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  • This might surprise some nations, such as the USA, but the UK's new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, has ORDERED King Charles and his son, Prince William, to stay away from COP27....(The globalist hippie, love-in festival, for green meanie dreamers and dopes....)

    I say good news....As the King has pledged to honour our British Constitution, which prohibits a monarch from dabbling in political peccadillos, no matter how much they are believed in, such dabbling is out of the question......

    It would also reflect baddly on Liz Truss and she's no globalist.....And nobody in Britain, accept a few nutters, want the King to attend this globalist nonsense....
  • Roaring I believe that the liquefied natural gas (LNG) is being imported into British ports, converted back to natural gas and piped into Europe, is from Qatar, mainly, but I also understand that at least eleven other nations have ramped-up LNG and are sending it to the UK, for conversion and relay to mainland Europe...

    In Britain we have the port technology to convert at:

    South Hook LNG, Milford Haven, South Wales
    Dragon LNG terminal, Milford Haven, South Wales
    Grain LNG, Isle of Grain, Kent

    Countries like Germany don't have these facilities and so desperately require us to relay their piped gas to them, after conversion....

    "Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is the liquefied form of natural gas, which has a much smaller volume than natural gas in its gaseous form. This liquefied condition is used to facilitate the carriage of natural gas over long distances, often by sea, in specialized tanks.

    "LNG port terminals are purpose-built port terminals designed to accommodate large LNG carrier ships designed to load, carry and unload LNG. These LNG terminals are located adjacent to a gas liquefaction and storage plant (export), or to a gas regasification and storage plant (import), which are themselves connected to gas pipelines connected to on-shore or off-shore gas fields (export) or to storage and distribution plants (import.)"

    I also understand that Germany is in the process of opening Wilhelmshaven LNG terminal, as early as December 2022, due to their dire energy problem....That way they won't need to rely on nations such as the UK, to convert and relay their imported gas, through gas pipelines, for domestic use...
    It is a North sea located LNG terminal...

    This terminal is expected to begin limited operation for gas imports in early 2023, in practice.....
    They are planning two others.....Stade and Brunsbüttel ....These have been mulled over, endlessly, without action and much of this hesitancy is due to green politix....
    List of LNG terminals
    Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is the liquefied form of natural gas, which has a much smaller volume than natural gas in its gaseous form. This liquefie…
  • Actually, there is no need for a lot of maths. In my country, most people in rural areas use firewood for cooking. Yet over the last ten years or so, the number of trees in some rural areas have quadrupled! People don't go to forest anymore. Each family has grown its own trees. This indicates that usage of wood only for cooking is sustainable.

    The only problem comes when pple don't plant trees, as in deforestation for purposes of paving land for cultivation. But as long as they cut trees and plant them, trees are sustainable.

    Here is how the maths goes: Suppose you cut one tree for burning. lets say it takes one month to use the whole of it. Then such a tree takes 10 years to grow. So at first, it looks unsustainable. But now suppose you cut 120 such trees. Then they will serve you for 10 years. So if you cut all the 120 trees but are carefull to plant the same number of trees, then by the time you burn all of them the trees you planted will have grown enough. The upshot is that when you cut a tree, it paves way for another tree to be planted on the spot, and this is what makes it sustainable.
  • Yet humans burnt firewood for over 40,000 years without finishing all forests! Furthermore, humans will definitely exhaust fossils fuel some day. So at the end of the day they will resort to burning wood anyway! (at least if some other as reliable source of energy is not discovered)

    In the next post, I will bring in some maths to check if burning trees are that unsustainable.
    I AM Meditation by Mother Akasha
  • RL -if the entire population had to burn any type of wood deforestation would be complete in the n hemisphere in a decade or less-
    How about the Tesla Tower-while 2000 watts can kill a human 700000 watts cannot since its at a higher frequency-Tesla claimed he could harness the Earths electromagnetic field and convert it then send it via a metal dish on the tower-strong enough to power electric trains and all other motors-Morgan, his main investor saw his own copper interests collapse along with Niagra hydroelectric operation , which Tesla invented and sold the patent to Westinghouse which Morgan uwned a great deal of, and he tore it down-there was further collusion by others too ruin the tower and Morgan held sway over other investors to prevent resurrecting it
  • rl-the story is all around like the china story of the same -proof, articles at least for both?
  • Quote:
    "RL where did you see the US may buy from Russia to sell to Europe?
    The Chinese are doing that"


    This story is all around. Notice that they have realy not sanctioned Russia's gas or oil. It is only that Russia demanded doubles out of the inconvenience created by it being removed from SWIFT and other similar things. So it is a matter of figuring out if it is profitable to give Putin his rubles, get the oil, liquify it if necessary, and then sell it in Euros to a European fool!😆

    Furthermore, US having to trade with Russia via the ocean (unlike Europe), U.S. can more easily obtain Russia's oil via black market (hidden in the bulk of imports). This, they liquify it and sell to Europe at higher prices!

    Europe needs to wake up to U.S. conmanship!😆
  • So, my friend, go to a nearby forest, take a log of dry wood, or two of them, place it somewhere in your room, ignite it, and you will find that it won't go off for the whole month! Neither ashes nor smocks are poisonous.

    Then you will find that you save enough money to take you to a trip to Kenya in the next summer!😆
  • Drekx Omega October 1, 2022 at 7:07pm

    "Roaring said: " Gas is not a basic need. Gas is about convenience, not necessity. Life can go on without it."

    Drekx response: Natural gas is certainly convenient for we who live in cold northerm nations, in winter, in which we use central heating systems....Something which you do not need, or have, in Kenya...So you probably have no idea...."


    Like it is indicated in the quote, I did not disagree that gas is a convenient way of heating. It is, and it is so throughout the world because heating is done, for various purposes, throughout the world. What I am saying is that charcoal can do the same thing with almost no coast. The only 'disadvantage' being that your hands etc will have to get dirty in the process, which, to me, is not a problem at all. Human being was not meant to be as clean as these cabals pretends to be, nor to use only fingures to do work, with the rest being done by expensive machines in an expensive way. That is why even kings and princes still go to toilet!😆
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