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  • Ptoblem with Germany is that they actually believe in the lie of a "climate emergency" and so don't use coal or nuclear...Not certain if they gave gas reserves, but here is a map of British oil and gas, which are plentiful and could easily be tapped, when we ditch the green agenda, which has held us back, for far too long.......Now isn't that more logical than importing gas from Norway and pretending that we are being so "green...?" Now that Johnson has gone, we have shifted gears with our energy policies.....Let's get cracking on fracking, nuclear, oil and gas.....
    The prices will lower for people and businesses....We'll be like Russia, independent of high international trading prices...
  • I think I have found it. In Germany, gas is also used to generate a certain percentage of electricity (that is apart from kitchen or heating homes). I think it is this gas for generating electricity, that they are trying to substitute it with nuclear energy.
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  • Quote:
    "Energy crisis? Nuclear power plant instead of gas from Russia? Nuclear power plants produce energy, not heat. Heat is produced with the gas. Sounds like a lie, or what?"


    How much electric energy is generated using gas in Germany?
  • Here some of my Original Thoughts:

    It's all about Energy, Your Energy. So what is then Coronavirus? Sunshine Virus? Or is it a Zombie Virus? Guess Zombies are deth alive or something. So what is Coronavirus then? About Deamons suck our Energy?
  • Energy crisis? Nuclear power plant instead of gas from Russia? Nuclear power plants produce energy, not heat. Heat is produced with the gas. Sounds like a lie, or what?
  • Who knows if there is actually a so-called energy crisis. After all, there is a reason why wind turbines, for example, only run at half speed. So that these wind turbines produce less energy. The reason was probably the stock market and maybe too much profit? If that's true, then there may not really be an energy crisis, just the case of the rich wanting more money at the expense of others.
  • If any climate change is happening, it's the opposite of what they say...(as usual.)'s+Global+COOLING!+Record+Return+of+Arctic+Ice+Cap+as+it+Grows+by+60%25+in+a+Year.jpg
  • Spot on, Ivy and Roaring...You two always have intelligent input on geopolitics...
    The current energy crisis is totally fabricated by the dark cabal central banking system, using international bodies like UN/WEF, as they seek to transform the international financial order, over to the great reset system and green new deal...
    Like Trump did in America, we in Britain are now (about time) bringing in energy policies, that return the nation to local energy resources, rather than imports...Today, it was announced that we will return to drilling for shale gas, as well as north sea oil...We have lots of coal, we could be using also and oil, under the sea bed...We need to get cracking-fracking...😊

    All nations should defy the green agenda, as it is based on fake science and designed to control the population, through carbon taxes...and social credit scores.....A world in which ordinary people will be expected to give up their cars and tuck into bugs...No thanx...

    What was it that Al Gore said about the polar ice caps, back in the early 21st century...?? And sea level rising...?? Nope, all failed predictions from the climate nutters....Ignore them..
  • It’s the West that keeps on financing the war in Ukraine and blaming Russia. It’s the West that created an ‘energy crisis’ in Western Europe and beyond.

    Pretending that Germany and other NATO countries are ‘only helping’ Ukraine is fake news. Well, they ‘help’ sabotaging political and economic stability.
  • Well, just not find this in Englisch, but the Pictures are funny anyway.
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