It's Only an Error, Delete It! Spiritual Guidance from the Fey Realms

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It's only an Error, Delete It!Spiritual Guidance fromThe Fey Realms.March 25,2013.Blessings dear ones,The energies pulsating Gaia is causing intense feelings and emotions to rise, you do not have to hold on to these. let them go. they arise so they can be released. Some are also feeling as though they are getting sick. Remember to let go of anything that is negative. And understand that lower vibrations are being expelled at this point. Only higher vibrations and energies are able to be within the higher densities. Take special care in seeing what it is in your life, that could be holding you back, as you say. This could be judgment you are holding for someone, or something. This could be toxins you still hold within your body, this could be lower emotions that you hold on to, such as Grief or loss or sadness. Understand that all must be released to the heavens. Control your own mind and emotions. Let go of anything that no longer serves you within the higher vibrations. Take special care in finding anything within that should not be there. This can be done through meditation or prayer. Know that all can be released. Remember to forgive yourself, and all others, for this to, is what must be done. Forgiveness of others is easy to do. but forgiveness of self can be very difficult. You must let go of anything that you feel you have done wrong in your life, or any of your past lifes that may be rising to the surface. Trust that only you chastise yourself. Our Creator does not Judge you. Only you judge you. Stop putting yourself on trial. Let it go. Your errors are just that, an error. They are not sins, there is no such thing. Sin is an illusion that the dark created to control. Look at your errors as a computer glitch. It is just that, only an error. Delete it, and let it go. It is as though you tried a new Program, but it didn't work within your system. Delete it, and forget about it. Look at your errors, learn from them and then let them go. Take all the judgment of yourself and hand it over to the heavens for it is not needed. Forgiveness of all that has been done to you, humanity and our dear Mother Earth. Even if you are one who is trying to expose the dark remember to forgive them. This is very important. You do not want to hold any grudge for anything that has been done. Remember all are the children of the mother father God. And all are connected. If you Judge another then you are judging yourself. If you wish negative to happen to someone then you wish this same for yourself. You are bringing on your own karma. Let others deal with their own actions and errors. Don't surround yourselves with the dramas of others. Stay clear so not to cause yourself the karma. Love them for they to are your brothers and sisters. Love them unconditionally. For they are you, you are them, you are one with all. Right now Gaia is cleansing herself with Blankets of Snow and Rain in many of the darker areas, Take this time to gaze upon her beauty, for she is magnificent. She Glows with the Joy of you Love. Take the care to enjoy her essence. Give her the gift of your presence. She loves you and misses you, when you take the time to notice her, she lifts you up higher with her Glorious energies. Except them, for you are One with her. Remember that you too are going through the cleansing. She will help you through these rough waves. Take her hand and Dance with her, for she Loves you. Our Creator Loves you, all our Galactic Brethren Love you. And we Love you very much. You are One will all that Is. Except it and Know it for you are Magnificent and Beautiful. We are the Angels of Nature.Channeled By,Chelle LeaMay you all feel Love, Peace, and Joy

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