Melanin & Your Pineal Gland

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  • Good morning and Good night Hellen..:-)


  • Though logic keeps us running in incessant circles..

    All one really has to do is love their self.. And God..

  • Though, I guess we're all walking away in a general sense. As we are choosing a more spiritual path. There are there are also the multi-dimensional aspects that I think many will also be waking up to. And the service to others frequencies that are being manifested as well.

    Its more of an individual process that has to be realized. Rather than a blanket option so to speak. Least thats my best understanding. All is in service to God, and the male/female relationship.

  • Spiritual union or unification of the twin ray relationship. Our own ego is the male and female, like the video I posted earlier. Which I think you know already. But the twin souls are also incarnated to assist all of humanity to awaken, by holding and sharing their hearts with all.

    Its also part of their own spiritual growth , as they are making a choice. So I'm still in a bit of murky water in that regards.

    If we were to do as say this message suggests, then we may or may not reach our full potential?..But as always one should follow their own spiritual guidance?

  • Well, I say we created it. God did actually, but for us. Unconditional love is being made manifest, in a nutshell..Christ conciousness being realized.

  • Its all about conciousness.. And we're basically all waking up from a long trip through time and space. We've all played our parts well. But its time to awaken perhaps..:-)

  • Or created for us?..Primarily its not as much about overcoming ones ego, as much as it is a healing of the ego... Recognizing ones own inner quote "demons" for the beauty that it truly is. There is only love.. Yet we are often so occupied that we fail to recognize it in our selves.

    I like Gregg Braden's work too. Because he not only focuses on the scientific but also on the spiritual. But this is where we often hit murky waters..:-) Though in essense our souls chose to come here for this experience.

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