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  • Was the pipeline sabotaged?
    Environmental experts say that it doesn't cause any problems for the environment in the short term, but if it develops into the medium term then it would contribute to global warming.
  • Congratulations to Italy and Giorgia Meloni, who won the election, in spite of being branded 'far-right,' by media pundits and globalists, in general....
    She sounds "radical" to the globalists and communists, because she speaks of "subversive" issues (in their warped minds) such as; family identity, family values, faith, fathers and mothers, children, boys and girls, borders, national pride, patriotism, etc....👍🏻😁
    And we are witnessing a world in which the dark cabal elites want to wipe out humanity, in several ways...BUT, they will be stopped....and humanity will win....
  • Glad you guys enjoyed watching the Afghan vid.....It opens up hearts and minds to the truism, that essentially, human beings are ONE....We may have differing customs, languages, histories, cultures, beliefs, races, political systems, etc, but that truism shines through, when basic facts are presented, minus any supposition bias...
    So in summary, there are good and bad people everywhere....What energies we send out, are returned to us....For better or for worse, whatever we are learning.....or need to learn...Cheers, Drekx
  • I liked that video about Afghanistan. The chats with the locals were easy going. Except the Sharia guy, he freaked me out. Also the compound looked like a prison ⛓

    I like travel blogs and videos in general, it’s more real than heavily biased, edited and censored news items.

    I also watched road trips through the Middle East and Arabic countries like Oman where it’s hotter than hot ☀️
  • BTW note that Russia wants to change the game! By renaming Donbas a Russian territory, Ukraine will now suddenly became the invader, not the other way round! Then Russia will declare a full blown war on Ukraine! That is when the world will be forced to note the difference between what Russians call 'special military operation in Ukraine' and 'a war with Ukraine'!
  • Why are they not accepting a referendum in donbass? I mean they talk about 'what Ukrainian want'. Why not give them a chance to speak for themselves, rather than someone purpoting to speak for them in a western MSM or waving flags in stadiums or whatever? What Hypocrisy!! They want weapons, not Ukrainians, to decide the Ukrainian's fate!!
  • Indeed Biden don't care about manifesto. How can he take all the trouble to criticise and unseat Trump only to do the same things Trump was doing, but in a clumsy way? Why not just leave Trump to finish his term and does it properly? He sends troops to Yemen, Bow down to Saudi prince, make JCPOA deal almost impossible to return to, put U.S. almost at war with China over Taiwan issue, make divisive politics even worse in U.S., ignore the suffering of Palestinians and cheer Israel while bombing gaza, support racist neo-nazis worse off that any such group in U.S., Cheer pple talking of Ukrainians being fit for immigration because they have blue eyes, yada yada,...The only thing he does different from trump is to put the world under the risk of nuclear, global anihillation by provoking Russia!!

    No wonder no democrat want him anymore! He now bow to Trump supporters hopping that republicans will support him. But ironically, he might have to run against Trump himself! Poor guy! He is, no doubt, one of the worst presidents U.S. has ever had!!
  • great interview with Jimmy Dore from yesterdays Mother of all Talk Shows by George Galloway
    some really big truth bombs dropped here, enjoy!
  • I was reading about U.S.'s mid-term elections. So U.S. has this behaviour which we thought was feature of 'immature democracies'? Here is how they do it: Biden tells Americans that the MAGA republicans are a threat to U.S. democracy, and that they, both democrats and republicans should avoid them. By this, he seems to insinuate that he finds the more moderate republicans more acceptable. However, he winks to his foot shoulders to campaign fo the same MAGA republicans in preliminaries!! They fear that the moderate republicans might woo more of the democrats, posing a competition!

    So it is evident that like in any other banana republic, U.S. politicians cares about winning for its own sake, not about manifestos! A democrat will campaign against a republican if the later has the same manifesto as himself!! How he fails to thus contradict himself is anyone's guess!!

    Americans are thus thoroughly confused! We have Biden campaigning for die hard trump supporters in preliminaries, and campaigning against Republicans who might better support him in congress! In immature democracies (of which we now see U.S. is one of them), If an opponent from party A shifts to party B, a seemingly die hard member of party B will shift to party A! Why? cause all they want is some seats in respective parties. They don't care about issues or manifestos!!
  • Haha! I watched that China camp thing! By now, it is obvious to us that this 'response to covid' thing is a much a do about nothing, which signifies nothing. But if such is the wrongs about China, then it is o.k. because they do it in their own jurisdictions. There are billions of pple in China, so if they cannot storm to those camps, what can we, the few millions do? It is up to them. So it doesn't offend me at all. It entertains me.

    Everyone now agrees that either this COVID thing never existed at all, or we are thoroughly immune to it! Personally, I have experimented on myself. Not only don't I follow any of those 'rules' I deliberately break them, to see what happens. I long to conduct COVID so I may get the proof if it is there. I try best to stand near every sneezing person, I don't wash hands unless I am sure I touched dirt, I shake hand with anybody, and try to hug them, when possible. But I don't even contact the common cold anymore!!

    This thing doesn't exist, lets get over it!!
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Samael's anecdotes: Chapter Eight-Part 1


                                                                                                                    CHAPTER VIII

  1. On a certain occasion, while I was in meditation, I was…
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"And yet another theory of mine revealed when it comes to scientists finally admitting the truth about what is inside a galactic core. They still won't say the big bang is an all out misnomer of how the universe formed. They can't seem to believe…"
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"A case in point is Xinjiang, in Red China...Yes, they are rebelling against the manic CCP, "zero-covid" policy, being imposed upon them, with great cruelty...

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"in China a large number of people is on the streets against COVID Lockdowns, it's unusual for China that large parts of the population demonstrate against the government"
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"I am trying to look for an animation for the alleged formation of the so called Hoag's Object (and other ring galaxies), but I am not finding it! I guess it is ridiculous! I am kin to see how the galaxy will knock off the galaxy and leaves out a…"
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"Let’s say that Alex Jones isn’t wrong about the deep state and worldwide political scheming.

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