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  • AUKUS....This is history in the making and it shocks the French elites...But maybe it also demonstrates how human personalities, mirror the nations, with their souls and personalities, too.....As above so below..

    There are geopolitical reasons for France to drop this obsession, with what they perceive as "injustice," but this affair is actually akin to a "jilted lover;" France, who was in the dark about the affair of her former partner, Australia, who now reveals the truth for all to see...That manly Australia (good on ya mate,) is in love with America (the beautiful,) a new lover, with richer (and bigger) assets....and this secret love match was arranged by (that perfidious albion) Britain, with marriage secretly arranged between all three...Polygamy..? lol

    The jilted and crying (and moaning) France, seeing how happy the trio are, in their new lives in the sun and sea, screams and wails to her neighbors, the EU member states, who offer smelling salts, Napoleon brandy, handkerchiefs, Belgian chocolates, Brussels liver pâté, paracetamol and malicious gossip...


    ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE & WAR.......!!! 😄
    WTH Is This? Tucker Carlson Reveals ‘Satanism’ Powerpoint Slide Presented To Army To Promote Vaccin…
    "So here you have the U.S. Army doing PR for Satanism."
  • For all members who appreciate fine music....Some Bach organ works....This is one of my favorites, albeit I lose count of "favorites"...They can't all be, but they are...😊

    Organist is Van Doeselaar, of the Netherlands Bach Society - Prelude and fugue in C major BWV 547 😄
  • British technology companies are securing more investments, than European rival firms.
    Proving that the UK thrives outside of European red tape.....

    2021 being the biggest year ever, for the UK tech industry...Expanding jobs, economic growth, returns...

    This trend for a resurgent Great Britain, will only increase...History in the making...
  • Boris Johnson seeks to continue military co-operation with France, but I know it's not going to work in the long run, as the tide of history is reversing direction again, from the entente cordiale, which was initiated by King Edward VII, in 1905, against the wishes of the then government in the UK...At the time, most Europeans had not forgiven Great Britain for the Boer War (1899-1902.) The King changed the hearts and minds of the French, with his natural charm and this set the scene for the Allies of WW1....Britain-France-Russia...Against the Central Powers of Germany-Austria-Turkey...

    For the next century, especially after WW2, 1945, the UK was stuck with European affairs...Now, since 2016, and Brexit, the tide is turning again away from Europe, as it was prior to 1905...We in the UK are looking to the blue waters again, to allies in the Anglosphere and trading partners, globally.....In the 19th century, this policy, which we are returning to, whether Johnson knows it, or not, is SPLENDID ISOLATION.....1885-1902 PM Salisbury and a policy of non-commitment, which is the antithesis of EU membership, in fact....Albeit, we were committed to the British Empire, at that time, as we will be, to the Anglospheric Union, this time, in the 21st century.....CANZUK & AUKUS. Membership of the CPTPP will furnish us with total global presence, in commercial affairs and in markets that matter, such as the Indo-Pacific....For us, this is like old times... ;-)

    We may currently have joint military expeditions with the French and others, in the Baltic states and North Africa, but in time, more focus will be placed in areas that really matter to us....The Indo-Pacific and the Persian Gulf...where many British bases are located and will be increased in number....Redeploying resources from Europe...and putting them where true commercial and strategic interests lay...

    Frankly, it seems absurd for the UK to be in an alliance (NATO) that defends Germany from Russia, while the Russians are building a pipeline to supply Germany with gas....Nordstream....The world is changing and Germany will have to defend itself, now...
  • Just one more
  • André Rieu did some great Concert, too
  • Yes, Ara the Sound of this Concert Imitates a River. First slow and silence it Beginn then it turn into a big River and the Ocean. I think it is like our Life time from our Birth on.
    In Europe there is a River called:"Moldau"
  • This concert is called: "The Moldau
    symphonic poem by Smetana" maybe youre find it in your Country.
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