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This is the Update for all of the UFO and INTERDIMENSIONAL ACTIVITY in the skys, it pulls many threads of information into one and shows clearly the contact and ufo appearences that are currently occuring world wide and amplifieing. Thanks to: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/giant-ufo-update-hd-october

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  • Hi Ben,


    The Utube account where this video was uploaded is no longer in use.





  • Where did the clip go Ben?
  • why cant i see this clip
  • wonderful! I am glad to see it! NAMASTE
  • Very Interesting :-)
  • This only shows how short of a time we have left, before the lid is blown!!.
  • Yes!
    I can feel it shaun!
    That i can feel as a true!

    it will happen soon and it is so joyous and bringing so much space and freedom and overwheliming happiness to actually see our beloved family, to be albe to comunicate and cocreate freely as equal beings, and show all the ones we love and are compassionate for that it is realy true, all the ones who are too dissAPOinted to belive, to see and show it is true it does happen, there is so m uch love for us, for everynoe.
    I am happy to spread the message and comfort everyone and keep being possitve for i feel and know and experience all thetime what IS REALY TRUELY HAPPENINE... a coming closer together and an opneing more and more to the real, to the purpose, to the solu and light and love, together, Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sooooooooooooooooooooooooo exited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soo happy to finaldy being able to see and experience ths to happen! all the changes, And to finaldy not being strange anymore, oh what a ojy to be welcomed in the light of universe and drop of all the lower fields of disharmony,, we are workng and moving towards it all the time, faster and faster and space is dissapearing.

    LOve love and joyous extatic times!!!!!!!!!!
  • i hope people actually understand this is going to happen soon right??
    its getting faster and faster..
    start imagining
  • well, i saw one streaking light (after asking to see an angel : ) about three months ago (i was not the only one ; ) & i just saw another silvery/white (the light is so bright and intense!) just oh... hovering, in the sky, as i drove home, once again in dialogue with the angelic realm.... the transference of energy that was received both times was totally high impact..... i agree with GreenEyes... the energy is overwhelming.... all really did have to like jump around and shake some of it off & it still freaks me out since, seeing my first "craft" in 2002 and NOT being prepared at all.... i think they knew i was more prepared this time. this was the longest they stayed stationary above me for (which was about 1/4 of a mile of driving) before disappearing. it still is a bit much for me to take in, even though i feel they are benevolent... i did not like my first encounter, at all (as i was very much tranced out in meditation under a dark night sky... totally vulnerable and open hearted for hours before i "heard" look up). they disappeared when i started to freak out after scanning the sky for every logical thing i could think of to compare it to and found all of them. it was then my logical brain kicked in and i panicked and ran into the house (i did that for several years actually : ) but, i do feel that these energies are way different and the "craft" is no long the hovering one with the orb of light (which was not nearly as bright) fading in and out. anyway ~ just wanted to share... maybe you guys have had contact with different "types" of visitors and would like to share more. this time like i said they were VERY different and it wasn't even a craft so much as just a white/super bright/glaring light, twice now, in the last few months : )
  • The last shot was friggin EPIC!!!Apologyse for my language but seriously.It was f-in epic.Allthough this could be the doing of HAARP,i do agree on that with Jamie.But well have to wait and see.Namaste and thanks for posting. :)
    This domain may be for sale!
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