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  • No, I never said that a Soul is, or could be "contained" by the physical dense body...Indeed, neither is the Divine Monad (spirit) contained within a soul...BUT, they each have connectors, which travel through them and maintain connectivity, as consciousness is raised, and we call this connection the antahkarana....A figurative bridge that travels from spirit, via the soul and to the person incarnated....At the higher initiations, the soul itself is merged with spirit and the person incarnated becomes SELF...
    All the activities of a given life are recorded on a permanent mental atom, which exists on the higher manasic plane....It holds the light quotient of the person, between lives...While out of incarnation, this consciousness level is contained within an atom, upon a high plane, for use again, in the next life experience...Remaining dormant while "dead." (between lives.)

    So we could say that there are "sensory devices" that connect the Soul to the Person incarnated and they are remotely "contained" within very refined energies, that exist upon the mental plane....The higher mind of the person incarnated and the light body of the soul....

    And because this is remote, it is not so easy for Earth "science" to "contain." As they have no access to the higher manasic plane, through technology....Only natural technologies, as individual people, which activate when they die...Once out of incarnation, such egos will no doubt reflect upon their illusions......."Science" may want to "contain souls," but truly, has no clue as to how to reach the atomic levels, at highly refined planes of energy...

    An electro-magnetic field is at levels, around the 4th aether....With solid, liquid and gas, being the lowest three upon that plane, the aetheric....These "scientist" cannot even travel, using their science, to the higher three aethers of super aetheric....So, how could they ever reach the manasic, which is higher than the astral....?? Reaching it and "containing" it's expressions of consciousness...Not happening, so the cabal had better drop that attempt...and maybe tell their shills to pack it in, as it is boring us...
  • If you take a look at many of my blog post I have been punching holes, for a while, on the common idea that the body is a 'container' somehow housing another entity termed 'soul'. I noted that a so called 'material' thing cannot contain a so called 'immaterial' thing for the very reason that the very proponents of 'soul' idea don't allow such! Before we can study 'souls' in details, we need not to fix ourselves in particular models. We should just stop at talking of an afterlife be it by some unseen entity.

    We should understand the physics of 'containing' so we may not make the simplistic comparison that 'the body has charges, and it can trap a soul, the computer too has charges, and so it must too trap the soul'. This is a good reasoning that follows from the common idea that our bodies are the 'containers' for souls. However, the premise that the body is a 'container' for soul is very problematic! Anything that the seen can contain belongs to the seen, and never to the unseen. Neutrinos, infact cannot be contained and yet they are, perhaps uncongruously, still regarded as part of the 'seen'. The point is that if soul coul be contained, plus that it interacts with the body, being what we realy are, it could be easily observed! This is because the containment by a physical entity is done via electromagnetism. So if 'soul' could be contained, it would have electromagnetic field that could easily be detected! Infact it would be easier to detect a soul than it is to detect neutrinos!

    One of my solutions to the paradox has been to do away with the simplistic idea of 'containing soul' altogether. Instead, I posit that 'soul' when incarnate in the body IS the body itself. So for soul to be contained, it must first 'step down to a lower frequency' and by so doing, it becomes the portion of the very matter we see. So we must understand that matter behaves as it behaves because there is a soul incarnate, making it difficult to detect the soul in much the same way it is difficult for a fish to discover that it is in water! If something is everywhere and is in everything, then we migh as well not discover it!

    In this mechanism the flow of soul out of the body, into the unseen, must be followed by a swap with another soul 'stepping down' making the matter unable to alter its property in the process. You can then see that for soul to truely escape from matter, it must have a certain way of 'stepping up its frequency' in such a swift way that, as you will see, it is impossible to trap such a soul either without its will to incarnate in the machine or via a use of a technology that is operated entirely from the other end of the unseen world. It cannot be trapped solely via a technology operating in the seen world.
  • Thanks, Agarther. Neither the Balkans nor the rest of Europe needs someone like Kurti. I don’t know how popular he is among the Albanians, let’s hope that they don’t get carried away.
  • Unlike you, I am alert enough to understand that what this man from the future is reporting in his video is not fiction. It is a future that is currently manifesting. Probably none of us will be able to prevent science from continuing to research it. Behind it is the longing for eternal life. However, the result is probably more of an absolute catastrophe. You have to admit that while it is possible for your consciousness to be uploaded into a computer, you cannot escape such a virtual prison. This means that you will not be reborn either, because you will remain in this computer. There is actually no good reason to research such technologies and yet it is being carried out. If robots and so-called AI or A.I. whatever these artificial intelligences are called, they will most certainly do what they think is correct when they begin to develop their own consciousness.
    The Cosmic Laws state that everything has a consciousness. We don't know if there are other life forms out there that might be technical in nature.
    It is very naïve to believe that it is not possible at the rate at which we humans are currently evolving on earth. Then what will happen to the robots we've built? They will most likely evolve faster than us humans. Terminator and Co. is not fiction. I had received several visions about it. These are warnings for scientists researching artificial intelligence.
    The topic is so important here because it is being researched and it is not particularly good. On the contrary, it is dangerous and stupid. How to stop the scientists?
    🌕 🇺🇸On this day, 51 years ago, US President Nixon, for the sake of saving the USD, announced the termination of the conversion of the US dollar into…
  • You do not seem to understand how refined Soul energy, actually is...You said: "Computers are electrically charged, I could imagine that they can hold souls, i.e. energy. The soul is actually a storage medium, isn't it?" end quote...

    A Soul, like a person incarnated, has three aspects of energies, across cosmic aetheric planes...

    A person has a mind, emotions and body, across the planes; Mental--Astral--Aetheric....

    A Soul is also trine....Atma--Buddhi--Manas...These energies are an octave above those, of even the highest aspects of the mental plane..

    You cannot see, touch, or hear these planes, unless you have higher senses, to match...You have to use a Light Body, to see and interact with Manas....The manasic plane...Telepathy is also much easier there...

    And you actually believe that such a refined energy can be contained, within an electric field, within a computer...?? Frankly, you are completely deluded...This discussion bores us all.....
    Will you simply admit that you are wrong and swallow humble pie...?? If not, you will be challenged, more and more...From both myself, esoterically and Roaring Lovely, technically......I see he has already blown your ideas out of the water...
  • P.S. Ghost haunt Machine ;), but don't worry about it´s just a stupid idea.

    Scientists are researching it. That may become a reality. How fast are we developing? Especially with such technologies? It is foreseeable that further research will be carried out. I don't like this idea. Sounds like a virtual prison for the soul. How do you know for sure if it's possible or not? You're acting like Ashtar Command doesn't know anything about souls. The technology that this cabal possesses also possesses Ashtar Command. I'm just saying pull your soul out. Computers are electrically charged, I could imagine that they can hold souls, i.e. energy. The soul is actually a storage medium, isn't it?
    But what am I talking about, this is too much for you, although like most of Sirius you are perhaps a great thinker. It might not apply to everyone.
    Downloading Consciousness
  • here is the latest from Kosovo & Metohija
    Ukraine EXPOSED ZOV (Winter is coming edition)
    🇷🇸 Escalation in Serbia, Kosovo and Metohija Situation at 17.00 August 15, 2022 On September 1, the new entry rules introduced by the Priština autho…
  • SAN claims:
    "I've had a lot of visions of robots chasing and killing me, only then I'm always a different person. A memory? Something that you think doesn't exist? But maybe soon will be.

    I wonder what I have the ability to have visions for. That was certainly news from spirits, but strange that they were killed by robots. You have been warned and I am most certainly a medium."

    Drekx response:
    Dreaming about robots "chasing" you does not mean that you can see into the future, as a medium, or visionary....It simply means that you are a day and night dreamer, subject to glamours and illusions, that drive you to reach erroneous conclusions...

    There are real military robots, that are normally of an animal shape...For mechanical advantage......But they are not able to think without their program....
    As I suggested....You are definitely watching too much sci-fi, dear....It's frying your remaining brain cell...🙄

    Also, this topic is the type of trash we get in globalist technical magazines and papers...What they dream of and will never actually make real....These people are obsessed with replacing live humans, with humanized, obedient, humanoid androids....It's an obsession....🙄And I would stay off TikTok if I were you...It is not helping...
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