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  • GB News - Mark Dolan slams Macron's outburst against AUKUS alliance.....
  • In the church, Neocatechumenate, I heard the Ben means "son of"..(Father's Name). In this case, it would be Alexander's son of Arion. However, I don't think his father's first name is Arion. 😅Your name in all honors Alexander Ben-Arion 😇
  • Dear ACC.....Many members speak English as a second language and try so hard to meet the linguistics standards of the language...The site is stipulated as English speaking and I recognize the language as international in scope and use. Very much as Latin was in ancient times. A unifier..In Roman times, the Gaul could speak to the Syrian, in Latin and commerce and learning was made easier..English does this in the modern world...Bringing all together..

    Some on ACC may seek to improve their English, especially their British English...
    I'll attach an amusing video, which covers the topic of improving your standards of "posh" English and as some might say; the Queen's English....It's a bit long, so watch if you sincerely seek to glean a few awfully good and spiffing tips...😇
    Cheerio, Drekx
  • Ben = son of... (in Hebrew)

    I’m named after nature 🌱
  • I walk a spiritual path within the Catholic Church: "the Neocatechumenate"
    This is a Lued that we have sung many times. It is sung in English. I sing it in my church on German.
  • The Name Alexander mean Protector.
    I guess that Alexander Be-Arion means something like Protector of the Sun ligth Lion? 🤨? This maybe into German transalation. It's Kind interessting, you know? Do our Names reflect us? Mine is into German translate, The Protector Help or of Help🤔? Maybe it's cause i be a Inkarnation helper?
  • Whoever can be as small as this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever takes in such a child for my sake takes me in.

    The Word from Church for this Sunday.
  • I always thinking how great God the giver all lifes is when i lisen this and i woud love to Dance cause i feeling this powerful love of God in my Soul, you maybe call it the Golden Light.
  • I like this one
  • Indeed so, my friend....
    And I'll post another concerto. This time it's no. 4 in G major, which I feel has such a glorious harmony, between the wind instruments and the stringed instruments, with the ever present harpsichord, backing the melody.....Violin makes such an excellent performance...True magic. Demonstrating the genius of Bach and the skill of these assorted musicians...They must practice with such dedication...Sheer loveliness...;-)
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Australian tyrants promise to FLOOD the country with virus-transmitting vaccinated people… global biowar aims to REMOVE humanity before the coming “big event”

Australian tyrants promise to FLOOD the country with virus-transmitting vaccinated people… global biowar aims to REMOVE humanity before the coming “big event”Monday, October 25, 2021 by: Mike Adams Tags: badhealth, biological weapons, biowar,…

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Archbishop Vigano: “The vaccine victims are sacrificed at the altar of Moloch.” We are in a war of good vs evil, the deep state and deep church conspire against humanity

'“They present themselves as representatives of the people but in fact they act against the people. Without any constraint, without limits either from above, since they have canceled the divine origin of the power of those who govern nor from below,…

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Natural Holographic Body

Light comming out from object have all the information pertaining to that object.  This is the feature exploited in holography, and even photography. When light diverging from an object is, for instance, reconverged by a lense, it recreates the…

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