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  • The Hebrews had many wives, thus their DNA spread fast 😉
  • Yes, a priest using the codename of "Archangel Gabriel." It may also be of interest to learn that Jesus/Yeshua was a reincarnated Joshua son of Nun, who was the Hebrew leader who entered the "holy land."
    Well, any religion that believes a woman can become pregnant through a virgin birth, needs to study biology....
    Of course, the Hebrews made it all very "mysterious" and later religions, also did their best to confuse everyone....

    By the time of Jesus, the genetic weakness had been corrected, but the practice continued on.....A part of the religious mystery school...
  • Interesting!

    I’m not really into biblical stories, unless it starts to make sense.

    Let me guess: the ‘angel’ who impregnated the mother of Jesus was actually a Jewish priest with fixed DNA?
  • Understand that he was considered so blasphemous, against the Egyptian gods and Pharaoh, that all records of him were struck off...Note that his name was actually Egyptian and it meant "drawn from water." There were variations of this name, also, such as Thutmose, or Thutmosis.....Although in the royal family from a baby, it would have been much easier to cover up such a person's existence...A great scandal for the Pharaoh...
    Not so easy to cover up a Pharaoh's heresies....As with Akhenaten, who also tried to bring back the one God, to replace the many (Anunnaki.)
  • How do you explain the absence of Moses in Egyptian writtings at around that time? If Moses was brought up by Pharaoh's daughter, and there was this interesting story of Moses from being found in the river to appearing before Pharaoh to performing country wide miracles etc. Isn't it puzzling that the story about him seems completely unknown to Egyptians?
  • A stone sarcophagus....Used in ritual, as well as for burials...The ceremony of death and rebirth was well known to the Knights Templar, also, who practiced it at their Paris temple, inner sanctom...They learned it from their descendants, the Levite priests, who later entered the Essene community...Escaping to France...

    For Hebrews, Moses was the originator of this intiation ritual and it was performed upon him on the mountain...Sinai...
    Note that Moses had been intiated into the Egyptian mysteries....And all Pharaohs received a special initiation ceremony, in the Great Pyramid of Kufu, which is actually a temple of initiation, rather than a tomb..Many get confused about it...
    The King's chamber has just such a stone sarcophagus......
    Mount Sinai was standing in for the pyramid...(Moses expected no less.)

    He was not taken onboard the mothership, or anything like that....But the technology was GFL...The stone vessel was Egyptian.....
  • Moses is said to have glowed after seeng Yahweh while inside a rock. It could have been an encounter with an ET or I can say that if Yahweh was to appear that way in our time, some pple will interpret it as an ET encounter. How pple interpret their experiences depend on the prevailing theology. So we can often tell a story that is anachronistic, e.g. someone trying to hammer some 'new age' teachings into the bible
  • Yes, Moses was under instruction to leave Egypt with his Hebrew people,taking their possessions, flocks and herds and it was a sojourn that ended up being 40-years...The limiter gene was bred out, over two generations....Moses himself had received a direct intervention upon his genetics, speeding up his evolutionary initiation, which caused him to glow...As those around him noted.This was not ascension, but opened the genetic possibility for initiations above the 1st degree (birth) and finally ascension in the Hebrews and also anyone they interbred with and had offspring....Later they spread all over the middle east...As the biblical stories suggest....Finally Joshua entered the Cannanite territory..They became a vast trading hub under Solomon, later, spreading their genes, further into Africa and Asia...Under the Roman empire, the Europeans...Many settled in France and many European nations...
  • This is interesting stuff 🙂

    Tribes in the desert for fourty years = Moses, his tribe(s) and offspring?
  • "activated/deactivated with intent/will, we are not determined by our genes?"

    Yes, the human gene looks almost the same as that of worms, or should I say no one can explain how the vast difference between a worm and a human arises only from how the genes differ. We are stll miles away from understanding even very basic things in biology! The DNA specifies how proteins are made, and that's all. To account for the body though, we need to understand morphogenes, which is about how cells are arranged. We can't see how this information pertaining to shape of organism etc is present in the DNA since DNA only specifies the proteins within the cell, not info pertaining to how multitude of cells are arranged.
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"Currently I would suggest that globalism is the biggest threat to humanity...Of course, these evil elites would much prefer, that we all get confused and worry about non-issues, such as "climate emergencies," white people, meat eaters, net zero and…"
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