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  • The goal is to start ww3 -create even more chaos glabally and 'they' are expecting a mass death event from the jabs to start this year-mnra tests proved mice jabbed died in 3 months-correlated to humans this is 12 months-jabs went parabolic 12 months ago-
    And It's true - we saw the globalists' henchman plotting a false flag at the border region of Ukraine, Romania
    What say you contrarily, Roaring?
  • Of course US cannot intervene in Ukraine militarily. Russia is not Iraq to be bullied just at its nose.

    So you want to tell me having failed to beat Taliban, they now go and try Russia? You must be kidding.😆

    And BTW Russia already beat US etc is a similar game in Syria!
  • So the stupid crook we all know as president Biden and his clan of criminals, are keen on Red China and have been for years...?? Chinese intelligence has very close ties with the Biden family...Do these fools imagine that they have not been clocked...??

    $31 million is a lot of money for this family of traitors, cheats and liars...And they want the public to check Trump's taxes...??
    Biden, you are rapidly running out of luck and so is the CCP...

    "Author of 'Red-Handed' discusses what he believes is a compelling connection between the Biden family and China on 'Life, Liberty & Levin."
  • Watch for false flag in Ukraine to falsely justify US military action;
    Secretary of State Blinken refuses to rule out U.S. military involvement in Ukraine
    Warns of 'massive consequences' for Russia if it invades: Rejects calls to impose immediate sanctions because it would 'undercut deterrence'
  • Did You fly in your life time? It's a feeling inside? What about? Not really Wings, rigth? What makes you fly in your life time? The feeling of Freedom inside of your Soul? 🥰Give you a other Thougth.
  • Robert Malone,MD, inventor of mRNA & DNA vaccine technology, speaking in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, at the rally today:
    Mi Dr. Robert Malone's FULL SPEECH!!!
  • Congrats! Drekx, meanwhile in Brussels:
    this is a tweet from Nayib Bukele, the President of El Salvador, the bitcoin nation :)
  • Bravo Great Britain, for being the first European nation to leave the covid restrictions nightmare and great resetting tyranny....
    If they wanted to condition a people for tyranny, they picked the wrong people...WE ENGLISH.

    You see, continental Europe is subject to Roman Law, where as we in England enjoy the superior (for people,) Common Law system...

    Hurrah...!! I think it's time for some music.....😁
  • We are dropping covid restrictions in the UK, at an accelerated pace...Pressure on Johnson from his own backbenchers, red wall Tory MPs and the general public, have forced this trend...👏

    An end to compulsory masks for anyone entering shops, cafes, restaurants, pubs, etc...👏 If people want to wear a mask, feel free, BUT, don't complain if others chose not to....CHOICE IS A HUMAN RIGHT....👏

    Even compulsory masks for school kids is being dropped and rightly so....Parents and pupils had already demonstrated against this and the government had to cave in....Bravo...👏

    No more lockdowns in England and an end to vaccine passports and no planned compulsion of the public to be forced to vaccinate...👏

    So in the UK, you are seeing a different line of travel to the continent....Thankfully....👏

    There is only one remaining bone of covid contention and that is now (at this stage) being addressed. That of forced covid vaccinations, for health care workers in the NHS...

    There is a sizeable minority of staff who understandably, will not take the vax by April and would therefore be dismissed...Of course, a very moronic obsession for the government to hold, knowing that this will traduce any efficiency that the NHS has in reserve, if staff are sacked...Talented people with years of experience, wasted, by a pig-headed policy...

    HOWEVER, today we do seem to be witnessing a chink of welcome light, at the end of the NHS vax mandate tunnel....👏

    See this vid by a great British patriot, Mahyar Tousi.....👍

    "Boris To 'PAUSE' NHS Jab Mandate."
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