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  • Remember that pilot-wave model is non-local. So it is handy in explaining motion to distant places in a twinkle of an eye!
  • Then watch how waves easily pilots particles and debunk Copenhagen wave-particle duality nonsense
  • Then watch 2d view for clearer visualization
  • Watch the motion of a 3d wave-packet and compare it with a UFO.
  • Yes, that is true, of course. I am now getting you.☺

    But my soliton, pilot wave model of UFO also has rooms made of standing waves. Standing waves partitions a wave into compartments.

    If you think of 'wave matter duality', then a UFO is some wave. Yes, a wave-packet, so it looks as it looks.
  • I just think that a Space Station coud look like a Capsule Hotel with all the Cabins in. Of cause there Cabins or maybe Apartments. That's logical to me. I see Movies and there always Cabins or Rooms inside Space Station. No no one talk about this in the Internet here. I don't find anything about this Space Station. I think the Websites are deleted if there was some with this Infos.
  • But I think that some of these things electric universe attempts to explain can be explained by a different understanding of gravity. For instance there is an equivalence of 'electricity' in gravity. I can call it 'gravitricity'. It is 'gravitricity' that may power the sun.
    Birkeland Currents and Our Electric Solar System | Space News
  • So how are these similar? I am only shown the exterior of a spaceship and only the interior of a capsule hotel. So I can't compare.

    BTW it reminds me of: 'in my (jesus) father's house are many rooms.😉 Is this so for AC crew.

    You can also Google search for 'new Jerusalem' floating in the sky.☺
  • space station
    (mir in the Future)?

This reply was deleted.
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"Once again we have entered the era of false flags attacks. I once saw pictures using actors for staging these kind of events and journalist took part in those events and the media is not to be trusted."
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