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  • Not all ufos are holograms. There are also other odd orbs in the sky that you can see through a telescope-bizarre alien or inter-dimensional tech that is inexplicable. People call them Christmas tree stars because they blink white, green, and red to the naked eye. I was looking at one one night and got distacted then went back a couple hours later and it had vanished, somebody turned off the projector.
    They look like an asteroid with a weird funnel protruding that moves rapidly as if scannining and for awhile there were petri dishes with live cultures moving around-pre pnademic-like amoebas not viruses-totally crazy weird.
    UFO-Like Stealth Drone Soars in Navy Test Flight
    An X-47B drone designed by Northrop Grumman and intended as a U.S. Navy carrier-based UAS has made its first cruise flight.
  • You think these Cabal use only Hologramm Tec.? Maybe they built something like UFOs wich can not leave Orbita. You know real Shuttels can leave Orbita. 🤔I don't like that though that we have Fake UFO Shuttels wich maybe shoot Humans. It's a work against Ashtar Command works. Who want to be Protected by a Shuttel UFO anymore?
  • Real UFOs don't shoot!
  • Red China has got to be the most insane country in the world...The CCP are drunk with power and treat their own people, with absolute contempt, as they do, "foreigners." 👎

    Some say that China will replace the USA as the dominant hegemonic nation..........?👎

    I say....NEVER, NEVER , NEVER.......!!!

    The world cannot allow China to be, in any way, a leader, in any sphere of global relations, health and safety standards, technology, trade, environment, human rights and general policies....This wretched nation has no respect for anyone, nor anything.....

    Even their paid-up WHO poodle, is rebelling against Xi's "zero-covid" mania.....

    "China hits out at WHO chief’s ‘irresponsible’ criticism of zero-Covid policy | Coronavirus Update."
  • Lunatic Fringe
    Biden Disinformation Czar Demands Power to Edit Other People’s Tweets
    She wants to turn Twitter into Wikipedia.
  • Project Bluebeam-holograms of UFOs -cabal may be ready to start that nonsense
  • When it comes to ETs people only tend to see the two groups: the benevolent vs the malevolent ones. Then of course they worry about the malavolent ones. But I see an even more worrisome group: the indifferent, big and advanced ones, that is if such ETs exist. Being interstellar voyagers, they might not need to live on any particular planet at all. So to them, those who must live on planets might be seen as parasites, like fleas that must live on mamal's skin.

    This is now where problem lies! When you spray an animal to remove the parasites, you don't care much about the lifes of the parasites. No one sees you as a malevolent one. Infact, you are seen as a benevolent creature caring about the hygiene of the animal in question. Similarly the interstellar ETs might be many, and 'fumigating planets' may even be seen as a benevolent act! When you found a 'dirty' place, you swept it clean and then sat there with your friends and enjoyed a picnic . Of course you didn't give a hoot that you thus removed millions of bacteria, fleas, jiggers, grass hoppers, spiders, cockroaches, flies ants etc. That these creatures were there before you is a complete immaterial This did not mean that you a 'malevolent' being. If anything, to your friends you are such a responsible guy cleaning compound etc!

    The question of 'morality' seems il-defined as applied to different species even living together on earth, let alone interstellar ones. It is a mistake to think of ETs as 'superhuman beings' or even 'human beings from other planets'. As the case of sweeping a room to ged rid of fleas shows, being 'small' alwsys mean 'being insignificant' and no one cares whether you are alife or not, and in many cases, your life is a nuisance to the bigger species!!
  • US House subcommittee will hold a public hearing on #UFOs, now called unidentified aerial vehicles, next week on tuesday, for the first time in more than half a century.
  • 🇵🇱 Poland has been focused on Russia, their old enemy, too much. They react to old pain. While it’s the EU that wants Poland to comply and do as they say.

    Poland wants to be a sovereign nation. When Poland stops worrying about Russia, offers humanitarian help to refugees from Ukraine and recognizes the true enemy (power hungry Eurocrats), Europe will move closer to peace.

    🇭🇺 Hungary sees through the EU scam, but Poland is too obsessed with Russia. Poland is currently fighting many political battles at the same time. It will be good for them to find more peace within 🧘‍♂️

    Once Poland understands what really matters and says no to the EU scam, eurocracy will weaken, that’s one true battle won.

    🇷🇴 After that Romania should wake the beep up, the current government are EU pleasers, trying to be the good boys in EU class. Be good boys if you like, but not just for EU money but for the good of all🗽🗽🗽
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"A message to W.H.O. Director-General, Tedros Ghebreyesus......I'm not a number in a health bureaucrat's file....I'm a free and healthy man....💪😎🇬🇧

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