Galactic Federation of Light - Message from The Pleiadians - WAKE UP!

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Compiled from more than four hundred hours of channeling by Barbara Marciniak, Bringers of the Dawn imparts to us the wisdom of the Pleiadians, a group of en...

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  • I think the experiment went somewhat astray in terms of insufficient respect for the Tree of Life and being, the outcomes might be difficult to address. 

  • This video gave me the same awsom feeling as reading barbaras books its an amazing knowing inside of me waking up and uncurling from a very long sleep, and its so simple and straight foward  how it is presented to us all , 

    love and lite hugs and kisses fun and joy and most important of all


  • not all of us are renegades

  • Dear Daveji,

    If one is fast a sleep all our saviors are there to give us a little push that now it's time to get up and be Awkened with a new Consciousness for transformation and transition to higher worlds of Stars....



  • Awesome video!

  • I really don't get this. If a group of divine beings who ever they may be had a message for everyone why not tell everyone? Or at least a majority there are seven billion down here not the few your communicating with. All these new age religion's are trying to do is take advantage of your modern scientific mind. I guess they figure that if you rejected traditional religion it's because of science so lets add some Kaku and Krauss clips so we sound smart. If the Pleiadians have something to say to me they can say it to me. Allot of people say it doesn't matter if it's real it's about the message then stop trying to make money off of this garbage Bashar, The Seth material, the RA material. If these beings have something to say say it to me not through some person trying to turn a dollar.  

  • Love it...cause it gives me permission to play!


  • Okay! I am a creative being however..i will use all means

  • Dear Daveji,

    An error in video came so will have to see afterwards...

This reply was deleted.
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