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  • Hehe...!! Love ya, bro....!! 😁
  • always ;)
  • We continue to monitor them, as the watchers of old...Planetary midwives we are....😎
  • Yes, those projects are part of their evil attempts at subverting the ascension of many souls, through distractions and slavery, to a digital virtual illusion...More brownie points for the baddies, as they subvert the divine plan's desire for a good harvest...of good souls...

    Same with the dark's obsession with buggering up human DNA...Using mRNA vaccines, chemtrails, terra hertz waves in airports and other methods...Stopping natural and Light chamber ascension, in many. More brownie points for being completely evil, as they expand their selfish possibility to "ascend," in their alternative way, to a 4D expression..

    Any time they transgress the law of freewill, which they excel at, they also get brownie points...Thus we see their salivating at compelling vaccines and mandates...They want to hurt people...They want people poor and ill...They want people eating fake food, or insects, rather than proper nutrients...All part of their evil slavery and dumbing-down agenda for the masses..

    It seems strange that spirit allows this, but in nature there are parasites among animals and plants, also...It is allowed, as the divine seeks ALL experiences...Even parasitic ones, like the dark cabal...
    Also, the LIGHT is challenged by all this..It helps us grow stronger....We become more discerning...We awaken more rapidly, as things fail to make sense...Of course, you and I already knew this, but many need to awaken to it...
    A blade is honed by a rock....As Light is honed by darkness....
  • and what is then the illusion being created on earth, totally detached from reallity, with spreading fear, transhumanism and LGBT for example? is that only distraction? or are the cabal using the normal population to reach their 'evil grades'? lol
    and thank you, now I know what was meant by you with STS and STO ;)
  • Well Earth is scheduled to ascend to 5D and above....The dark cabal will not be able to ascend, under the usual mechanism, as their family and personal karma is too great...BUT, the universal laws do permit a 4D "ascension" of an alternative kind, on an alternative world....A STS type, which is service to self, akin to that expressed for millennia on the Anchara worlds....As denizens of the astral, they cannot go any higher, though...They remain stuck in 4D for eons...Easier to ascend to 5D, from 3D, based upon good deeds, or STO service to other..
    One's life services can achieve that goal without the 95% required of the baddies....It only takes 55% orientation services rendered...
    That is why the bad guys work so hard at being truly evil....Child sacrifice and abuse, satanism, slavery, mass murder, population destruction, robbery, etc, It explains their dedication to full time evil pursuits....
    Constantly trying to make the grade, lest they become "normal 3D" again and cast down to a "lower status," as they see They are addicted to power, wealth and adrenochrome....and cannot live as normal poor people in 3D lives....Thus their mania to reach 4D evil, akin to the former Anunnaki....They want to emulate their former "gods."
  • Hello Drekx, could you please elaborate on 95% STS (4D) and 55% STO (5D) a bit more :))
    thank you!
  • 🖖Of course and we, as a collective world people, will receive that off-world GFL technology, the instant we officially join the outer Earth, with inner Earth, which is currently a GFL member planetary nation, that will become a star nation, afterwards....☀️Solaris...And a full member of the Federation...😎

    😉This transition will be accomplished in stages.....Before full GFL tech, the world will benefit from making public much Tesla technology.....Using aetheric energy, wireless antenna, to transmit electricity, without a grid.....Etc...And drawing electricity from the aether, rather than fossil fuels...Of course, the moronic "green agenda" of the cabal, does not actually do this, for the people....Electric cars, still using lithium batteries, charged using coal fire stations, eventually monopolized in China...So China will pollute the world on the west's behalf..?? 🥱Yes, very stupid people...

    What absurdities these decadent fools think they can impose...True stupidity, which the dark elites excel in...Yes, they are really "good" at being😐Desperate to reach the grade of 95% STS (4D)...👿

    In contrast, we can ascend at 55% STO (5D).....😇

    So the dark😡 need to work so hard, at being as bad, as they possibly can be...👹
    Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Soros could make it...Maybe the Clintons have not got there yet, as they seem to fail and it's not easy being 95% evil...Hillary could not get her 16-year plan onto schedule...So will fall back to 3D on Mars, next incarnation I suspect..
    Even Bill Gates will struggle with this target score and he's a right bastard...

    Gitmo awaits them all...✌️Our victory over the cabal is assured...
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