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  • The hostage taker was MK Ultra victim. The whole incident was a CIA fear operation
    False Flag
  • Is it ok to hold a clergyman and his congregants hostage just because he feels like it and wants to speak to his sister who was convicted of terrible crimes?
  • Kudos to the MIT Educated Dr. :)
    MIT-Educated Doctor Ordered to Undergo Psych Evaluation After Prescribing Ivermectin
    Medical license suspended for posting COVID "misinformation."
  • ' As for whether Taliban is extremist or not, that is not the issue I am basically interested with. The point is that whatever entity Taliban is, it is supported by the pple of Afghanistan, at leats, when foreigners go there to fight! (Perhaps because as bad as one of them maybe, he is still someone's brother, dad, cousin, clan member or a member of ethnic group.).

    What I am saying is that it is the people of Afghanistan, and perharps to some extent Iran, Pakistan and other adjuscent countries who should be left to decide whether or not they want a secular state, a theocracy, a sharia law in Afghanistan. If others such as Germans etc donnot like Islamic Theocracy, they should migrate and leave in their good country in Germany rather than waiting to be 'persecuted' there and then cry for 'the world to take war to Afghanistan'. Also what I am saying is that beware of US and other Talibani enemies propaganda when reading things or watching media. They may exaggerate or give only half the story. That is all what I am saying. I am not saying 'Talibanis are good'.I don't think any group of fighters anywhere, including state armies are 'good'!

    Contrary to what US seems to believe, democracy is not just 'an opportunity to vote'. Pple are not voting machines. Faith in institutions is absolutely necessary for democracy. Institutions created by foreigners, including fighting groups, can never be trusted to oversee elections. We see now in US the 'democracy' means little because they have lost faith in their institutions. This means US should be doing something about its own democracy. It is not yet time to attempt to 'democratize' other countries! It should be first trying to creat trust in its own institutions!!
  • Ancient books should be interpreted like we should, the constitution: in such a way that it is faith full to the intentions of those who wrote it. It should not be 'linguistic' or 'accademic'. For instance, when inteprating 'freedom of media', we must understand that the writers of say the US constitution did not foresee a future where there is such an advanced technology as satellites and internet. The media messages was transmitted on horse backs, so almost anyone could create his own 'media'. 'Freedom of media' empowerment ordinary people, not tycoons! 'Freedom of media' was 'freedom to aquire true information'. It was certainly not 'freedom to be cheated with a tsunami of fake news and propaganda' from the elites and cabals!
  • We more or less cut and past a verse like this:

    ﭑ ‎ ﭒ ‎ ﭓ ‎ ﭔ ‎ ﭕ ‎ ﭖ ‎ ﭗ ‎ ﭘ ‎ ﭙ ‎ ﭚ ‎ ﭛ ‎ ﭜ ‎ ﭝ ‎ ﭞ ‎ ﭟ ‎ ﭠ ‎ ﭡ ‎ ﭢ‎
    O you who believe, fight those disbelievers who are near you, and let them find severity in you. Know well that Allah is with the God-fearing"

    It is such verses in Quran that extremists, like ISIS etc uses. But they are refusing to understand Quran as, at best, a 'word of God' framed my a human in such a way as a human can understand. (of course for non Muslim, at worst it is just a human concoction). If God wished, he could talk to us directly face to face now, and tell us if anything, what he wants us to do. We don't need to read 6000 years old books to learn about a being supposedly here with us now!

    During the times when Quran was written, religions in Arabia was at constant hostility towards each other, and especially towards new religions. It was a worse form of what was taking place in Palestine etc. Consider Jesus surrounded by Pharisees, Saducees and all these other 'Jews' almost every time Jesus says anything contrary to Judaism, they pick up stones to stone him! It was this way in Arabia, but much worse! Even in Palestine, during Jesus's time, the 'non-beleiver' of Jesus almost meant 'the one against Jesus'. (Hence Jesus said 'he who is not with me is against me) It doesn't mean the same thing it means today! It was much worse in Arabia.

    So Muhammad was trying to tell his followers that Islam is not a pacifist religion. That the 'non-believers' are out to fight them to try to exterminate Islam, like they did to Christians was obvious and 'Muhammad' needed not to write it, nor could he foresee the distant future, which is our time of religious tolerance.
  • RL You're talking about Sharia?
    Sharia (; Arabic: شريعة, romanized: sharīʿa [ʃaˈriːʕa]) is a religious law forming part of the Islamic tradition. It is derived from the religious pr…
  • "Islam claims that moslems can do whatever they want to non moslems, icluding enslaving them and poisoning with herior or whatever-perfect henchman for the globalists."

    Please quote the Quran to substantiate this point.
  • Obama admin and the US/Allied intel agencies helped the taliban and skimmed profits.
    The taliban is an islamic org. Islam claims that moslems can do whatever they want to non moslems, icluding enslaving them and poisoning with herior or whatever-perfect henchman for the globalists.
    This dimension B is a piece of shite on steroids -owned and operated by DEMONS using flesh bag scum as puppets
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