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  • I know what I believe in and I don't let it distract me. The dark side has nothing to offer. The Future is now. The good has so much more to offer, it's just more interesting.
  • Yes we must choose now. If we want the light in the future, we must choose the light now. You make a choice to jump at the top of the tall building. But once you make the choice, you can nolonger veto it on the way!!
  • We always have the choice to choose light or dark. Especially right now, it's important to choose one side.
  • I think that is the best advice.☺ I remember I once debated with some pple who seemed to think that comes in the grave, they will decide where to go like they pick things in a supermarket! It sort of, did not make sense to me! If you decide to jump down, you will not also decide whether or not to injure your leg. I don't see why afterlife should be different.😯
  • We are not alone! You see Ashtar Command Ligthships here:
  • Where you move on to depends on the level of your spiritual awareness and the work done here on Earth...It is up to you if you want to Ascend or you want another similar experience in another 3rd dimensional planet...Even if you have agreed to go, I learned that they give special dispensations and one could change the path chosen before being born...When you pass on you are not dying, You are only leaving your body shell behind...Kind of like a snake...You leave the old behind and you start anew in your true Self...You are just continuing where you left off before incarnating...You are there in your spirit formless state...You are always conscious of yourSelf...With this Ascension we take our bodies with us...That is why we are transmuting into a more suitable crystalline form to be able to travel through higher frequencies...
  • Do people realy decide where they will go after death, or will we wake up somewhere not knowing how we got there?
    Videos: Police Harass People For Walking, Sitting As Chief Admits ‘We’ve Had Enough, This Is Not Po…
    "Police don't want to police this"
  • Make that collective consciousness of the dark cabal ...! Skyhawk
  • let's vaccinate the collective consciousness! :)
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"The greatest love/kindness/safety/respect/care ultimately comes from truth. Again, Lightworkers have a responsibility to point out harmful influences, including what amounts to out and out prejudice and lies."
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"The planet's vibration is already raised. It's the collective vibration that is catching up, to come into sync with the Ascended Earth.
Disengaging isn't necessarily the way to go, I agree Loki (though for some it might be, depends on soul plans…"
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"The planet's vibration isn't going to be raised without our collective, concentrated effort to eradicate negative energies and influences. In my experience, most attempts to get others to disengage from politics are disingenuous - most people have…"
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"Hi Nick, thanks for your words: "Only response we can give is living in the now and showing others the same. That could be helping somebody, making somebody laugh or acts of kindness. These little ripples can create the largest currents".

So true,…"
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