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  • UFOS in the bible : ''who are these fly as a cloud and the doves to their windows : Isaiah 60: verse 8 And ''Ye are from beneath : I am from above : Ye are of this world : I am not of this world : Christ : John 8 verse 23.
  • Evidence shows that other ET civilizations other than the Anunnaki from such star systems as the Pleiades, Sirius, and the Orion regularly visited, and interacted and visited and also interbreded using human genetic engineering as well.In all perhaps dozens of alien civilizations allegedly left their DNA imprints on various geographical regions explaining the existence of varying races and the ethnicities. Throughout the time others advanced extraterrestrial races engaging inter- staller and intergalactic travel to earth have regularly spread their genetically encoded DNA star seeds around the global to produce the wide spectrum of human diversity in racial and ethnic lineage. As an example the Aldebaran Star's Nordic ET race is associated with Aryans of German and the Scandinavian Vikings.
  • The fears that someone will inject something to us, to alter our genes, and hence to control us is actually based on old, discredited science! It is sort of like in geocentrism where we may fear that 'venus will rise and knock down the sun'!

    What will an alterance of your gene achieve? Nothing!! What you are is not determined by your genes! It appears that what Rupert Shaldrake has been saying is true. There is another invisible medium that determines your form, not DNA!
  • Please take note of the following section of Bruce Lipton's article:

    "Now, in the experiment that blew my mind, I created 3 slightly different versions of culture medium, by changing some of the constituents. I put these 3 different environments in 3 different Petri dishes, but all the dishes had portions from the same culture of genetically identical cells in them. As a result, cells in environment A became muscle. In the second Petri dish with genetically identical cells to the first but in a slightly different environment, the cells became bone. Then in the third dish, again with genetically identical cells but a different environment, the cells became fat cells. Now you are left with a very profound question: What controls the fate of the cells?"

    What determines what a cell becomes eg a muscle, a born etc is not its genes. A lot of factors, including the environment, determines this!

    Of course this also means neo-Darwinism is proven false!

    What you are never told is that the famous human genome sequencing was a huge embarrassment to biologist! It shows that the genes of a worm is not that different from that of a human! The dfference between a worm and a human is not explained by the different genes!!! This requires that we go back to square 1 in biology! We don't understand anything!

    That idea, that DNA/RNA control all celular activities have been proven false!
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  • Targigrade genes is can survive in hot and cold climates this technology is used in human cells. The mRNA is a technology similar to a computer system and is prepared with sequence codes for a specific protein and works at the cellular level and designed to control all biological functions.
  • When humanity become gods through the use of technology food will no longer be required to sustain the physical body there will be no longer restaurants,food venders, stores, malls, etc...
  • Different Kinds of Technology: Graphene technology as a biomaterial is the ability to resolve chronic diseases, illness and injuries a lot of doctors will embrace this kind of technology. Soft Robots created from convergence of nano and bio - technology allows for an ''embodied '' intelligence ''synth humans''. Soft Robots can be combined with tissue engineering and synthetic biology to create hybrid system. Robotic Societies: these robotics can repair damages using graphene and hydragel we can see this described in Revelation ( King James Version ) : Quantum Dot technology including Quantum Entanglement and Quantum superposition.Quantum machines offers the potential to enhance security of communication through protected cipher keys which are inscripted into the substrate of nano cubes in the hydengel and Quantum Dot which are then sealed and encrypted into everything!!!. This technology is mentioned in the bible of Genesis 6:6. ( cubit ). Vessels in the bible Now we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this surpassing great power from God and not from us . 2 Corinthians : Chapter 4: verse 7. As a reminder everything revolves around energy and frequency. Getting back to Soft Robots they have the potential to expedite ''evolution '' of man into gods . As covid19 continues thing will never get back to normal. why? remember there was an Conjunction planets creating a powerful alignment with Uranus ( Aquarius ) one has to remember the symbol of this air sign relates to technology for many centuries earth has been influenced by earth planets. One of the favourites of technology of the military is the Stealth warm robotics systems and will be installed by 2030.The Autonomous Weapons system is can be used as lethal weapon but has many uses.Smart Dust technology is a system that gathers information and reporting abilities and can be useful to those who control all information. One has to remember there is always has been a dark side to many things. The bottom line is that forbidden technology is about making your body into a habitation ( container ) for demons,fallen angels and aliens . Our minds is already being cavitated through chemicals,neruo - weapons,psys ops an empty container that will ''dream new world order'' into existence . The ''AI Neural attendant captures records, evaluates, and reports in a counterfeit Book OF Life'' When one take any of the technologies one accepts townships of your immoral soul and the physical body to alien masters.
  • Info Wars < literally almost any other news/'news' source, please and thank you. 😭
  • Thought ancient history we see the technology described in Revelation Chapter 13 of the bible. This technology was exploited and mined all biological life upon the earth and sea to harvest and mine all resources. In the Jewish Legend, the fallen angels,Nephilim came to earth to harvest resources and they were the very ones who taught mankind various types of technologies.
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