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  • Tax cuts-more money in peoples pockets either kept in the bank (more money to lend) or spent on needed goods and services-works everytime to get economies up and running-loonie lefties always say that's not true while lining their pockets with bonuses etc. and rolling in new bmws
  • I disagree with you that lowering taxes is not helpful to economic growth...
    Tax cuts have gone through, in many spheres, and only 5% of the proposed package included the higher tax reduction..the top band..45%...
    Johnson would have raised taxes for all....Truss is reducing most taxes, BUT, has been thwarted on the higher rate, which is a shame....The Tory party is a shell of it's former self, and Truss needs more time, to force it to shape up...She needs time to clear out the swamp...

    In summary, the Tory party has maintained the Truss doctrine and only removed the higher band reduction, due to the controversy within the party itself...Of course, the rabid left opposition, with it's politics of envy, hate the idea of rich people getting richer.....I don't, if they are helping the economy, with investments, building new businesses and through paying taxes here, out of choice....This policy will be revived at some stage I bet....
    Basically, taxes are still reduced down, in general...So there are still many tax areas enjoying that reduction....And if Sunak had been elected leader, or Johnson remained, the tax burden would have gone up for everyone...But that is not happening and it does annoy the globalist elites, who are trying to bring us down, on parity with mainland Europe....Which is far worse than the UK...

    We still prefer billionaires and millionaires to pay taxes in the UK, rather than in lower tax countries....This tax rate will come in eventually, once the left (Tory and Labour) and biased media, have calmed down...

    Truss is like Trump...always under fire for doing the right thing...
  • I think the proper 'laying the ground better' is to deal with inflation first, then followed by the tax cut. Apparently, tax cut causes more inflation, forcing investors to sell pounds, fearing that it will lose value. This creats a spiralling effect!

    This also shows that the trick of 'trying to kick start the economy', by injecting more money, (to boost expenditure) does not work when there is both a slow down (or even recession) and inflation all at once! This a challenging combination!😆

    So tax cuts won't do it, neither will, 'quantitative easing', 'lowering interest rates' nor even 'negative interest rates'! The only way forward seems to be to boost the demand of a currency internationally, like Putin did. Any local attempt to tackle inflation will lead to a recession.
  • Now I am hearing that Truss is retracting from the tax cut for the rich in fear of a looming rebellion from the party itself! You see this is precisely what I mean when I say these are 'sham democracies'. The cabals (who controls the economy etc) creates conditions that makes it impossible for elected leaders to fulfil their promises, should it go against their wishes!

    Worst scenarios happens in these countrie's foreign policies. They never change with changes in leadership! Biden was voted in with a promise to end US's support for Saudi, end Yemeni devastating war, resore JCPOA, promote the welfare of Palestinians etc. But he has since found out that the conditions in the world doesn't make any of these promises practical! Such is how leaders end up 'serving the cabals'. They don't necessarily do it intentionally!!
  • Hi AE.....Well, the policy of capping energy bills is definitely working and only the left believe otherwise....Moreover, I can state that my energy bill reduced from £105/Month, up till September, down to £38, now, in October....My direct debit is the 2nd of each Month and my energy supplier (gas and electricity,) sent me the confirmation email, a few days before....And it mentions the new price cap....I'm also on a fixed tariff, which helps......
    So Liz is fab, from my perspectives.....She is also increasing our own energy reserves production for the home market, which will bring our bills down further....
    Not certain if you saw this map I posted before...But here is the UK reserves of oil and gas, in the North sea.....

    Note how little the Germans have in the North sea.....Explains their problems well...And we have the lions' share, of course...;-)
  • Drexk - now the Tories are getting blamed for the rise in energy bills
  • The rinos are owned by the same corporations as the demoncats;
  • Hi AlternateEarth.....Well, the new King was going along with this "climate emergency" tripe, because he, along with his close pal, David Attenborough, invented it....This idiocy started with Attenborough, back in the 1970s and Charles, being gullible, swallowed it, hook, line and sinker....
    But now he is King, he has to stop the whole show, in it's tracks,,,The globalists hijacked the "environmental" movements and are not pleased that Charles has been muted by the

    I was interested in how Fox business would view the Truss policies to date, so discovered this positive commentary....Albeit, this was five days ago and the pound has since rebounded a few the markets calm down their illogical nervousness, over any type of change in
  • Drexk-do you think the new King is just going along with the globalist gang so as not to get himself in trouble?
  • Contractors;
    Top Army Colonel: Nord Stream Sabotage ‘Clearly Not Executed By Russia’
    "The German population is being polled and overwhelmingly is opposed to the notion of any war with Russia and dismisses out of hand the notion that t…
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