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  • My parents have died, but I think they are always with me. Is it a cosmic Roule that nothing ends.
  • Who is purporting no afterlife. That seems illogical fr such a forum where such a high percentage would be be in communication with the astral
  • Some people purport to cheer us in this life by saying there is no afterlife.

    But then they are telling us to spoil our present, planning for the future, when the future comes, spoil it by regreting about the past, lose health looking for whealth, that when a life, we leave like we will never die and when we die, we die like we never leaved!
  • We are in the times of Awakening. Wich means that we can see Angels or Deamons are real. We have to learn that there are more Dimensions than just our Reality. At least this is the old Shool here on Erth to learn that we can not get back a beloved Person with all the Money. It matters what we choose in our life, because the deth is not the end and it will have consequences when we are in the Spirit World. I rember something what Ben-Arion say once, that even a Dark Soul still have ligth inside, because each Soul is made of ligth at last. We are free to choose ligth or dark. I think what we believe is a very Personal thing. I know God as the giver all lifes and Jesus Christus is the Son of God. I think this is knowen even in Space.
  • God does not support anybody being fearful or having guilt.

    This is a curse put upon ourselves to learn from as we grow as souls.

    God loves unconditionally and needs no validation from us. This does not mean that being thankful is not appropriate. We are part of God. We are all one.

    It does not matter if you have commited evil acts. It matters that you have learned from it. If you want to stay evil and never ascend, God respects that also. No matter what the thrill, it will get old.

    It does not matter your looks. We are all aliens wearing a disguise on earth. It matters if you judge based on this instead of facts.

    It does not matter your sexuality. It matters if it is deceitful or perverted.

    We cannot run from evil (from our demons). We must embrace them. Embrace the evil whether commited by us or our brothers and sisters and clear all memory.

    There is no good and evil. There is only higher and lower vibration and it is all part of our essence.

    Just maintaining positive vibes is missing the mission
  • It does not matter what we believe in this obviously far fetched current reality. It is farcical to polarize good and evil because we have eons of energies that were not recorded and cleared before embedding in earths Akashic records. The only thing that matters if you want to ascend is to clear all memory and give up completely being an individual. To clear ego is to no longer be a god or goddess but to realize you are only a fractal of the whole and prepare to return to source by clearing the persistence of memory. The world seems like end times because thousands of years of uncleared energies are manifesting to meet the short timetable. It is going to get a lot worse. If your frequency is high enough, you will not be seen. You will be warded. But if you fear or maintain self, you will drop back down into the fray. For those that do not ascend fully, you could be any of the 12 densities for your next incarnation depending on where your journey stands. In this, you will still have a duality and karmaic process.

    There is no good and evil. There is only two sides of the same energy. Our time on earth is showing us what happens when we assign a narrative into truth and it separates into good and evil.
  • I am posting this again. This is the truth about all the evil you are seeing. Is it real? Is it a movie by Q? White hats? No, none of the above. Earth is a junior year abroad program for the soul.

    As we are in different stages of ascension, we need to clear our memory (akarshic records/karma-all the same thing) -Those who are not ready to clear their vessel out will die. There are no diseases, everything is based on thios energy.

    These people will continue in their karmaic learning.

    Those who stay are seeing all of the energies and emotions that they need to clear come to the surface. The evil government, satanix rituals are the embodiment of those traumas that were not cleared.

    We are not individuals. That is the matrix. There is no good and evil. We need to embrace it all and clear our records by anchoring them all after processing and love to earth to ascend.
  • There is no such a thing as past present or future even in 3D. These are concepts, not things that can be said to be there. Where are they?
  • The end is not for everybody:

    --In 5D, no man can control another man. The ego thirst for power cannot exist
    --In 5D, people follow their area of creativity, the search for money, greed is meaningless
    --Everybody wants to leave the matrix corruption, sexual abuse, power abuse but they also have to give up the pleasures built in---meaningless sex, hurting or owning animals, wild partying, laziness especially in the case of knowing, honoring and maintaining the body, pride of accomplishment and status, competition
    --Everybody is equal. There is no comdemning brothers and sisters, even if their actions are comdemnable or their vibration is low
    --deviant sex. It is simply an inversion spell to hook people in
    --individual autonomy. Everybody has freewill but they are also connected always to collective so showboating is not possible or valued, despite one's skill
  • Acute----By saying this (I'm not supposed to talk with people on the lower planes, but I've never been very good at following the rules.. I weren't when I were 3D and I certainly am not any better now when I am 5D. I'm certain to be reborn in a fully 3D-body quite soon. I am not comfortable in 5D. I need a few more lifetimes in 3D before I am ready to Stay Grounded in 5D. :)) ---YOU ARE CONTRADICTING YOURSELF. By the way, past, present and future happen simultaneously. In 5D -there is no time set up to distinguish this so again, your statement is meaningless. You are confusing a level of 3D awakening with 5D. Godspeed again
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