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  • Ashtar Command Meditation Temple

    366 members Latest Activity: on Wednesday

    Ashtar Command Meditations

  • Connect With Angels

    221 members Latest Activity: on Wednesday For all that have seen and work with Angels. Others that would love to know more. How does one connect with angels and what are the various types.

  • Music for your soul.

    58 members Latest Activity: on Tuesday

  • The Ashtar Paranormal Group!

    292 members Latest Activity: Oct 7

    An online Ashtar Command study group.

    We are here to share our stories, insights, and knowledge on phenomena understood to be outside of…

  • The Prayer Temple

    176 members Latest Activity: Oct 4 Post your Prayer/wish and let it Grow.

  • Spiritual Energy Healing

    351 members Latest Activity: Oct 4 What kinds of healing is there and how do you learn to heal yourself and others. Why not Get a Healing Session from one of our members. Share your…

  • AshtarCommandRadio

    91 members Latest Activity: Sep 20 This group represents those interested in Ashtar Command Radio Worldwide and the Voice of The Ashtar Command Radio Programs.This is a place for…

  • Starseeds from Arcturus

    117 members Latest Activity: Sep 7

    Are you from Arcturus? Share your knowledge about the Arcturians.…

  • Vegetarians & Vegans Focus Group

    156 members Latest Activity: Sep 5

    A group for those people who live or want to live healthy, wisely, being aware of what they eat by saving the animals, the environment and their…


    2 members Latest Activity: Sep 3

    In this group we can share information about oure loving Commander Ashtar. Share photo's or channelings. Information so we realy can connect with…

  • Empaths

    81 members Latest Activity: Aug 28

    What is to be an empath? do you think or suspect you are one?

    How can we handle the energies we absorb from the other people, and how can…

  • Star Origins

    115 members Latest Activity: Aug 28

    Learn about your star origins and who you are deep down in your dna patterns. Welcome brothers and sisters.

  • Dream Interpretation

    69 members Latest Activity: Aug 28 Need help to interpritate your Dreams? This is the place. Feel Free to share your Dreams in the Forum and our members will help you.

  • Astral Projection & Travel

    263 members Latest Activity: Aug 28 Do you have any Experiences of Astral Projection? How did it feel? Where did you go. Can we learn to Astral Travel? There are many questions within…

  • Lucid Dreaming

    67 members Latest Activity: Aug 28 Techniques, advices, tips, experiences, movies and benefits of lucid dreaming.

  • Messages of the Angels and Ascended Masters

    124 members Latest Activity: Aug 28 Here you can read and put the channelings of Angels and Masters. The first one will be from Gabriël as I have already channeled.

  • Manifesting Angels

    64 members Latest Activity: Aug 28 ~o~ 11:11~ Kindred Angels Manifesting on Earth here! We wish to activate..We wish to awaken...We wish to move forward! Live..Love..Breathe..Have Fun…

  • 11:11.

    161 members Latest Activity: Aug 28 For all those who are connected to the 11:11 global consciousness movement. What is the Symbolic meaning of 11:11?

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