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  • 👶🍼Yes, I suggest that bloating in babies can be resolved with Gripe Water.....See some quotes on this effect and cure:

    "Gripe is caused by muscle spasms and excess acid created when air bubbles form in a baby's tummy. When the air bubbles get trapped in a baby's stomach, the stomach thinks it is full of food, so acids are produced which would normally break down the food particles. These acids are not needed and can cause irritation. At the same time, because the stomach is full of air bubbles its muscles are unable to relax causing cramps and spasms.

    Woodward's Gripe Water contains oil of Dill herb and Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate and brings rapid relief of wind and gripe."
    gripe water for babies - Search
  • Hi, I know a woman who has just become a mother. The baby is 10 weeks old and often has bloating. Do you know any good advice? She has already been to the doctor and it is normal because it is only developing, but can you do more? Also like to name plants that help and that you can give to small children.
  • By the Way. Oh, Wow it's a Superelemte. Stay healthy 🍀☀️💓
    9 Benefits of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)
    Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10, is a compound that generates energy in your cells and has a wide range of health benefits. Here are 9 benefits of coenzyme Q1…
  • Now to some GFL politics and solar system engineering plans....😄

    Readers may be interested to know what the future solar system will comprise....Which planets remaining, or removed, or added.....

    The Solarian Star Nation will be designed, by the Elohim and GFL solar engineers, to be as perfectly viable as the system that existed before the cosmic wars, in ancient times....(GFL-Anchara.)

    This system's natural "chime," or vibration, will be altered, electro-magnetically, using the proposed changed configuration and that will cause our solar system to be attracted, magnetically, closer towards the Sirian star nation (comprises nine suns; Sirius A, B, C, etc.)
    Sirius A is twice the size of Solaris and is a white star. Sirius B is a faint white dwarf star, as are the many others...

    Currently, Sirius A is 8.6 light-years distant from Solaris...That distance, upon the physical plane and higher, will be reduced to a mere 2 light-years, distant, which is a drastic step in cosmic evolution terms.....Also it will alter the night sky cosmic vista..
    Earth will become Solaris 4, with Vulcan becoming Sol 1.🖖

    1 Solaris (our yellow star.☀️)

    2 Vulcan (returned to physical aethers. already present on higher.)

    3 Mercury (orbit moved slightly further out.)

    4 Venus (retrograde correction to planetary rotation. water world status restored.)

    5 Earth (two new natural moons, to replace the current artificial one.)

    6 Mars (water world status restored. oxygen atmosphere restored. orbit correction.)

    7 Pax (reconstructed asteroid belt. Earth's current moon returned to former Maldek,)

    8 Jupiter

    9 Saturn

    10 Uranus (current angle correction by 90 degrees.)

    11 Neptune (corrections to differential rotation.)

    12 Nibiru (former hostile battle station, now functioning in positivity.)
  • Turkey may well veto Sweden and Finland's accession to NATO.....Erdogan still has a bone to pick with Sweden, especially, over it's support for the Turkish coup plotters that tried to overthrow him, a few years ago...
  • Elon’s tweets are weird and fun at the same time. He sees through the scam and some folks/trolls ‘threaten’ to leave Twitter for Facebook because Facebook bans fake news and offers free speech 😄
  • Elon Musk will vote republican in the midterms
    Elon Musk Announces He’s Switching To Vote Republican
  • No I don't think that even the insane EU would have them.....And currently, the nations have veto power, so would probably block Ukraine membership....As with Turkey....

    Albeit, this view is my own, judging the situation pragmatically....The idealists within some western European countries, may try to expedite a passage for swift entry into the EU....This would not be popular among those who don't seek additional economic burdens of taxes..

    The former west Germans had to pay for re-unification with the former east Germany.....It was expensive, as would Ukraine be...
  • Ukraine maybe join the EU.
    United Against Russia?: Ukraine's Membership Application Poses Tough Questions for the EU
    European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is pushing for rapid EU accession talks with Kyiv. The Eastern Europeans are applauding the move,…
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The Earth is grieving and her heart breaks, not for herself because she is resilient and strong. No, her heart is breaking for all of those who cannot ascend with her as her spirit rises out of the Third Dimension forever.Ascension has been long and…
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"Nice info☺
I am not sure, was it JFK who wanted USA to launch a nuke to the moon to demonstrate US's power to USSR?

Anyway you get it correct. Nukes are still paltry weapons. I expect advanced civilizations to have far more powerfull weapons. I…"
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