQUARIUS......
    The Soul of Mother Russia Resonates With The Incoming Aquarian Ray - Like Attracts Like
    Selamat balik dratzo,   I would like to clarify that when I mention earth surface nations, such as Russia or America I'm not trying to place one abov…
  • Roaring Lovely has recently expressed his concerns, about our Milky Way galaxy colliding with Andromeda...Not to worry, as this merge with the Andromeda galaxy, is in about 3.2 billion years.....

    The cosmic anchor point for said galactic merge, is located around 17,000 light years away, which is a special black hole and we can observe it's location, in the vicinity of the sky, beyond the Omega-Centauri system...

    There are many more immediate problems on Earth, that are far more pressing I would suggest...🤣
  • Edgar Cayce once said ''Russia is the hope for the future''. Russia falls under the astrological sign of Aquarius.
  • yes, we are never alone I once saw a spaceship target an asteroid in Russia it the asteroid spilled into many pieces this was shown on youtube i don't if anyone remembers but this occurred in the early 2000s or perhaps earlier this was a truly amazing scene.
  • Nutrient deficiencies can also cause DNA damage...See this vid by the renowned Dr Berg...Also, that was good advice from Q......"Protect your DNA." It's about avoiding cancer, living longer, passing on healthy genes to children, as well as enabling a healthy ascension....
    So, live long and prosper...🖖🏻 Be the best you can be....!!😇
  • Hi Hugger....;-) Well I would suggest that the assault on human DNA has been conducted since the advent of chemtrails, back in the late 1990s...It was and is an attempt to prevent certain bands of cosmic ray penetrating DNA/RNA strands, transforming them in preparation for eventual ascension...That is why the dark deposit MICRO-CHAFF particulates at high altitudes....I did mention this in an earlier blog, years ago, which I'll attach....Micro-chaff has fine particles of aluminium and barium salts...Aluminium reflects rays.....ALBEIT, it has not worked that well, over the decades, so the dark now use the covid vaccine and prior to that, terrahertz waves in "full body scanners" in airports, which unzip DNA...Not good if you are regularly exposed....One has to repair DNA using selenium in the diet....

    The most egregious attempt to date, can be found with experimental mRNA vaccines...Such as covid.....

    Cerainly, don't get vaxxed is good advice....I would also be wary of full body scanners in airports....Ask for the pat-down, instead....Some of these goons refuse, but insist,,,,
    The Truth About Chemtrails - At Last
      Dear Lightworkers,   There has been much confusion surrounding chemtrails, since the 1990s...Much speculation as to their purpose, and even if they…
  • Do you know these type of movies wherein a 6 year old is ten times smarter and faster than a bunch of mafia guys and a mean President?

    That’s what it currently looks like. The Lightworkers vs the Crooks. The latter lack awareness and can’t keep up with these smart and swift conspiracy kids.

    The crooks are still there though, trying to keep up…
  • How to protect your DNA?
    Don’t get vaxxed.

    Or is that too easy? 🤫
    Former CIA analyst on Twitter: “this freedom of speech is just nonsense”
    Bob Baer isn't a fan of Elon Musk's Twitter.
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"Prophecy indicates that Assyria (Germany ) will again be God's tool in the future and used against the modern-day nations in the future. Assyria is a very powerful nation at the end of age, capable of exerting its will in world affairs as it in the…"
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"Ancient Peoples, Modern History : The vast majority of biblical prophecy is not ignored by most who called themselves ''Christian '' in todays society even those who seek understanding often fail to find today's nations mentioned within the ancient…"
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Recently, I have been feeling an increased presence of energy in my life, as if the Spirit World is trying to communicate with me. I can't help but feel like the Spirit World is sending me signs, trying to tell me something important. Whether it's a…
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