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  • Okay. Have you heard of Planet Hoova? What I read somewhere was that God is the Central Sun of all universes and that there are four universes. There was also the universes separated by so-called Universal Gates, which not everyone can just pass like that. Unfortunately, this information is no longer available on the Internet. I think it was there sometime between 2006 and 2012.
  • Btw I am a Laniakean.☺
  • Where is the place for laniakea or Hercules Borealis Great Wall in the universe where stars revolve around even bigger suns, the bigger suns revolves around even bigger suns, and so forth till they revolve around God?.
  • It's only logical we are not alone.
  • How about what is plausible?
  • We don't know anything about what's possible. We just think we know. Scientists cannot possibly have a serious answer.
  • Ironically, these theories forbids interstellar communication! So if spacebrothers are talking to us, the answer is already glaring!!
  • Our spacbrothers certainly have an answer to this, but it may not be the right time to discuss it, because there are enough other problems to be solved on Earth.
  • Actually my argument goes to the roots of the mathematical problem presented by the mathematical physicist termed Stephen Crothers. But I have added my own spin on it. I don't know why crothers seem not to have noted that the problem he is talking of reduces to this.

    Crothers argument against black hole theory is irrefutable!! Again I say it stems from negative numbers under squar roots. You can check it in the formular for gravitational time dilation see to it that beyond event horizon, we have a square root of a negative number!! If you accept that beyond the event horizon, an object can get there, despite the square root of the negative number, then you are saying that a ston that actually reached your head actually went up to moon just because mathematicaly we have a solution for such an height as a negative number under a square root!!!
  • But if you cannot solve it, I can still guide you this way: If you throw a stone upwards, it traces something like a parabolic path. There is an height above which the stone cannot get. But in the maths of parabolas one can talk as though the stone can go up forever! Solving for such an height involves taking square root of a negative number (try that in your calculator).
    So whenever we see a negative number under a square root, we know that such a state, described by that math is not attainable. In the case of black hole, time dillation, leght contraction etc becomes negative numbers under square roots, for things supposedly beyond the event horizon. Therefore blackholes are unattainable!
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"Human diversity is not explained by the diversity in DNA. It is as simple as that! Our DNAs are practically the same. They are blue prints for making proteins, not the entire organism. These proteins are essentially the same in all humans, and even…"
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"The cell nuclei resides in the DNA. ' In the physical body."
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"UFOS in the bible : ''who are these fly as a cloud and the doves to their windows : Isaiah 60: verse 8 And ''Ye are from beneath : I am from above : Ye are of this world : I am not of this world : Christ : John 8 verse 23."
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"Evidence shows that other ET civilizations other than the Anunnaki from such star systems as the Pleiades, Sirius, and the Orion regularly visited, and interacted and visited and also interbreded using human genetic engineering as well.In all…"
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