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  • P.S. Ghost haunt Machine ;), but don't worry about it´s just a stupid idea.

    Scientists are researching it. That may become a reality. How fast are we developing? Especially with such technologies? It is foreseeable that further research will be carried out. I don't like this idea. Sounds like a virtual prison for the soul. How do you know for sure if it's possible or not? You're acting like Ashtar Command doesn't know anything about souls. The technology that this cabal possesses also possesses Ashtar Command. I'm just saying pull your soul out. Computers are electrically charged, I could imagine that they can hold souls, i.e. energy. The soul is actually a storage medium, isn't it?
    But what am I talking about, this is too much for you, although like most of Sirius you are perhaps a great thinker. It might not apply to everyone.
    Downloading Consciousness
  • here is the latest from Kosovo & Metohija
    Ukraine EXPOSED ZOV (Winter is coming edition)
    🇷🇸 Escalation in Serbia, Kosovo and Metohija Situation at 17.00 August 15, 2022 On September 1, the new entry rules introduced by the Priština autho…
  • SAN claims:
    "I've had a lot of visions of robots chasing and killing me, only then I'm always a different person. A memory? Something that you think doesn't exist? But maybe soon will be.

    I wonder what I have the ability to have visions for. That was certainly news from spirits, but strange that they were killed by robots. You have been warned and I am most certainly a medium."

    Drekx response:
    Dreaming about robots "chasing" you does not mean that you can see into the future, as a medium, or visionary....It simply means that you are a day and night dreamer, subject to glamours and illusions, that drive you to reach erroneous conclusions...

    There are real military robots, that are normally of an animal shape...For mechanical advantage......But they are not able to think without their program....
    As I suggested....You are definitely watching too much sci-fi, dear....It's frying your remaining brain cell...🙄

    Also, this topic is the type of trash we get in globalist technical magazines and papers...What they dream of and will never actually make real....These people are obsessed with replacing live humans, with humanized, obedient, humanoid androids....It's an obsession....🙄And I would stay off TikTok if I were you...It is not helping...
  • Currently I would suggest that globalism is the biggest threat to humanity...Of course, these evil elites would much prefer, that we all get confused and worry about non-issues, such as "climate emergencies," white people, meat eaters, net zero and gender pronouns....🙄

    Nevertheless, we do have some good news, in so far as the UK's forthcoming and patriotic Prime Minister, Liz Truss, whom I had earlier endorsed, is in opposition to the new "global tax" process, supported by her globalist rival, Sunak, as well as the WEF robots, Biden, Trudeau and Arden....They want a global business tax and are starting with corporations, or so they seek to con us.....Globalism must be resisted by sovereign nations....😎

    "Liz Truss To Abolish WEF’s Global Tax 👏 👏 👏"
  • Problem is that consciousness cannot be studied like any other states, for the purposes of technology. Scientists and inventors must use trial and error in their pursuits.

    Let me use the example of Faraday trying to produce electricity from magnetism. This will be analogous to a scientist trying to produce consciousness from some 'computer'. Faraday at first thought that a steady magnetic field would produce a steady electric current, just like a steady electric current produces a steady magnetic field. But he could see by observing his volt meter etc that such is not the case. So that was the first try followed by the error. He was able to do this because he could observe the electric current. But now what if our 'inventor' trying to produce consciousness in a machine guesses that adding a feedback circuit produces consciousness? When he tries it, what exactly will he see to ascertain that consciousness has been actually generated? Or I may also ask: what is the equivalent of voltmeter etc in the case of consciousness studies? Will pple agree that indeed such a device can 'measure consciousness'?

    Now of course without seeing consciousness from without, we cannot build technology around such simply because we can't proceed via trial and error, as usual. We can try, but we won't see to check if there is, or there is no error. In all our tries, we must track consciousness and so the latter must first be observable from without. But for now, it seems consciousness is only observable from within. So we can't track it in a machine.
  • I start to wonder how many of the older conflicts in Europe have been created by the globalists. During the war in Bosnia we in the West were taught that the Serbs were always the bad guys. It was hammered into us by the media. But of course I don’t blindly believe that.

    There is one thing for sure: the globalist scam is huge, that is the real problem.
  • The EU wants to control the Balkans, not because they love the people so much, but to use/abuse these countries for their own interests. There is a green energy lobby that also wants to bring the Balkans and Ukraine under EU control. Hungary seems to be supportive of Serbia. But Macedonia seems to be eager to join the EU? That the EU intentionally stirs up old conflicts tells so much about their evil intentions.
  • yes ET Hugger, Kurti is a EU/NATO puppet
    and first of all Serbia is part of the NAM (The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) is a forum of 120 countries that are not formally aligned with or against any major power bloc. After the United Nations, it is the largest grouping of states worldwide.) and is a sovereign country so it can have a foreign/domestic policies that is beneficial to its people!
  • 🇷🇸 Politics: The guy in the article below can’t be trusted. He must be a EU puppet. He and Vučić will talk in Brussels (!) on Thursday the 18th…

    “In this context, Kurti also spoke about the Russian influence on Kosovo-Serbia relations. "We are worried, but we are not afraid. How the situation will develop depends a lot on what attitude Western democracies will take towards Belgrade," he said.

    Kurti said that "what Serbia wants are European funds, Russian weapons, Chinese investments and American tolerance."
    Kurti threatens again: "If the West allows Serbia..."
    Latest Serbia news in English, latest Kosovo news in English, Serbian economy news, Serbian business news, Serbian politics news, Balkan regional new…
This reply was deleted.

Melchizedek, One Who Serves and Shoshanna - A great light portal is in process of opening via James McConnnell

ANCIENT AWAKENINGSSunday Call 9/25/2022 (Lord Melchizedek, OWS, Shoshanna)James & JoAnna McConnell A great light portal is in process of opening Melchizedek and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnellShoshanna – Joanna’s Higher Self These…

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