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  • The other thing to note is that the former head of the Vatican bank was found guilty of embezzlement last week. This is important because the Vatican bank has been the instrument long used to control the so-called world leaders we see on our TV sets.
    Former head of Vatican bank found guilty of embezzlement
    Angelo Caloia becomes the highest-ranking Vatican official to be convicted of a financial crime.
  • Very Interessting! Peace come when we meet other Person with Respect, like Japanese Peapole do. It coud end lot War.
    "Etiquette in Japan - Wikipedia"
    Etiquette in Japan
    Etiquette in Japan form common societal expectations of social behavior practiced throughout the nation of Japan and is highly esteemed. Like many so…
    BREAKING: US Military at the White House Arresting Congress
  • Nikola Tesla Patents: Download Tesla’s Patents Collected in a 499-page PDF
    Nikola Tesla Patents: Download Tesla's Patents Collected in a 499-page PDF — Curiosmos
    Here's your chance to download Nikola Telsa's patents all of which were collected into one 499-page PDF, and over 300 documents seized by the FBI.
  • @Ameen: Thanks, i just updated it´s easier to communicate...which is truly needed right now. Ashtar Command Crew has been online since 2006. But now in 2021, we are living in the "TRANSITION" (which we all knew would come....*smiles*)...we ARE ONE FAMILY! <3

    P.S. *LOVE WAVES TO ALL OF YOU! -- Remember to keep the vibes high ...because -- AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT! <3. Ps. It will change the world ;)
  • Mr ben arion congrats mixed with thanks for reopening the site
  • New Mandfx-'Polar Clouds'-lol;_ylt=AwrCmmYuiRFgIiUAxQ0...
  • RL-RE; UFO Docs
    could be getting ready to spring info about interdimensionals on us-human collective consciousness could be sliding towards 4th density
  • Blessings Joanna and thank you for being here...I did not feel the cold temperature...Somehow I am still in the warmth of Florida over my skin...I love cold weather, but not for seven months out of a year...
  • What a beautiful rainbow orb experience Amparo, thanks for sharing... :)
    Keep warm in the chilly cousins in PA sent a photo recently of snow piled up around their house. Hard to imagine here in Perth summer (a mild 27C today, but about to crank back up to 37-38C/100F)...a little sprinkle of snow would be lovely!

    Blessings & love coming back to you, and all here ✨💛
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"Something to seriously consider: "Do not become involved in anything violent or hurtful for any reason...""
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Time to Rejoice – The CouncilWe wish, at this time, to update those who follow our messages in order to somewhat prepare you for the revelations regarding what has been happening and what is very shortly to occur.It has appeared to many that nothing…
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