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  • I need to clarify a bit on this issue of 'ethics surrounding slave trade abolition'. Very few pple, including so called 'blacks', can discern the lie that 'white man abolished slavery' willingly. We know very well, in modern times, that 'influx of pple' to Britain is not politically tenable, hence Brexit etc. This mean Britons, even in modern times, donnot want people going to Britain to work for cheap wages, even if picking vegetables, cleaning toilets, driving trucks etc, not because they don't like exploitation of these cheap labour but because there are Britons who can do this tasks for better wages!! The same thing will be even worse if it were an 'immigration' due to 'slave trade'.

    People take it for granted, without thinking, that an influx of 'black' slaves to America or Europe will be of benefit to a 'white man' and so the latter man has not other motive behind termination of such, other than having higher moral values. This view falls down on close extermination that the capitalism which was an hold over from feudalism rendered land owners and factory owners few (perhaps even 1%) and the rest of 'white men' must seek employment from the capitalist. So influx of slaves would either leave a 'white man' with no job or be forced to be a slave too! Furthermore, the continued influx of slaves would irrevesably change the demographics of America etc, making it a 'black-majority' country! So slave trade had to be stopped for the sake of 'white man' and his future, not the other way round!
  • They now insinuate that they cared less about 80% of Yemenis stranded with no food, or killing of over 10000 of their children because unlike Ukrainians, they are not civilized blue-eyed blondes. They (those who engage in so called wokery) are not even ashamed to say this loudly in their MSM! There is nothing benevolent at all about wokery! BLM, for instance, has nothing to do with support for the so called 'blacks'. Same applies to 'end of slavery', 'decolonization' etc. Every smart person knows that these persuits backfired against the cabal, and so were abolished, for otherwise 'immigration' of so called blacks would be welcomed.

    Anybody can be 'black' or 'white' depending on where they live on earth. A Palestinian in U.S. is a 'black' person, and so 'his life matter' there, but holus bolus, in Israel, he is a 'white man', and the so called 'left' person now don't care about the lifes of the Palestinian!!

    The modern world like to dwell on an allegedly evil past, eg slavery, colonialism etc as if we are living in a different moral standard in modern times. We are not!
  • Quote:

    "Moreover, we abolished slavery in 1833, three decades before America..And policed the high seas, fighting the slave trade of other colonial powers, including America, France, Holland, Spain and Portugal...As well as middle eastern and African slavers.."


    More accurately:
    "Moreover, we abolished slavery in 1833, three decades before America..And (USED THIS AS AN EXCUSE TO) police the high seas, fighting the slave trade of other colonial powers, including America, France, Holland, Spain and Portugal...As well as middle eastern and African slavers.."

    In other words Britain attempted to asurp the 'world policeman' role in the guise of 'fighting slave trade' just like U.S. attempts to do so in the guise of 'fighting terrorism' or 'spreading democracy'. This is why we condemn Britain.

    U.S.(often in company of Britain) uses 'fight for communism', 'fight of terrorism' and 'spread of democracy' to justify every kind of wickedness around the world. Why did they help to install Mobutu or even Saddam? Guess what? this was 'necessary evil' to fight communism! Why create al-Qaida? again 'to fight communism'. Why help Israel for apartheid against Palestinians? 'to fight Hamas', which 'is a terorist group'.

    You might have also noticed that everyone who does not serve U.S.'s interests is either a 'terrorist', an 'authoritarian', a 'communist', a 'state sponsor of terrorism' or 'in the communist sphere of influence'. Thus houthis are 'terrorists'. Talibanis are 'terrorists', mau mau (at then) were 'terrorists' IRGC are 'terrorists'. Russia is 'a state sponsor of terrorism'. Phew!

    Thus I don't need lots of past, possibly corrupted his-story to question the sudden benevolence in British alleged 'policing the world' to end 'slave trade'. We know how governments works, as seen in modern world. We don't need history at all! His-story only creats room for more lies and more propaganda. If we cannot agree on what is going on NOW in Ukraine, what can we agree about in 1800s?
  • Soulmate = same soul ray (energy) or someone you know from a former life.
  • Is is really like that?
  • What you think a Soulmate is?
  • For all my dear friends on ACC, here is a welcome musical interlude, in between our passionate and lively discussions, upon the salient topics of history, space farers, occult and politics......

    Note the excellent organist skills of Elske and I especially enjoy the forceful majesty of the fugue....Something of a musical force majeure....👏🏻😊🎵

    Bach - Prelude and fugue in B minor BWV 544 - Te Lindert of the Netherlands Bach Society
  • I'm very pleased to see that many outlets on the right, in America, are noticing the absurdities of globalist/communist wokesters, in MSM, demanding that the "British Empire" pays reparations to black people, for colonialism and slavery.....

    The ignorant left do not realise that the UK is a Constitutional Monarchy, not an Absolute Monarchy...and there is a difference, when it comes to national budgeting and control of the exchequer...

    Moreover, we abolished slavery in 1833, three decades before America..And policed the high seas, fighting the slave trade of other colonial powers, including America, France, Holland, Spain and Portugal...As well as middle eastern and African slavers..

    Don lemon, of CNN, made a complete ass of himself recently, when he suggested this anti-British talking point, in an interview with an informed royal scholar, WHO ACTUALLY KNOWS😇 Something these woke people are not used to ...

    "McEnany: This takedown of Don Lemon was 'absolutely epic'"
  • Hello Ivy who is this guy? he managed to scare off the whole Dutch government, BRAVO
    Zelensky quietly deletes photo of his bodyguard’s pro-Hitler patch –
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