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  • Wandercloud. Good point. It holds relevance if our mission involves helping people awaken or heal themselves but there is debate as to whether that is part of mission
  • Are these comments really fifth dimensional. We are meant to be leaving behind all stuff of the 4d mind - if you are still interested in this crap the plane of illusion still has power over you.
  • Where do they specifically link the coronavirus vaccine to a loss in visual capability and/or compare it to the sensory capability of a heroin junkie?
  • I was vaccinated with biontec vaccine 2x. No reaction, as always. I do not know if for min. 37 degree increased temperatue also belongs to side effects. It's a financial crisis that you cover up with the pandemic. After all, the rulers do not want to lose their power, that is, the wealth. Maybe?
  • and Damien Wynne
  • Jason Shukra
  • Source?
  • People who see auras see a massive reduction in color and brightness after the vaccine. It is similar to that of a heroin junkie
  • I always start to concentrate on myself in order to activate the self-healing powers in my body and then as soon as I feel this positive power I pick it up and send you with many good wishes, hope and love for everything that exists around me. I have observed with people who are close to me that they are usually something like blessed. The same thing happens when people come out of the church and are just filled with the Holy Spirit. You can see how satisfied and happy they are, I think it's called blissful. Looks like i can bless Humans, Plants and maybe Water, but not sure. If i do so, the Plants get more powerfull growen than normal sometimes. I have try so many expieriments with my energys. By the Way in my Hands i feel a other energy, well it feels like it is not the same as in my Body. I think this is some energy wich can healing others, or destroy something if it is in the wrong use without a good balance, because i think i have broken glass by it, just by tuching it.(That was strange)
  • I think that the negative energy that sometimes penetrates me from the outside or that I take in through food is converted into positive energy in me. Is that possible? That you as a human being can transform energies like that?
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