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  • Are some competing on a most words wins basis? Sorry. A little humor.... Hope you are not offended RL
  • How can a physicist fail to understand that observation necessarily involves interaction between objects?? Furthermore, it is even worse in microscopic objects as we cannot observe them directly. An electron has to hit a screen and then emit light before we see one. So we actually seeing light, not the electron. Why should we not suppose that the interaction with the screen 'collapses' the wavefunction?? Nope! This is a stupid stop-gap done before the advent of Quantum Elecyrodynamics (QED) that says, yes, the electron does interact with the photonic field to emit light from the spot. Thus light beams from a spot way before it reaches the eyes of the observer. Therefore the 'collapse' does take place upon the interaction between the electron and the photon!! It is not in the 'fundamental understanding of QM' simply because such 'understanding' was done before QED, a quantum theory that involves interactions.

    Thus to understand what happens during observation, you must drop 'fundamental QM' done by the likes of Neumann and use more complete theories like QED. The 'fundamental QM' misleadingly removes a particle off its environment and considers an ideal, non-interacting particles, which we know they don't exists, therefore irrelevant! Its just like Newt considers an object moving in a perfect vacuum and then concludes that such object can move forever, or the way he 'removes' all evenly bodies and considers only the earth and the moon as though they are the only things in the universe.

    These guys who say 'in QM, observation does it all' applies 'fundamental QM where it obviously doesn't apply: in interacting particles! It is like claiming that a billiard ball can never stop because Newts first law of motion does not mension 'friction'. It woefully misleading and stupid!!
  • SAN,

    If you truely want to understand QM, you will have no option but to go further than listening to physicists who are stuck with 1920's understanding if QM!! The guy in that vid talks of 'fundamental QM'. But he means 'Copenhagen interpratation' as formulated by the likes of Neumann and Dirac. These guys did not include some things in QM as part of 'fundamental understanding' simply because the model was a stop-gap measure to allow physicists to proceed anyway, without understanding the details of what goes on in a process termed 'collapse of wavefunction'. Thus they never mensioned 'interaction between micriscopic world and macroscopic world' simply because they were slopy, and like I said, physicist don't like admitting their errors or even shortcomings cause they want to look perfect!! In this case, their 'fundamental understanding if QM' is unscientificaly seen as 'perfect', like a closed canon of scriptures, lol!

    However, much has gone on since Bohr et-al did the sloppy work, most notably, Quantum Decoherence, which shows that we can model the 'collapse' using interaction between the wavicles in the microscopic object and the ensemble of waves that forms the macroscopic object.

    Such physicists like below neglects further research into QM because it doesn't confirm their world view! This is not a scientific attitude. There is no 'fundamental understanding' of anything in science as it is an ever on-going research. We can't fail to talk about quantum Decoherence just because bohr et-al had no clue about and thus failed to enshrine it in 'fundamental understanding of QM ). We must update our understanding based on new ideas and discoveries. In this instance, pple are stuck in 1920s and as such, don't understand anything!!
  • How We Determine QM Experimentaly.

    We use the so called 'Aspects Experiment'. We know that 'observation' affect the results by observing how a photon behaves 'when not being observed' and how it behaves 'when being observed'! Of course this is nonsense! What we are realy doing is 'observing' a certain polarization of a photon while neglecting the other polarization. Then we notice that merely changing what we are 'observing' changes the behaviour of the photon. This is done by tiliting the measuring apparatus accordingly.

    The point is that in all the experimental set ups, we are actually seeing the photon! Of course you see that It has nothing to do with 'creation of photons by observation'. This ridiculous notion championed by 'new agers' has zero to do with QM. QM is not about 'creation'. It is about 'altering'.

    One analogy is this: suppose you see the face of someone moving eastwards. Then you can't see his back. Suppose you note that every time you turn around and sees his back, he turns an moves northwards. So you can conclude that observation of his back 'turns the guy from walking eastwards into walking morthwards'.

    Same applies in qm where 'observation of a particle's location collapses its wave nature turning it into a particle'. You see the irreconcilable difference QM and the 'new age' nonesense?? We can see both the particle's wave-like nature and its particle-like nature. 'Observation' is not 'observing the particle' but rather 'observing an aspect of it', in this case its 'location'.

    In new age, 'when we are not seeing the electron' means we are not seeing it entirely!! It means we have closed our eyes. Then electrons pops into being solely because we saw one in our consciousness!! So in new age, we don't see the wave nature as this is the mischievious drama taking place when we close our eyes!! New age is a total walk off the road! They score zero out of ten!!
  • RL youre talking about Vibration frequencies? About manifest our thogths? I think it's maybe true, but there some scientist who create new Virus species or not? It's actually a Problem we have to Deal with.
  • Quantum Observation

    When we say 'observation' in QM, We rather mean 'an interaction between microscopic world and the macroscopic world'. It is an unfortunate misnomer because what we normally call it 'observation' is an interaction between the observed and the observer. Therefore observation is an interaction, but an interaction is, of course, not necessarily an observation. This is the blunder that the drunk physicists made. (Unfortunately they never like admitting their errors cause they want to look perfect)!

    There is no real observation in quantum interactions, unless an electron shoots directly to your eyes. Then the retina, the visual cortex or the celebrum 'collapses' the wavefunction. Only in this sense do 'observation' alters the subatomic world. But then this is always the case even in classic physics!!! When we observe, we alter the wavelength of light that hits the eye for reasons straight foward to understand. There is nothing QM adds as far as interaction between what causes conscious perception and the outer world!
  • High, its OK. Its good when topics flow.☺

    I was referring specifically to a switch of topic termed 'red herring'.

    THE LION:We don't observe an electron because it is gazillions times smaller than the smallest thing naked eye can see. Therefore when they say 'observe' in QM, they don't mean a conscious registration of an electron in one's mind.

    THE HORSE: Arguments are pointless.

    This is an example of what is called red herring fallacy. A person, when he can't argue against a point simply switches the topic to turn attention away. In this case, the lion's argument should be rejected because generaly, 'arguments are pointless' and the lion is tabling an argument. To substantiate his point, the 'lion' has now to focus on the question of whether arguments can make a point. Thus the topic changes and that was the aim of the red herring: to change the topic and create a complexity that distorts the simle argument in pple's minds!!

    This tactic is at times done intentionally, but often it is unintentional!
  • Hej, I change the subject, because there is something going on you shoud know. I sometimes talk to God the giver all lifes and ask him if there are real Zombies or manifest Deamons. He said no there is not. He say there can only be infected Persons. They are infected by a Virus. It's not coronavirus it is a other Virus wich control a Human. It's really a take over the Human Body. Just like in the Movie named:"Resident Evil". I don't want give it a thougth, but I think it's something we will have to deal or figth with. God said it's not possible to heal these Persons who are infected. It help them only if they can leave thier Body then. Look here they talking very serious about and here it is a mushroom wich is doing that, i don't know maybe there is a new Species create by science wich is a mushroom and a Virus. If this is true it's on the Floor of Humanity, espacally if it is create in a Labor. So if the Erth Core Fire it woud make a little Sence. One thogth for the Evacuation for Commander Ashtar Sheran:"Do You maybe need take care of this Virus or mushroom not get on the Space Ships?" Please anyone, take care not get in Tuch with these so called Zombies or youre maybe infected, too. Love and Ligth for You and those you love. We can Beat it. Like Ben-Arion say:" Be the Highest Version if You"🙏

    The Video about
  • I was talking about QM and how pple misunderstand it. Then they switch the topic into s question of 'whether or not we should argue', i.e. a purely personal issue! They don't want real physics. That is not the reason they talk about QM. All they love us revolving things around personalities, and they think QM justifies such a world where reality is nothing but a theatre of our own minds and egos. They love this because it helps them to shoot at the person rather than what they are saying. If I say the sun is electric, then it is all about me because after all I summon the sun into being, like a God, when I look up! So the 'sun' is realy about me. If they don't like what I say about the sun, they ferociously shoot me personaly cause they can't disconnect 'the sun' from 'the me'!
  • "chill out Roaring, do you have a bad day or something? If people don't understand you that's on you, than explain better."

    As long as people fix their mind on a 'who' rather than 'what' I am saing, they are not going to understand me. Why do pple here care about the personality of the poster and let it overshadow what they are saying? Here, pple seem to come to cross exermine pple's private world that they haven't shared! They ask all the wrong questions while reading what you post eg

    a. ) Is this person egotistic
    b.) Is he trying to appear the right one
    c. )Is he five dimensional
    d.) Does he 'think' or 'feel'
    e.)Is hee enlightened
    f.)Is he full of 'love'
    g.) Is he a 'light worker etc

    This is all what they are pre-occupied with. It is a chase after the things about the member, and not what they are saying. They won't understand such things as QM because they not interested with them. They only like the claims like 'when you so wish to see a bag of money infront of you, it comes about'. Anything about QM that does not rivolve around personalizing reality, they don't want to understand!! They want such claims like 'I saw a tortoise', so they may pin in with the QM nonsense like 'the eagle came when you observed it' and then immediately switch from fixing their mind on 'the eagle' into what the like: the person claiming to see the eagle'. They don't want reality. They are all after the personalities of members thats all!

    As long as pple here have this mentality, they will never understand what I say, no matter how I explain it!!
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