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  • Roaring Lovely, my point is you are arguing with yourself as nothing you attribute to me even remotely resembles my assertions. Assumptions are 99% wrong and your posts are nothing but assumptions.
  • Roaring Lovely June 16, 2021 at 4:26 am

    The 'each person is leaving in his own world of perceptions ' is a typical example of 'tree-in-the-forest' reasoning.

    Did you just call most of us stupid?

    You yourself know nothing about qm, you just have theories, like everybody else.

    Come on Roaring, you would not even know that word if not for those before you, that you disregarded as being ‘not so good’ in that field your comment below somewhere. Arrogance is the most dangerous quality in any being. Unbelievable and there are too many ‘I’ in your sentences.
  • Red Herring Fallacy

    THE LION: Qm does not teach that when you see an empty table, money comes out of thin air.
    THE HORSE: Describing QM with many words is applying a 3d model to 5d

    This fallacy is very rampant in this site!! The 'horse' doesn't object by giving an example of a QM teaching against what the 'lion' is suggesting. Instead, he switches the topic altogether. The 'lion' is forced to now talk about '5d' and '3d' in order to show that the 'horse's' claim is not relevant to what he said. This changes topic into 'what is 3d and what is 5d'.

    Note that switching topic is not necessarily a red herring fallacy. It is so only when it is meant to undermine what the person said!

    THE LION: abcd
    THE HORSE: efgh

    Therefore who cares about abcd!

    Meanwhile the whopper that abcd is trying to address is left out!! for the horse to argue that we should care about abcd despite efgh, he is forced to switch the topic to efgh hence making a simple thing appear more complex than it is!
  • "marker dragon June 16, 2021 at 8:34pm
    i never said qm teaches for example. of course it does not teach

    i have never even thought of an empty table

    you get the gist

    marker dragon June 16, 2021 at 8:31pm
    i have literally said none of that, you take spinning other peoples words to a new level. There is literally nothing to read between the lines with me. If i do not use an exact word, it has no part of my opinion"

    So what was your point? When I was trying to elucidate against this simplistic understanding of QM, you periodically intrude with irrelevant comments to divert attention. You don't dispute with me about the actual QM. Rather, if not about 'everybody is correct is 5 dimensions and as such no need to argue', you are saying 'describing QM voluminously is 3d model applied to 5D'.

    If you don't hold those ludicrous beliefs, why do you constantly harass me when I explain QM to debunk them? Why do you offer a red herring falacy after my posts? However, when someone links to nonsensical articles about QM that teaches that QM is like 'chinese thinking' where we don't think of anything other than what is appearing infront of you, you say nothing!!! Don't try to fool me! You hold those ridiculous notions about QM. I don't need to put them in the exact wordings because it is the same!

    When you say that in QM, everybody leaves in his own parralel universe where 'he is always correct', then you say the same error of the type 'tree-in-the-forest'. The 'tree-in-the-forest' is exactly of that type. It is a solipsism wherein everybody leaves in his parallel world of perceptions. If the only exist when you are seeing it ( or hearing it). Therefore each and everyone has his own tree in his own mind.

    The 'each person is leaving in his own world of perceptions ' is a typical example of 'tree-in-the-forest' reasoning. So yes, you hold these views about QM! You may deceive some pple here, but not me!!
  • I went to the doctor because of back pain and he said that my back is bent slightly to the left. From a spiritual point of view that means that I have to straighten up and since this is only possible with sport, I am called to move.

    Walking low head is not an Option.
    Giving up is not an Option.
    Maybe i shoud get ready. It use to be a Fun Show, but now the Evil come.
    I want to be a Worrier of ligth i have to be. I come to be ligth in the dark of cali youga. Together we let the sun shine tonigth.
  • The only time I got a mild flu was in 2019. I hadn't had the flu vaccine in the year before. In the other years before 2018, I only got the flu vaccine in some years, not all.
  • There is a direct relationship between maturity and the unit of time consciousness in any given intellect. The time unit may be a day, a year, or a longer period, but inevitably it is the criterion by which the conscious self evaluates the circumstances of life, and by which the conceiving intellect measures and evaluates the facts of temporal existence.

    Experience, wisdom, and judgment are the concomitants of the lengthening of the time unit in mortal experience. As the human mind reckons backward into the past, it is evaluating past experience for the purpose of bringing it to bear on a present situation. As mind reaches out into the future, it is attempting to evaluate the future significance of possible action. And having thus reckoned with both experience and wisdom, the human will exercises judgment-decision in the present, and the plan of action thus born of the past and the future becomes existent.

    In the maturity of the developing self, the past and future are brought together to illuminate the true meaning of the present. As the self matures, it reaches further and further back into the past for experience, while its wisdom forecasts seek to penetrate deeper and deeper into the unknown future. And as the conceiving self extends this reach ever further into both past and future, so does judgment become less and less dependent on the momentary present. In this way does decision-action begin to escape from the fetters of the moving present, while it begins to take on the aspects of past-future significance.

    To become mature is to live more intensely in the present, at the same time escaping from the limitations of the present. The plans of maturity, founded on past experience, are coming into being in the present in such manner as to enhance the values of the future.

    The time unit of immaturity concentrates meaning-value into the present moment in such a way as to divorce the present of its true relationship to the not-present—the past-future. The time unit of maturity is proportioned so to reveal the co-ordinate relationship of past-present-future that the self begins to gain insight into the wholeness of events, begins to view the landscape of time from the panoramic perspective of broadened horizons, begins perhaps to suspect the non-beginning, non-ending eternal continuum, the fragments of which are called time. - Urantia
  • No vaccinations provide immunity. They are all lies. I have not been to doctor since 1987 and have not been sick once
  • I live between many transmitting branches and other electronic devices, but I don't feel any of this electrosmog. Sometimes I feel vibration in my head, but this is rare and only takes some seconds. It also surprises me that I have not responded to any vaccination in my life and am still imun. I rarely get sick, do not get a high fever for too long. 😳What am i? Body is a Wonderland. 🧐?By the Way i was not always a 100 %veggie, so it's not cause of my food. 🤗
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