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  • Well then stop making this frickin site a political site then lol That’s all you see here now.

    And most of it is 80% false anyways lol Trust me, the LAST thing the Illuminati want is the world going green lol Put their fossil fuel monopoly out of business. One of the main tools they use to control the world. They’d rather you stick to their oil lol

    You folks play right into their hands, while proclaiming to espouse truth, it’s GARBAGE. And anyone with half a brain can see that lol
  • Yea and you’re a main reason why this site is going down the tubes lol Drekxo Omego, fuck you lol

    I remember when I first joined this site, it was cool, everyone was cool, talking about higher truths, talking about the spiritual. Then your ass showed up, and it started slowly drifting downhill lol Talking that SHIT. And everyone slowly started leaving lol

    Now what’s left is a bunch of raggity old timers, right wing fanatics, who have no frickin life, and just do what they do best, spew garbage lol You folks too over the frickin hill to ever get it. But I’d like to see this site return to what it was.
  • Hope you're on the gas now......?? lol
  • The loony left love Sleepy Joe and Nancy.....And don't forget to "save the planet" by buying an EV...?? lol
  • Or devolved lol Since these political hacks started taking over, who DON’T know what the hell they’re talking about lol Used to be a cool site, now it’s like everything else, a toilet lol
  • Facebook also has new popups to promote climate change propaganda ⛈
  • Thank you for being comprehensive. We can always count on you for such great background and history. Thanks Drekx. :) ps.. hope your daughter and your grandchild (by now) are doing fine. :);)
  • The cabal are always looking to start wars, BUT, as they no longer control the US military, as per the process known as DEVOLUTION, they are having to use smaller nations and still find it difficult to pull off....The chief reason is the raising of mass consciousness in Humanity...That and the survival instincts of individual leaders and peoples...WW3 is not wanted by anyone but the most dark hearted elitists, who need their distraction, which they hope will explain why their 50-year old fiat system is falling apart...
    Throughout history, the dark cabal have used a major war, of some sort, to exit one of their systems into a new one. The 1973 Yom Kippur war was part of the distraction when they took the world off the gold standard, by converting the US dollar to Petro-Dollar status...Inflation resulted and they wanted war to explain it.
    WW2 was another "explanation" for them creating a Bretton woods system in 1944, which established a special type of gold standard, with the US dollar being the peg and reserve currency...
    WW1 was another fiscal situation for them to move away from gold, to pay for the war...They returned as many demanded sound money, later..Then the depression of the late 1920s, which the "smoot-hawley"tariffs provoked....

    All along, the central banks wanted to traduce humanity....Using war worked for them, in those days. Their 16-year plan (8 Obama+8 Clinton,) was to arrange war with North Korea, in which the west lost. They wanted to allow an explanation for why the world needed the "Great Reset" system, which is ultimate digital control for the centralised banking order.
    The Earth Allies (of the GFL) stopped it all, by selecting Trump (rich but moral) to run as President in 2016, stopping Hillary Clinton, who was the dark cabal's choice...

    Trump set the dark cabal plan back, during his tenure....So in spite of their illegal "election" of Biden, in 2020, they have been playing catch up ever since...
    This is deliberate and part of the PLAN of the patriots and white knights...It serves the purpose of bad optics for the baddies, as they blunder, FULLY EXPOSED, from one crisis they deliberately provoke (with everybody scratching heads,) to another easily preventable crisis....Because the dark cabal seeks a "green new deal," they want western nations to use non-fossil fuels only.....THEY ARE FINDING THIS IMPOSSIBLE TO MAINTAIN.....More and more nations and people are recognizing how stupid this policy is and want energy self-sufficiency, to pay the bills....
    The next crisis for everyone is continued fuel costs and inflation.....They will also have a situation with Taiwan, in which those Chinese elements working for the Earth Alliance, will seek to destroy bio-labs and other dark bases, in Taiwan.....It will be "Ukraine" mark II...
    And Biden will look even more stupid than he already does, as he gets totally confused as to which side to support....

    Optics are increasingly turning people away from the dark cabal's green and woke agendas, also...People are sick of being made to feel guilty for the crimes of others. CRT is a cabal construct to destroy nation, faith and family. People are sick of being told to limit their travel, while celebs freely galivant around the world in private jets. People are sick of having to pay green taxes and VAT on fuel and energy, while their governments refuse to exploit homegrown resources, while importing energy at high market prices...People are sick of being told to buy unaffordable and pointless electric cars....People are sick of attempts to bring in police state policies in the west. People are sick of "cancel culture" and losing their jobs, for being conservative. People are sick of open borders being forced upon nations, at UN level. People are sick of their history being sneered at, by a leftwing establishment and media. People are sick of reverse racism, where your "crime" is whiteness. People are sick of officially sanctioned "computer modelling," getting it wrong, time and time again. People are sick of gender pronouns. The list goes on....

    It all leads to divine discontent....

    People are waking up, who were once normies....(that does not apply to most on ACC, who are years ahead of the curve and were already awake. Albeit, there is one stone age member, who appears periodically, to moan at us
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