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  • Drekx,
    It looks like something hard to explain with known physics. It is like an action without a reaction force. Let me close exermine it. I will comment on it latter.
  • What does Medicine do (including vaccines)
    1. Masks symptoms
    2. Destroy your immune system
    3. Plant future diseases
    4. Disrupt body alchemy (Chemistry)

    What does medicine not do
    1. Cure anything
  • To me, theories are only good if they help us UNDERSTAND. They should satisfy the curiosity to understand, not to know. Like I hinted yesterday, we cannot prove scientific theories, no matter how many experiments we perform! We can only prove a consummated event by observation, not an 'always true' type statement about nature. Light bending around the sun is just that: light bending, not 'GR theory'. How sad that theoretical physicists, unable or unwilling to form sensible models, turned scientific theories into dogmas to be believed in rather than models to help us understand the universe.

    What should we say when a theory predict something that is latter observed? The only sensible thing we can say is 'we have discovered yet another phenomenon that the theory can explain'. We have not 'proven' the theory! Two contradictory theories can make the same prediction. Math physicist though have perverted logic in order to claim that their dogmas are 'proven'
  • Following my chat with Roaring about the valid differences between analytical science and theory I wanted to locate another Sirian craft video, seriously examined by truth seekers, among science...
    My last comment/entry on this video blog, shows the Sirian Scout Ship, off the coast of England, in November 2020..
    Feel free to visit my comment, plus video. It came to my attention only recently and was posted recently, also...
    Drekx Omega ~ Sirian Scout Ships Science Behind How They Fly May 7 2015
  • But scholars realy need not to try to dismiss the possible actual foretelling of the fall of Jerusalem. For then what will they do to the indisputable Zechariah chapter 14? Zechariah clearly talks about a yet another post exilic destruction of Jerusalem and it becomes quite obvious that Jesus and his followers were merely quoting Zechariah. So it was a true prophecy, not a vaticinium ex-eventu! Luke, for instance, was not 'trying to rationalize why Jesus did not come at 70th A.D. He was merely quoting Zechariah 14:3.

    Zechariah indeed taught that the 'messiah' will come immediately after the war in Jerusalem. Jesus was fond of quoting Zechariah, eg zech:11:1,10 etc. Jesus preached confidently about 'the comming destruction of Jerusalem' because he believed that it was spoken about by the prophets just as he said: ' fulfilment of all what was said by prophets'
  • Early Christians painted the Roman Empire, and especially a certain emperor, as 'the beast' to be soon destroyed by Jesus in his second comming. Now when did the earliest gospel book got writen? They like putting it at around 70th AD merely because Jesus is said to have predicted the first Jewish-Roman war with great accuracy. However, the gospels goes ahead and claim that Jesus would come at around 70th AD giving an headache to those who wanted to date the gospels at periods after 70th AD in an attempt to maket the prophecy a vaticinium ex-dventu.

    Since Romans were 'the final enemy', in dead Jesus was expected to appear in 70th AD. But now lets check Jesus's foretelling. He says that an 'abomination that causes desolation' will be set up (by a Roman Emperor). But then he makes a daunting statement: 'spoken of by prophet Daniel', as if Jesus was unaware that this Daniel's prophecy was alluding to Antiochus Ephiphanes. But nevertheless, it further highlights Jesus's foresight of the first Jewish-Roman war. It would be very symmetrical to Hanukkah wars. However, though he saw that it will be a nightmare for the Jews, what he might not have foreseen is that it would not ultimately be like the Hanukkah wars in that a 'messiah' would not follow immediately!

    Now the book of Luke seems to try to 'fix' this misunderstanding by talking of some mysterious 'times of gentiles' during which they 'trumble on the holy city'. This indicates, to many scholars, that Luke was writting way after 70th AD and he was here trying to rationalize why Jesus did not come to overthrow the Roman Empire immediately after the destruction of Jerusalem.
  • Yes exactly.. I would like to agree that we celebrate Christmas as more of a festive holiday and not in the religious sense.. I also work with moon cycles every month, this also does not make me the anti-Christ! LOL. For me, Christmas is a jolly time to be around family and not to be taken too seriously.. The truth is if Christmas wasn't a tradition anymore I would be fine with that too, I can imagine it won't be after ascension. However I will enjoy it while we can, because why not? us Sirians specifically enjoy having fun and celebrating life. Selamat ja! Sirian for be one and be in joy! Hope this explains..
  • I'll post this again to raise it's profile, as per request...:-

    Investigating the potential volcanism of islands within the Aleutian chain, Sirian Scout Ship and survey probe, caught on camera by a pilot travelling in the area.

    This was in October 2019, when Meratroseh's S&E survey team, including Mikala, were probing mountain potentialities for extreme volcanism, in readiness for the Grand Solar Minimum commencement....This survey was conducted between July 2019 and September 2020....
    While underway, the Earth human pilot noted the presence of these Sirian activities, on two occasions...Oct 2019 and April 2020...

    The "smoke ring" he witnessed, at high altitude, was actually a plasma ring, that surrounded the 9' probe, as it navigated towards the mountain, where the Scout Ship was hovering...Noting that Scout Ships are spherical, surrounded by white plasma fields, sometimes pale blueish, or pale greenish, too...

    It was not landed, but in stasis, against the cliff...What could be described as a "tractor beam," which tethered the craft, which was some 200' diameter, to the location....These ships can vary size. Usually 100', or 200' as standard...

    Deep ground penetration survey sweeps, determined a real possibility of volcanism in the Aleutian chain of islands....Uninhabited islands, albeit, an important assessment on Pacific tectonic plate stability, in view to mitigation, during the Solar Minimum....Which started in earnest in 2020...Alaska would be downwind of any massive event, in that region..
    These craft have the ability to project gravitic beams deep into the Earth, and conduct a form of "terran surgery," in which a volcanic "boil" can be "lanced," so as to ease the build up of even greater disaster pressures, with even greater risks, associated..

    Here is the incident, caught on camera...Note that the scout ship did indeed generate a massive electro-magnetic field, which disrupted the auto-pilot instruments on the Earth plane's flight controls. He was right to switch to manual control. If he had not, our team would have rescued him, by lowering the field....
  • Well, we all know that Christianity is a composite religion, created by several sources, chiefly among them, Emperor Constantine, the Roman Empire...And he based this religion upon Greek and Hebrew devotees, which so inspired his mother. His father believed in the old "gods." He also noted that in order to unify his empire, he would have to appeal to many tribes, under it's rule, to some extent, though not totally, the German tribes of Wotan. Special festivals of light marked the solstices, winter and summer...So, of course, the "birth of Jesus," is actually the birth of the solstice Sun, on the 21st December. The point at which, the night is longest, just before the Sun it was perceived...Thus a celebration of that important event, for people living in the northern latitudes..
    The Christmas tree, being evergreen, was also considered sacred by those ancient Germanic tribes. Albeit, the fir was later selected for use, because of it's triangular shape and the holy trinity, connections...

    In actual fact, we could forget all this, BUT, it does serve an excellent cultural purpose in the cold winter, bringing happiness, joy and bonding families.

    The woke puritan communists would love to cancel Christmas, but I reject them...

    Moreover, Yeshua (Greek Jesus,) NEVER intended that his teachings be turned into a religion. He was teaching the art of self-realization to all. Jews and Jentile, alike.
    The birth, the baptism, the transfiguration, the renunciation (crucifixion) and the ascension...These are the five planetary degrees, or initiations...
    These teachings are not intended to create followers, but to empower initiates. Of course, he made the distinction between the uninitiated; the sheep and the initiated; the goats...As only a mountain goat can climb the steep cliffs of the mountain....The sheep require safe herding and directing..

    So unlike Scrooge I shall keep Christmas, knowing that the real Jesus, does not mind, as he never intended to be worshipped, anyway....
    As for the Romans, it's all history and culture...It is not a sin.
  • In ancient times, especially in middle east, religion was not separate from government. So a 'new religion' could have as well mean 'a new political party'. So you can understand why early Christians were persecuted. But even more importantly, you can see through the exaggeration of Christians. It is possible that we don't know the true origin of Christianity and how the religion actually looked like in 60th AD. It is possible that we don't know the exact, historical Jesus or what he actually tought. For instance, it is possible that Jesus was more 'earth oriented' than depicted in the gospels. Jesus wanted to establish a 'kingdom of God' very soon, to replace the Roman empire and to root out the troublesome Romans off Israel. We know that there were many 'messiahs' at around the time of Jesus. Jesus was not the first nor the last person to claim to be the messiah. The 'messiahs' tended to have the ultimate aim of rallying large numbers of pple behind them for the purposes of removing the romans and re established the davidic or Solomonic type 'kingdom of Israel', which they believed it would grow worldwide into 'the kingdom of God'. They drew the inspirations from the Hannukah wars that delivered Israel from 'pagans'. So the 'kingdom of God' was realy an earthly kingdom ruled by an earthly king. The teaching of an entirely l'heavenly kingdom' that we go to at the end time, came latter when they seem to have lost hope of establishing it on earth!

    So you can understand why Jesus was persecuted. They thought that if he keeps gaining more and more followers, these followers might arm themselves and form a great, formidable army to fight the Roman empire. We cannot rule this out, especially since we know that Catholicists eventually took Rome, even despite Jesus's teachings that seems against seeking earthly powers!

    Nevertheless Jesus himself, together with his disciples, had this ambition of eventually triumphing over Roman Empire. This is depicted in the book of revelation. Earlier disciples thought that this triumph will be via an earthly army. So when Jesus was eventually got, they were greatly disappointed. It is possible that the teaching of an entirely heavenly 'messiah' who will only come in the 'end time' was a latter modification, upon the failure of the first plan. At first, they said Jesus's second comming was imminent. He was like going somewhere briefly only to come with a huge army and sweep the Romans. His comming and triumph will be miraculous, yes, but only like Joshua's in the sense of 'God being with him'. The idea of Jesus as an entirey other worldly 'god-man' is likely to be a Greek influenced, latter teaching. Such a teaching is unlikely to have come from the strictly monotheistic Jews.
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