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  • You can download meditations for these that you can do at your leisure. If already repaired, the stress on you during mass transmission will reduce
  • Hellen - did you read my note about the insomnia and strange energies, how they change at about 4 pm and 4 am- thank you Market dragon for your comments - this answers lots of questions, but I do wish they choose a time during the day. I've not slept for days now - manage to grab an hour or two in the morning, but it isn't REM. I've sorted this out a bit in that I've found an Arcturian site (sound healing) and am working on calming the nervous system which I think gets overloaded/overstimulated.
  • I had felt very good on some days when I got up in the morning. I felt very healed or yes, repaired or something.
  • 3am to 4am is when Arcturus and Pleiades are sending DNA repair & chakra clearing frequencies. Also most likely time to get downloads from your higher selves and guides
  • Something is disturbing my sleep patterns I felt this the early morning hours between 3:00 AM and 4:00 AM. this very strange then it stopped at 5:00AM. Usually feel different kinds of energies throughout the day especially in the mornings. Could have something to do with the war in the middle east. Its difficult to exactly explain this.
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  • I told a young boy that 'Israel 'means 'to wrestle with God'. He asked me why it was given such a name. I told him that it is writren in the bible that the ancestor of Israelites wrestled with God. Then the boy laughed! 'Would God not hurl him up to sky' he said.
  • I am from Germay. North Europe. Me and many other people can't sleep last Nigth, from Sunnday to Monday. I feel higher energys.
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  • Valana, yes, I've noticed that the download does end at about 4 am. I can usually get off to sleep when I feel the energies change.. It is exhausting. I think too it is all part of the upgrading of the DNA - I do wish the powers would allow us to sleep.
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Indigenous Alien posted a status
I just provoked the administrators here to help organize a global prayer/meditation event to reduce violence, crime, hate, judgement, etc.
1 hour ago
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I hope they join in at any level, I feel inspired and one way or the other this is gonna happen. Anyone else interested?
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As I watch those around me act out in anger, jealousy, hate, paranoia, and JUDGEMENT of self and others, I am saddened and frustrated... ;~(
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Meditation for Noth Korean Liberation On behalf of the Galactic Confederation, Source, the Goddess, and the Ascended Masters of Light, I command the Peoples of North Korea to be freed from the dictatorial regime of tyranny that is the Kim dynasty.…
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"Interesting... a bit overwhelmed... community looks great...used to run a business with husband and we had a website i worked on. also an educator...when i first signed on my eyes didnt know where to focus first. hope this helps.."
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In the 2nd novel the protaganist goes from B to A--Everything is controlled by an AI including birth and death-most activitiea are naughty to bad-Don't Bite the SunFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   Jump to navigation Jump to searchDon't Bite…
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