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  • I was reading about U.S.'s mid-term elections. So U.S. has this behaviour which we thought was feature of 'immature democracies'? Here is how they do it: Biden tells Americans that the MAGA republicans are a threat to U.S. democracy, and that they, both democrats and republicans should avoid them. By this, he seems to insinuate that he finds the more moderate republicans more acceptable. However, he winks to his foot shoulders to campaign fo the same MAGA republicans in preliminaries!! They fear that the moderate republicans might woo more of the democrats, posing a competition!

    So it is evident that like in any other banana republic, U.S. politicians cares about winning for its own sake, not about manifestos! A democrat will campaign against a republican if the later has the same manifesto as himself!! How he fails to thus contradict himself is anyone's guess!!

    Americans are thus thoroughly confused! We have Biden campaigning for die hard trump supporters in preliminaries, and campaigning against Republicans who might better support him in congress! In immature democracies (of which we now see U.S. is one of them), If an opponent from party A shifts to party B, a seemingly die hard member of party B will shift to party A! Why? cause all they want is some seats in respective parties. They don't care about issues or manifestos!!
  • Haha! I watched that China camp thing! By now, it is obvious to us that this 'response to covid' thing is a much a do about nothing, which signifies nothing. But if such is the wrongs about China, then it is o.k. because they do it in their own jurisdictions. There are billions of pple in China, so if they cannot storm to those camps, what can we, the few millions do? It is up to them. So it doesn't offend me at all. It entertains me.

    Everyone now agrees that either this COVID thing never existed at all, or we are thoroughly immune to it! Personally, I have experimented on myself. Not only don't I follow any of those 'rules' I deliberately break them, to see what happens. I long to conduct COVID so I may get the proof if it is there. I try best to stand near every sneezing person, I don't wash hands unless I am sure I touched dirt, I shake hand with anybody, and try to hug them, when possible. But I don't even contact the common cold anymore!!

    This thing doesn't exist, lets get over it!!
  • Energy bills in Europe and America, on the rise...?? Hehe..!! Well, not always the case, if you manifest abundance and plan ahead....Personally, my gas and electricity bills combined have actually gone down...From £105 per Month, to £38-19 from 1st October....
    I have a fixed tariff, which I would recommend to anyone worrying about their bills going up....Swap suppliers and get the good deals....
    I won't name the supplier that I joined, a year ago, but I was with "E-ON Next"....

    On this map, we can see the various national sectors, within which oil and gas may be extracted...The UK has been too obsessed with ignoring this extraction, over several years, due to inance "green net-zero" targets...NO MORE.....The Truss government has reversed all this globalist b/s and freed up our energy firms, for easier unregulated oil and natural gas drilling...As well as shale gas fracking, in parts of the north...

    In the UK, we are going energy independent....And in the mean time, the Truss admin is capping bills...A good policy...👍🏻😁
    We are actually emulating Russia, in this policy of local resource extractions, for oil, gas, shale gas, nuclear and maybe coal even...We do have massive reserves of all these...On land and also the North sea.....seabed..
  • Quote:
    "Personally I dont not agree with the way that Afghans treat their women, but that is my personal assessment and would not justify a war..."

    This is true, and I agree with you, mainly because this situation has happened throughout the world, not just in Afghanistan. In U.S., for instance, women were never allowed to vote. But this was never a justification for anyone to invade U.S., not even ETs (I am glad that pple here in ACC can understand this). This is not how it works. If or when the Afghanistanis themselves are fed up enough with how women are treated, they are/ will be capable of exerting enough pressure on their own government, just like in anywhere else. Up until then only 'mental' activities are required. This includes re reading and re-interpreting Quran etc. These can take some times. Calmness a peace is a prerequisite.
  • Glad that you enjoyed the video....It's a great way of "visiting" a country...
    I agree roaring....The people are fine and intensely patriotic and will fight aggressors.....I think this surprised some of the dopes among the USSR and USA, planners, who foolishly thought that, being "super-powers," meant that they could never lose against tribesmen in the hills...So a good lesson for them and as I said, at the time I did warn Bush Jnr....

    It was actually because the Taliban authorities hosted the Al Quada group, associated with the WTC attacks...That was the reason given, at that time...And the UN agreed and the majority of nations thought that America's attack on Afghanistan was "justified." At the time I did not, and knew it was a doomed project...
    Personally I do not agree with the way that Afghans treat their women, but that is my personal assessment and would not justify a war...
  • People say that there is no Afghanistan identity, and that it is only composed of groups of fighters who join hands to fight intruders and then revert to fighting themselves once they have defeated the foreigner. Thus they want us to believe that Afghanistan is unlike any other place in the world, and for this reason, Britain, USSR and US failed. Thus they turn the success of Afghanistanis in defending their territory on their own heads! 'They are too primitive/ barbaric to be beaten'.

    What a foolish way the world powers console themselves for shameful things they do in Afghanistan in a vain attempt to grab it! Afghanistan is like any other place. Left there alone, they might fight, yes, but all wars comes to and end with only two outcomes: a defeat of one group, or a stalemate. Afghanistan will reach a stalemate so that the natural government for a multiethnic group, federal, will be negotiated following the standoff. Foreigners prevents this by creating a false 'power ballance' that collapses once the foreigner goes, taking Afghanistan back to square 1. Thus foreigners, not Afghanistanis, are the problem!!
  • Drekx,

    I have watched that vid and enjoyed it. Thanks for posting it. I like when someone take a random vid around a country. It shows more accurately about that country than any media does.

    But don't you see that Afghanistan is not that 'mess' they want us to believe? Talibanis are just like other pple. They can be reasoned with, befriended etc. They just don't go shooting unprovoked etc.
  • Yes, everyone who makes a donation to Ashtar Command has a PayPal account.
  • In the UK we have had zero covid restrictions, for at least 9-Months...No masks, no compulsion to vaxx, no closed shops and bars, no social distancing, no lockdowns, no scanning aps, nada...

    In Red China, contrastingly, they have suffered a zero-covid policy, and all listed restrictions, plus, they have gone totally totalitarian, with massive isolation camps, for thousands, maybe millions of their poor citizens....And the CCP are so insane, that they are actually proud to promote these concentr... err, camps, with musical videos, of pathological levels of sociopathetic new world orderly, manic fruit-loopery, that only Red China could arrange...I truly hope they are joking, but I suspect it is all absolutely true...Well, watch the video evidence....Watch this vid and be ASTONISHED.....At how the CCP is truly one long bad dream...errrr.. nightmare....😲
  • Does anyone here have a PayPal account...?? Have you had it closed down, for expressing views against the woke orthodoxy...?? If so, let us know...And watch this vid, in which the Free Speech Union, had it's account suspended, along with similar groups, challenging lockdowns and covid mandates, etc...
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"A case in point is Xinjiang, in Red China...Yes, they are rebelling against the manic CCP, "zero-covid" policy, being imposed upon them, with great cruelty...

Good luck to those oppressed people, fighting their wicked government...👍🏻👍

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"in China a large number of people is on the streets against COVID Lockdowns, it's unusual for China that large parts of the population demonstrate against the government"
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