Allfaaraa with Lisa Harrison Pt 1

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Allfaaraa - Angel of God. Right from the start Allfaaraa assumes the position of teacher. What unfolded was not a typical interview, but a conversation that ...

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  • Wow, what a head trip listening to this has been for me.....I am still wondering all sorts of things as the result of listening to all of this.  A lot of what he said made so much sense to me, and so much was info I never even dreamed in my wildest dreams, but somehow it all seemed to make sense....can't wait for part two.....Anyone else as shocked by the info as I was....I have to say this is astounding information if true.  Allfaaraa certainly seemed sincere that everything he was sharing was true.  I got a kick out of his talking about his time as a cow.....What did anyone think of this, I would be so interested to know.....

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