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  • History in the making is indeed illusory....However, to evolve, humans need to play the game of life, as if...and in the main, people do, while down here, incarnated.

    Spiritual evolution requires we learn to be a point of light, within a greater light, assisting all others, to that path...We don't develop our Solar (Angel) experiences by not playing the game. Imagine if the American Revolution never happened, because General Washington decided to give in to the British, as "this whole empire thing is but an illusion and better ignored..."

    Or the Allies of WW2 decided to give up the D-Day landings, because, "well, it's all illusory nonsense and Hitler's crimes should be ignored.."

    History would be different, if every time evil sought to dominate, everyone just obeyed...Like, "I don't believe any of this is real, so I'll simply put my head in the sand until it all goes away..." lol

    Sorry, we know it's illusory and we know it's just a game...BUT, we are playing the game to win...Light wins over darkness...God experiences all....
    Any game I play, I play it to win...Even if I know it is not real, such as a video game....We still play it, as if...Yet, many times, remind ourselves, it's just a game...and then play again, for the fun of it....The Soul gleans experiences of life....Of course, we know true life is after death...

    Being incarnated here is ideally akin to the lotus flower...Our roots in the muddy river bed, our flowery head, bathed in the sunlight...That's the way it is for initiates on the path.....incarnated to experience the "muddy waters" of matter, while being aware of that great sun, wheeling in the sky, overhead..
  • If you still feel angst, you are not fully enlightened. Being fully enlightened, you know that this life and death are relatively meaningless, an illusion for soul development.
  • "Know thyself," said the Greeks...!! "Know thy rays," say we Esotericists.!! Humanity, as a collective, is government by the 4th ray of harmony through conflict....So after the dust has settled, comes the harmony....Human relations are governed by this esoteric truism...A balance between opposing energies of Rajas & Tamas....An ultimate resolution, thereof....
    1) Tension
    2) Crisis
    3) Liberation
  • What comes after enlightenment? What happens after you're "awakened"? After the shock and awe, after the anger and resentment and remorse, and after the veil has been lifted, what do you do? I keep seeing all these fear based messages of evil in the world and how we've been slaves to "The Cabal" and how "people" "have plans" "for us" -- but what do you do after all the revelations have been revealed? What's next?
  • LOL......!!
  • Again, I find myself sitting in utter awe of the "real" world. I have been a bit disillusioned lately and, honestly, I believe it is being caused by energy. These days I can sense changes in energy, but not all of the time. Perhaps it has to do with awareness and my willingness to learn, grow, change, and learn some more. Yes, it is much like the proverbial "Roller Coaster" with high peaks and low valleys. The payoff comes both ways, when I am pumped up, happy, loving, etc. I grow, and when I am the opposite, I learn and grow as well, but I tend to learn quicker when pain and suffering are involved. I suffer a lot physically, which creates a bounty of suffering on the emotional, mental, and spiritual planes, but as I awaken more and more, this "suffering" is taking on a different guise. I do not fear it nor do I regret, instead, I see it as a powerful motivator. This perspective is a game changer for someone who has used suffering to justify errant, disruptive, and destructive behaviors for much of their life. In essence, it has to do with intent and realizing that I have the power to change my intent instantly, if I so choose. However, when you begin to realize that our world has been manipulated in such a way as to gain your intent without you knowing it, well, it makes knowing and owning my "intentions" very important. I am more ALIVE today than ever before and I refuse to bow down to the dark forces any longer. I will rally against and help others do the same through empathy, love, understanding, knowledge, and forgiveness. Heck, just listing those words brings a rush of energy, a piercing blow to the dark forces... may they be risen, too, for all are of the Creator, some like the dark and some like the light but it is time to raise the vib!
    Peace, love, and light to all
  • This is strange! It is UK than insisted on a 'hard border' between itself and EU. So it is the one to show where this border should be. Is it in Ireland or on the sea? This is UK's problem, not EUs nor Ireland's nor Biden's!

    UK says,...,er, should not be in Ireland,.. because, you know, bla bla bla, it should be in the sea. Then it blames EU for 'taking it as though northern Ireland is not part of UK'.

    Clearly something is wrong with UK leadership!!! Where do UK end and EU begine? Is it not at the border that UK agrees?
    This site, which I found a link to here on Ashtar, is... ... ... PRICELESS! Follow the link and read and scroll down to the Fair Market Open Source Library. In that directory I found a link to WORD MAGIC, The Powers and Occult Definitions of Words, by Pao L. Chang. OMG! I knew some of this, but I had no idea how deep down the rabbit hole we truly are... What will those who are still asleep do when such truths are fully revealed? Slowly, I am being pointed in a direction, a direction that I have been struggling to understand, but I am beginning to find my path...
    More will be revealed!
  • Jeff Taylor speaks about the "dud" Biden...Of course, we all know Sleepy Joe takes orders from the Cabal, but we nevertheless blame him, as he is purportedly "leader of the free world." And the buck is supposed to stop with this dunce...We in the UK loathe Biden for his idiotic support of the EU and Irish Republic, who are simply trying to undermine our national security...So will be countered, if they keep pushing the UK...
  • Wretched bulldogs barking from the shore,
    they scream for repentance, but there was no more.
    They had eyes of fire and breath of myrrh,
    searching for the chosen cure.
    Feeling alone, I float in this sea,
    they sea of my humanity.
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"Billy Carson interview with Dr. Steven Greer. Topics talked about here include black projects, Man made UFO's, suppressed technologies, and more."
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