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  • Yes, absolutely true to suggest that the covid vaccine is causing the so-called "sudden deaths." But, to consolidate our knowledge and intuitive understanding, I'll include the comments of a health professional, who has not been got at, by the medical orthodoxy coverup....

    So, covid vaccination deaths, often described as "excess deaths," or "sudden death syndrome," with the authorities and MSM, not showing any particular interest....It's real and those of us who did not take a single covid shot, are truly feeling that we dodged a bullet....
    The establishment would rather kill us all, BUT, some of us are going to be the biblical meek who inherited the earth.....As many pregnant women who took the vaxx have miscarriaged....(my own daughter has a healthy child of 9-Months old and never took the covid vaxx, thankfully.)

    People who took one or more shots and complain about their ill health, are being ignored.....

    However, Dr John Campbell is showing interest and that is good...Of course, deaths happen, BUT, these excess deaths are significant and at some stage, irrefutable proof will be gleaned, that these deaths are caused by the covid vaccine....Including deaths following the known side-effects, such as myocarditis and pericarditis...

    He remains open-minded to the causal factors, but his logic is increasingly pointing to the mass vaxx....of all age groups...Including the young...

    See his recent video...
    World Premiere: Died Suddenly
  • This is how I see it. And we are not alone to believe it.
  • So now the next step, is to affirm mutual purpose in the lives of each other. So we may once more see an eye for an eye. This will be the hardest step to take, but the easiest to recreate. Only then will we know that our ascension is here to stay beyond any point of untempered chaos.
  • Someone who knows what that is, has a lot to say in her favor.
  • Saying the quiet part out loud, is not enough. Not after the fact of the matter is already in play. Why fight for acknowledgement, when you already have absolute purpose?
  • And that does not guarantee, that once you get there. You give up fighting for more than you've achieved. In other words, making a psychopath out of an empath using yes men as bait for a trap of no return.
  • Ignorance is bliss? try arrogance? Nobody likes to be almost acknowledged for their success, instead of totally and absolutely so. Not even those already in the game this far.
  • I guess Super Nova is the new scientific term used for galactic conflict zones. They're still just as deadly, but they're somehow forgetting that this is what chaos energy will do when it comes into contact with the intermediate area between galaxies.
  • So, super novas. Is that what we're calling galactic conflicts now?
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General Relativistic Aether Theory

Before Einstein developed Special Relativity, Hendrick Lorentz had developed the so called 'Lorentz Aether Theory' to explain the same thing. As far as physics is concerned, Einstein added (or in fact 'removed'), very little from Lorentz's…

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"I think we need a new theory of gravity to explain this dazzling cosmic web. Preferably, gravity not as a 'monopoler', but di-poler or even tri-poler etc. Preferably, this theory should do away with any need for 'dark matter'…"
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"As a side note, everyone is talking about whether gravity is a force on its own, or not. Gravity is a wave, that is generated when an object is moving at a fixed rate in space. The greater the depth an object has, the more weight it has, equals the…"
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"I can tell you, that this theory alternative is, incomplete.
A view point yet to consider, is one known as "nothing is relative" concept. Two objects of the exact same material form, can exist on top of each other without causing any ill lasting…"
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Drekx Omega replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion ET Expert Claims Buried “Ancient Space Ark” in Ukraine Has Been Excavated and Activated…HIGHLY RECOMMEND
"The sheer volume of wild stories coming out of Ukraine, at present, is off the charts..."Ascension & Awakening" is your supposed category, but maybe find another one named; "Tomfoolery."
And why is this mythical craft an "ark...?" And have you ever…"
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