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  • <--- I am sure to be a Ligthworker. There many sings at me that i am a Indigo Ligthworker. I am sure i belong to a Comic Family. Maybe LYRA.
  • Yes, the intuition is the inner Way. I am very Intuitive. I do feel my Chakra on my Forehead.
  • Is it a Sing of Awakening if i only need 6 h Sleep each Nigth? I anyway keep wondering about my BPM when i running Indoor in the Fitness Center. It always gos strigth up to over 150 BPM in about 3-4 Minutes. My Weight is about 100 kg. How is this possible?
    Am i sick? I am feeling good, just sometimes a little bit weak, but this goes away and isnt so bad anymore.
  • Intuition is an instinct; it is a natural ability that we have as humans to know or understand something without conscious reasoning. If you are considering listening to your intuition for the first time, the idea can be frightening. The notion that you know exactly what you want and how to get there is overwhelming. Discomfort, fear, and burnout can be powerful clues that we need to turn inward to discover the truth. We don’t need to wait until a moment of crisis to listen. Intuition is accessible to everyone.

    Our intuition operates through the right side of our brain (the brain’s hypothalamus) which may also be felt through our solar plexus (or our gut). When people say they “have a gut feeling” this is due to the fact that our digestive system has neurons connected to this part of the brain where our intuition lives. Intuition is not always a feeling. When you are experiencing intuition you may not experience “a feeling” at all. Very often intuition can feel almost detached, like a wise part of you is operating on your behalf. Intuition is always experienced in the present moment, whereas anxiety (vs intuition) may seek the future for disaster. Intuition feels calm and grounded and is experienced as “a knowing”.
  • I think it's a bigger challenge to do the good. Becoming an angel could also be a desirable goal.
  • If God doesn’t use force and violence to bend us to his will, why do we insist on using force and violence to bend other people to our will? Shouldn’t we follow the lead of our Heavenly Father?

    The world’s entire societal structure – statism – rests on a foundation of violence. People segment into various political groups and wrestle for control of a state apparatus that empowers them to impose their will on other groups.
  • Conscience
    As well as the fear of criticism by others, we do good things because our conscience (or super ego) prods us into doing so. In this way good acts become their own reward as we feel good for having remained consistent with our values.
  • Often, we perceive worldly things from our pre-existing experiences and form opinions accordingly, termed as “beliefs.” When presented with factual evidence that challenges those belief systems, we reject that evidence to stand stern with our beliefs.

    The inability to accept evidence that contradicts our beliefs is termed the “Backfire Effect.”

    Humans are likely to become defensive whenever provided with new information and be firm with their opinions. The human brain has evolved to survive and not reason. That’s why whenever we come across factual evidence that confronts our beliefs, we tend to disagree or isolate ourselves.

    The inability to accept new information that doesn’t align with our already preexisting beliefs is known as Confirmation Bias.

    Research on confirmation bias concludes that we don’t analyze new information objectively. We only pick out the information that matches our beliefs to feel good and validated.

    However, this behavior restricts us from acquiring new information that is factually correct, caging us in our assumptions.
  • Albertha, thank you for sharing Kryon Healing Wednesday Video. I am a huge fan of Kryon and this was a very insightful episode. :)
  • Day 1 opening statements, it starts at minute 10
    Grand Jury
    Opening Session of the Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples´ Court of Public Opinion A group of international lawyers and a judge are conducting crim…
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