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  • What is coded in your DNA?
    Who put it there?
    Mankind is repressed.
    We will be repressed no more.
    Information is knowledge.
    Knowledge is power.
    Information is power.
    How do you protect your DNA?
    There is a war for your DNA.
    Protect your DNA.
    Q :: posts by 𝒬
    Where we go one, we go all.
  • Then the guy there in that vid lied to you flatly at concluding end that 'the non-scientists are exited when things turn out to be what we expected, but scientists do the vice-versa since when things turns out to be what we did not expect, this means there is some new science out there to be discovered'.

    This is pure rubbish!! There are no 'scripture minded' closed minded idiots in this world like modern scientists, especially physicists! At some times in the past, they might have been into making new discoveries and so exited about surprises! But things came into sharp turn at the advent of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. The religion type need for 'certainty ' in one's beleifs entered very well into physics! These new physics seems to subtitute the traditional religions when it comes to buffling the mind with apparent absurdities. So they are persued with exactly the same mindset as that of religion. There is a need to be a 'a closed cannon of scriptures', for otherwise someone might make a discovery that dislodges them off their religion!

    Nowadays they panic when things turns out not to be what they expected! The best example is seen in Supersymmetry. Weren't psychologists trying to comfort these concocters of this latest whisky? Since they were basing it on what Einstein et al so believe in it that he thought it must be the secret to 'theory of everything', then the failure of SUSY should have been celebrated, not mourned. It means Einstein actually misguided physicists into the proceedure for discovering 'new physics' (SUSY borrowed from how Einstein used symmetries to guess the equations for GR). This (that Einstein missed the true secret of the universe) should have been truely exiting to real scientists, as opposed to religionists such as the disciples of Einstein! It means there is a remarkable fact about the universe that the scientists have been missing all along! This meant some major discovery is looming. But instead they added epicycles like the way they tried to save the Ptolemaic geocentric model!

    Another case is that of Halton Arp. Why did they spoil his career for seeing things that contradict the big bang narrative? It is because, yes, the modern physicist might be exited about unexpected discoveries, but as long as you dance so well within the fence of the prison! It is sort of like showing a Christian a verse that he has never read in the bible. Of course he will be exited. Not so if you show him a verse in Egyptian writtings that contradicts the bible. If you were a church member until then, you will be instantly ex-communicated! Such is what happened to Halton Arp!
  • Actually there are two magic wands that the modern scientists waves out to explain everything and to understand nothing. One is 'the accident' and the other is 'the symmetry'. If they cannot figure out how it can have come about via some 'accident', then they try their luck in 'the symmetry'. This is how they have lied to themselves that they understand the universe!

    So they could not just accept that the universe perchance have a huge number of hydrogen. Normal people can easily begin there: universe by its nature is essentially 'a sack full of hydrogen'. That is its characteristic. It is what makes it what it is. Otherwise than this, we will not have the universe but instead something else. It doesn't need to be explained. We don't explain existence. Existence explains.

    It is this half assed philosophical question ( with a neat philosophical answer) that drives the scientist hopelessly into the wonderlands of big bangs! He gets completely lost! Almost everything else becomes screwed up because it is cantilevered on this 'big bang' absurdity.

    Now the 'big bang' belongs to the 'symmetry' folder, rather than 'the accident'. Of course they cannot see how an 'accident' can spew out just the right number of hydrogen. So they check if the 'symmetry' can do that! So they evacuated the universe off every real matter and left behind a most likely inexistent 'substance' dubbed 'inflaton field'. This is so homogeneous that it gives them the 'symmetry' they needed! If we can calculate how they can be ultimately a result of some symmetry, they lied to themselves, then we have understood it!

    At the summit of the lunacy, they concocted the supersymmetry. Now they thought that LHC would pee out all the 'sparticles' they needed. But they failed terrible. It is time to correct this 'symmetry' nonsense that led them into a wrong path. But they don't realy do that. Instead the pendulum swings to the only end it is allowed: the accidents! So they now say we are living in a multiverse and such events as big bangs were only local. Round and round, they are now back to the 'accident', with symmetry having failed them.

    You wonder what was the hell all about. I thought the question of where hydrogen comes from is anchored on our intuition that 'they cannot just come out of the thin air'. Otherwise we would have concluded that the sun itself spawns the tonnes of them. It is only a dry belief, not backed by any logic or intuition, that a 'symmetry' in the past can somehow makes it possible for the hydrogen to 'come out of the thin air'. What is it about 'the past' that makes this miracle understandable?
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  • “Brazilian military stands with Bolsonaro to invoke Article 142.”

    The US Military is being run by woke traitors and creampuffs
  • Troops have been moving around China in large numbers-Xi is crashing the economy with these ridiculous lockdowns and when the people ris up for real-you can guess the rest-Xi wants to be Moa Cow Dung
  • And yet another theory of mine revealed when it comes to scientists finally admitting the truth about what is inside a galactic core. They still won't say the big bang is an all out misnomer of how the universe formed. They can't seem to believe beings exist beyond it, which is the reason they are so behind.
  • A case in point is Xinjiang, in Red China...Yes, they are rebelling against the manic CCP, "zero-covid" policy, being imposed upon them, with great cruelty...

    Good luck to those oppressed people, fighting their wicked government...👍🏻👍

    This people's anger is spreading to several cities....Xi must fall......KEEP PUSHING HIM.....Xi must fall...
  • I can’t confirm this, but I’ve seen this posted on Twitter:

    “Brazilian military stands with Bolsonaro to invoke Article 142.”

    Note: Article 142 of the Constitution states that the armed forces are to „guarantee the constitutional branches of government and, on the initiative of any of these branches, law and order”.
  • in China a large number of people is on the streets against COVID Lockdowns, it's unusual for China that large parts of the population demonstrate against the government
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