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  • Does the bible ever mention technology that has anything to do with vaccines I believe there is some evidence of this of this and what's in those vaccines? According to some scientists it could contain ''anything'' . The bible can awfully confusing sometimes and there are verses and chapters I don't often understand and I sometimes search for clues until I happened to listen to this individual who provided some information that could be true. In Revelation 13: 3 : And I saw one of heads as it were wounded to death and his deadly wound was healed and all the world wondered after the beast. The beast is system of technology a being with soul. What kind of technology was used to heal this synthetic entity this technology is called ''Graphene '' it can heal wounds and perhaps do a lot more and by allowing graphene into your body,you begin to metamorphosis process from being a human to created in the Divine Image with the breath of life from God to a synthetic entity. In 2019 Burning Man theme was a metamorphosis we see in the process of changing man into beast. Jesus came to save man not Synthetic Enities.
  • Typhoon Surigae is traveling at the speed of 250 miles an hour and now a category five storm. A few years ago the media predicted hurricane,cylones, typhoons will hit many of the tropical countries.
  • The earth is going through upheaval with flash floods, cyclones, winter storms, earthquakes and volcanic activity on the rise again. Perhaps strong solar flares will be a major concern again. Its very cold in the northern U.S and Canada.
  • new restrictions were added today for those living in Canada its really getting worse now.
  • I am just know the Galactic Federation and that it is the Main Concil on Planet Vega.
  • Look at that face shield-doesn't do anything-if your face is not hermetically sealed with a shield and hypoallergenic mask the viruses can get through the eye ducts-dumb and dumber and dumber and dumber
    Nearly Half of Brits Say They Will Struggle to Revert Back to Normal Life After Lockdown
    Stockholm Syndrome strikes again.
  • San you misunderstand. These names are what we gave them. Humans made these names for these races and councils. They do not refer to themselves as such. While I am sure they reference themselves in some manner whether it be through language or energy. It just simply is as it is. There is knowing without needing to know. They may have words or phrases to express themselves. The only way we Humans will understand is to use similar words and meanings that we understand. Do you think anyone would understand the language of a billion year old race of entities from a higher dimension? Or even the language of a race a few million years old. They come to our level so that we understand. Or else we would not understand at all. So this a human mistake of mixing words to describe the exact same thing as is a mistake made constantly in human history.
  • Joanne dear, you have made my day! I have laughed for 30 minutes about what yousaid some woman said about Val taking a month to meet her as he was afriad of Earth people!

    Val: The only Earthian Im afraid of is Valana...when her eyes begin to turn gree and flash fire...."
    Valana: Hush Val, I'm trying to tell caused me to remember when I wrote frmer President Carter for him back in 79 from Kadena AFB Okinawa, Japn and Val told him to take a base commander off the Island in 24 hours or he'd d it himself...didn't sound much like he was afraid of Earth people...I juar son't know why people have to use Val's name when they dont' know him.
    Val: Tell Joanna I said "Hi"...
    Valana: Alright, she heard you, or read you. Let me finish. Well, the Base Commander was gone before noon the next day he didn't wait and I was given a private "apology" and "thank you" by proxy for Jim Carter, the USAF and Base Commander who could not do it in person as he'd gone...the story is long and it's i my book so not advertising it just saying...Va is not afraid of anyone o the planet it is more likely it's the other way aroound.
    And just like to say, yes, the FG does assist overnments tht are for freedom of the individua and so does the Universal Command which Val is the Commannder and they are also Nordic Aliens, similar to us, the same as us only from a higher dimension of Light...he is not a Grey...
    However I've been on a Grey ship and they were friendly and very nice they have bad reputation but I was not harmed however I dropped Val's name and that could have been the reason. I had been trying to send a teepathic warning to a ship not to approach where they were being vectored as I noticed jets in the distance circling so felt it might have been a trap and I was concentrating a wrning to whatever ship it was and suddenly, as I was standing therre listening to some woman talkig, I went astrally and seemed I just rose up thrugh the bottom of the ship and was surrounded by little Greys sending me love energy and questioning what I wanted. I felt I should maybe drop Val's name to be sure of safety so said Cmdr Thor sent me to wrn you to sty clear, they thanked me and I was back still standing listening to the woman talking to me... the Greys were respectful and I felt peace and love energies with them...there are good and bad everywhere but one day soo the good energy will overcome the bad, the Light will clear out the darkness and Love and Light will prevail. And Val has something he wants to say.
    Val: Yes, the GF is assisting the free world and free people everywhere. That's why I chose America. America is still free and as long as it stays free it will have the help of higher beings. To truly raise in the dimensions there must be fifty oe percent of the enrgies love and peace...each one of you can do a great part in uplifting the planet. You must have fifty-one percent love and peace as we can only do s much or you will never learn to walk if you are carried all the time as a baby. A baby must learn and will fall and take some bumps. You've taken a lot, those of you that are dedicated to word peace and love but be of good cheer, you're on the winning side and you do have your Creator and stop arguing, finding fault and just love each ther uncnditionally. - Val"
    Valana: I did not know he was going to write so much or I'd put it in a post but I was ot going to stop him and I'v learned after over 50 years when Val Thor says it, you can take it to the those of the Light, we will win...
    Love, Valana and Val Thor (Cmdr)
  • I often wonder at the moment why the Galactic Federation has other names all the time. Very strange. It can undoubtedly only be about forgeries that serve the dark side to give people false information and to spread lies in this way, so that people are misguided to follow a path that has nothing to do with the light in the end. That, at least, is my personal explanation. The Main Concil locade on VEGA and the Regional Concil locade in Andromeda, but is do by SIRIUS. The Galactic Federation never need a other Name, like (of light, or of World ect). If i read something like GLF of Ligth or World i am sure it is Fake and nothing to do with the real GLF. The Main Concil is the GLF, well central Part of it.
    April 14th: Vaccine DEATH WAVE now unstoppable… 122 million Americans now at risk from dangerous me…
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