We are the Lovers ( LOVE IN OUR MIND) - Dj MrFlanell

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Angels on Earth,, Starseeds, Living on Earth beeing an Alien from another GalaxySending our Love Beeing the Love Feeling the Loveyou Can buy the song Herehttp://www.tradebit.com/filedetail.php/6511894-we-are-the-lovers-love-inSending you BlessingsWe are the joywe are the LightWe are the LOVEWe from the starsShining so BrightLiving as Onethe Message is LoveThe message is LoveLOVELOVELOVELOVE Breatheing Love Thinking Love Beeing Loveyou Who whatsh this videoi whish you so mush love and happyness and that today will be the best day full of joy and happyness, harmony and peace, lots of loveyou loveing frendKarlThe Angel comunicatorAngel Love and blightAngel blessings so BrightAngel hugs

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  • this must be my best song ever
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Like the sign says.
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Aztlan seems more a appropriate name than Mexico.
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"People are indeed acting very nutty"
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"Fall guy Hunter; there are a slew of Demoncrps that are on the chicom payroll but Hunter is going down for it all-maybe;
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"So pple can strike, riot, block roads, damage things etc to the extent of paralizing the whole country in what is equivalent to a 'lock down', and some pple like KK find this to be completely OK. They call it 'freedom of expression'!

However the…"
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