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    Video: Alex Jones STOPS Smugglers From Illegally Transporting Children At The Border
    Video shows children who just crossed border being crammed into back of truck by Catholic Charities.
  • A quantum particle is simply a particle surfing on a wave!! This is what quantum flapdoodles have been qawking at for 100 years!

    You can see what this guy does is to show that you can achieve what QM talks about but without supposing that our clasic notion of 'particle' is wrong, debunking Feynman and other bozos but without contradicting any experiment. A theory or a 'law' is what a man THINKS, and not necessarily a reality no matter how many experiments seems to confirm it!

    Note Karl's Popper's 'falsification' rather than 'confirmation' criteria.
  • Take for instance the so called 'Einsteinian Barrier'. I simply drop Einstein's Theory entirely, and try to explain everything that that theory can explain but using 'winds' and 'sails' that can be shown to a child! I derive the equations and illustrate in a wind how Einsteinian Barrier comes about, and you can see it for yourself that it can occur without completely forbiding a superluminal motion!

    This is the approach that I recommend. Rather than trying to comply with these man made so called 'laws', aim directly at complying with DATA with no other requirement!
  • I thought you'd appeciate it....and agree, that to truly comprehend/encompass 'the phenomenon' from a scientific basis will require a post-quantum approach and understanding...this too will come (or already exists, in the 'near future', in linear speak)... 😊
  • In my attempt to explain UFO using 'pilot wave theory', I eventually abandon QM all together as QM does not apply in UFO scale. Instead I tried to form an entirely different theory of subatomic world that is closely similar to QM but sometimes it departs from QM. So more accurately, QM is an INSPIRATION rather than the actual theory. The real theory that explains the subatomic world, I beleive, is more sensible than QM and does not forbid superluminal motion. It only makes it difficult to achieve.

    So I honestly say that this is not 'just a quantum theory' and 'does not break laws of QM'. It does, and any theory that must explain a superluminal UFO must violet these theories at some point. So don't be misled! My main aim is to break these laws in the least way I can conceive of. In otherwords I recommend that we modify these theories in the least way.
  • I like this attitude, of first trying to reconcile the phenomenon with known laws of physics rather than the usual 'it defy laws of physics' made without even care to close examine the so called 'laws'.

    However, the guy is not honest in claiming that the quantum correction to general relativity occurs in scales far greater than the so called 'Planck's Length', such as in 'dark matter'. If dark matter does not exist, then GR is wrong at scales larger than a galaxy, not smaller than Planck's Length, hence a quantum theory of gravity cannot be a correction to GR that explains 'dark matter'.

    In a closely similar case, a quantum correction to GR will not explain superluminal UAP because the UAP is in the 'Newtonian Scale' not even the GR scale.

    GR simply cannot explain such small things as UAP, as this is the scale where Newts Gravity reigns supreme! To explain UFOs, we need to SUPERSEDE these theories, not to COMPLETE them!
  • On another topic, about how ships move (at least when they're engaging in what we understand/perceive as spacetime), you & others may like to consider this hypothesis (that ships create their own geodesics by curving spacetime):
    UAP Theory
    We explain a fundamental theory on how UAPs (UFOs) actually work, how they fly & move and why they have the capabilities that we observe them to have.
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