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  • Remember to apply this thoughtful phrase, for a little self-applied wisdom concerning the pandemic pandemonium of the Chinese virus and now monkeypox.....:
    "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me...!" So don't be fooled by the monkeypox scare...It's overblown hysteria....They want you scared...Resist them....

    GB News' Dan Wootton, reacts to the hysteria in the media's coverage of monkeypox.....

    "Don’t be sucked in by the health establishment who want us to go there again for monkeypox. If we do that, we’re waving goodbye to the free world that most of us would do anything to protect."
  • Klaus Schwab says: "Let's alzo be cleeer, zee fuuture izz not just happening, zee fuuture izz build by uzz.....!!" 😒

    My response to Klaus:.....GET STUFFED......!! 😝
  • Dr. Richard Fleming of joins The Alex Jones Show in-studio to break down the case currently being examined by multiple state attorneys general to indict Fauci, Gates, and those involved in engineering a pandemic.
  • Sometimes i feel were the Water is. The Air feels from that direction always a little bit cold.
  • Thanks Sohini.....and water is a very interesting substance from which we may extract aetheric energy, in accord with the researches of Viktor Schauberger....
    I have several aetheric energy producing devices, which utilize imploded water...
    There is a website for the Centre of Implosion Research, at this link, if you are interested in researching and utilizing said devices...
    Health beneficial jewellery and water energisers from the Centre for Implosion Research in England
  • Dear Drekx Omega,
    Sounds from water we have experienced many times with different sources.
    A stream, A River, Fall from the Hieght...depending upon the quantity and force, If it's coming from the Ocean...
  • welcome to my city
    Just klick on the Words there with the big Letters. Like HOME. All these are linked and you see pictures. Anyway if you Google for: Tea Kontor Wasserschloss (means Water Castel)
    HOME - WASSERSCHLOSS - Hamburg - Speicherstadt
    Unter einem Dach – in einem der schönsten und dem meistfotografierten Gebäude der historischen Speicherstadt – verschmelzen Gastronomie und Handelsko…
  • On pinterest. (maybe need to have Account there to see)
  • That video is an animation simulation, that approximates...The idea is to demonstrate ambience...The real location café is, "Dominique's," on number 19, S End Rd, Hampstead, in real life....I have been there during heavy rain, but did not film it, of course...
    This café Dominique's is located opposite a pub called the Garden Gate, number 14, tell your uncle, if we wants to have a pint, also...;-),-0.165715,259.13h,2.83p...
    51.55464,-0.165715 | Instant Street View
    51.55464,-0.165715 | Instant Street View
  • This Video looks like from a Game. I will ask my Great Uncle, he lives in London.
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"So it seems save to say that the body does not 'contain' the soul, but the latter has some connection to the former. Indeed the soul might not be in the same spatial location as the body at all! The analogy of the voice in radio not beeing in the…"
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"No, I never said that a Soul is, or could be "contained" by the physical dense body...Indeed, neither is the Divine Monad (spirit) contained within a soul...BUT, they each have connectors, which travel through them and maintain connectivity, as…"
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"If you take a look at many of my blog post I have been punching holes, for a while, on the common idea that the body is a 'container' somehow housing another entity termed 'soul'. I noted that a so called 'material' thing cannot contain a so called…"
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David Ickes Latest watch @
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Humans Must Learn To Distinguish Between Right And Wrong And Choose Righteousness A lot of humans are doing things that are wrong and a lot if told off attack the person who is telling them that what they are doing is wrong. STOP ...THINK...CHOOSE…
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"Thanks, Agarther. Neither the Balkans nor the rest of Europe needs someone like Kurti. I don’t know how popular he is among the Albanians, let’s hope that they don’t get carried away."
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