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  • Re: False flags: We are starting to see the fallout of the 2010 decade's PC overzealousness, aka the people who have been deemed 'problematic' have become a powerful mob in their own right. Politically, I don't think we've ever been more divided, at least in terms of which voices on either side are the loudest. Critical thinking is crucial now more than ever, too.
  • Info Wars is the website run by Alex Jones, the angry meathead who pushes the idea that the Sandy Hook school shootings were faked and the grieving families of 20 dead kindergarteners are lying fwiw.
  • If a major disaster happens where is the safest places to go? I asked my guide this question he/she said in the mountains and there are sacred places there. My ancestors told me to go to a certain place in the forest there is another reality there and one could ask mother earth where those places are if one takes the time to communicate with her. There are caves and tunnels everywhere on earth but there is also places where one should never go.Always ask for protection and guidance and be patient for their replies it may take sometime.
  • Once again we have entered the era of false flags attacks. I once saw pictures using actors for staging these kind of events and journalist took part in those events and the media is not to be trusted.
  • Infowars, spiritual wars, galactic wars, wars for minds, nuclear wars, temporal wars, religious wars, political party wars, cultural wars....beating the drums of war just keeps activating the vibration of Perpetual War in the field....
    Who/what does that serve?
    Galactic New Earth calls for authentic focus on peace...listen to the subtle currents and frequencies behind all the noise and diversions...let go of the noise, just send Love through the chaos and smoke&mirrors's all planned opposition, it wants people to react, it is fed by negative focus...
    Let's encompass the Whole in Universal Love, it's easy and beautiful, as it's our true divine nature to be Love, Peace and Joy, free of the triggers of duality dramas.
    Love to you All 💖💖💖
  • Bruce Lipton's work offers such important insights, R.Lovely. Energies 'organize' on subtle levels (Sheldrake's 'invisible medium') before reflecting/translating into DNA/RNA, gene expressions, cellular activities...

    And on the physics front, you may already be aware of the muon particle experiments that are shaking up current quantum mechanics understandings, potentially... ;)
  • Hi Valana, I also feel Val's primary 'mission focus' (on Earth) is with the US, overlighting its role in the collective Shift connected with freedom codes.....smiling now, as this quote just came down my twitter feed: "Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people." (Franklin D. Roosevelt) 😊💛
    Star Family groups work with the energies of other countries as well...there's a lot going on behind the scenes here too (Australia)...I'm attuning with teams/beings coordinating with Japan, South Korea and China, and New Zealand at the moment...and there are many others working with specific countries...all networking and interconnecting constantly...'lovelight-eggs of rebirth' are being activated in many baskets, so to speak, in the collective field, with different qualities and attributes within the's such a multi-layered, intricate weaving in progress, with Grace and Love pulsing the field and threading through the density and distortion like celestial birds on the wing... 🕊🕊🕊
    Onward we (all) go....waving to Val... 💚🥰
  • Human diversity is not explained by the diversity in DNA. It is as simple as that! Our DNAs are practically the same. They are blue prints for making proteins, not the entire organism. These proteins are essentially the same in all humans, and even animals.

    The genes that makes skin of a human 'white', for instance is the same gene that makes a zebra stripe 'white'. Same is the case in the gene that makes the zebra black. So zebra has both the genes. Same case to all humans. It is only that one is enabled in some, and the other in some.

    If we naively atribute gene similarities to 'interbreeding', then we will make the ridiculous conclusion that zebras interbreed with humans in recent times! So that theory of alien interbreeding is not necessary to explain human diversity.
  • The cell nuclei resides in the DNA. ' In the physical body.
  • UFOS in the bible : ''who are these fly as a cloud and the doves to their windows : Isaiah 60: verse 8 And ''Ye are from beneath : I am from above : Ye are of this world : I am not of this world : Christ : John 8 verse 23.
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"Igodoflove - I agree that heart and mind should work together - I also would say that I am not judging anyone - I am expressing an opinion -but you may feel that) maybe lesson learnt in that this is not wise. Too many minds for me in my simple…"
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"We must adequately discuss and debate on things going on in the world, both the positive and the negative. Failure to do so, we find that we don't learn from say the negative things and hence we keep repeating things that give rise to those…"
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"To wandercloud
Do you feel your higher mind needs to correct people since it is doing it in a loving way it is okay then? Or saying someone like me is just talking in a lower mind then you are better than me?"
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"Yes, there is no such a thing as 'good heart and wicked mind'. If the mind is evil, the heart too is evil, only that it may be silently evil, and so you don't notice it and you think 'the evil is comming from the mind'!"
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In an effort to lighten my energies I am writing about my experience as a "Walk in"  My body age is now 80 - my personality age (containing soul) is 74 because I entered this body during anaesthetic in an operation to save my life in the year 1947 -…
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