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  • People are vaccinated and the elderly in the retirement home are not asked but forced to do so. Some old people did not tolerate the vaccine well and died. If you ask me what's on my mind. Then i know now why i need healing within my Body and Soul. To achieve the consciousness that one can heal the body with the soul. Anyway a virus like that if it exists bring you in a special situation for your mind. What if i die soon? I think about it and if i woud be ready to leave my life or leave my life my reality as I know it. I have a lot of thoughts like that these times, but it woud be to long to share it here all.
  • When you see a claim being repeated over and over that 'it is true', then know that it is false!
  • Again I am yet to even hear of rumours of COVID 19. This thing is notorious in that it dwells solely in internet, radios and TVs!
  • Try healing yourself with your Spirit. I try this, too. Sometimes it helps a little. It's only stress sometimes wich made me sick.
  • Today I would be told that I should be vaccinated earlier than originally planned because I work with children. I work with toddlers, i can't keep the distance. I will be vaccinated in Germany in the next few weeks with the prescribed vaccine. I've never had a vaccination reaction to any vaccination. Only slight fever 1 or 2 times and the puncture point was a bit thick and hard 1 or 2 times. Imun reaction are normal.
  • Eyyy guys do you know about the symptoms that we have now? any idea how can we to make less strong those.
  • Or is this new variant an ad oc to explain non working vaccines?
    A New Highly Resistant COVID Variant Has Emerged In California, And It Could Make This Plague Far W…
    Infowars: There's a War on for your Mind!
  • The healing Power of plants
    Foods with Healing Power: The Benefits of Garlic
    Garlic is a nutrient-rich addition to any diet. Learn about its potential power to help prevent and treat disease, from heart disease to cancer.
  • Humans can't manufacture viruses. The best they can do is modify their genes.
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