There was a time when we had very little information. Now we have geysers of it—but in an information war the true is mixed in with the false and it requires a solid foundation of knowledge and sharp discernment to know the difference.

The revelations of the apocalypse are for everyone. We have better defined truths, revisited truth, expanded truth, and new examples for assimilation by even the most seasoned members of the Q Army.

For this reason, we continue to flood the Internet with the reality so that those who seek answers can find them, and those who desire updates—perhaps to share with others—have access to current information.

Most civilians have no inkling how an information war is fought. They may not innerstand the nuances or the magnitude of the war Humanity is currently embroiled in because it involves aspects they not only don’t comprehend, but cannot see or detect with the five senses. Many believe that’s all they have; five senses.

This is in part a physical war, but in the grandest sense it is an esoteric battle for our entire planet and the Human race not fought in the physical, but in other realms. This is our Creator and Satan duking it out and Satan’s army comprises soldiers and assassins most Humans couldn’t imagine.

The following advice comes from Telegram.

I believe we have entered the most confusing phase of this process. Deception will be everywhere.

Trust your instincts and the Spirit to discern. Psychological warfare is designed to confuse your mind, but it cannot confuse your soul.

As we learn to navigate the churning waters of war, we will discern both what bobs on the surface as well as what lurks in the deep; whether just below the surface or fathoms down in the inky blackness where only the most intrepid dare venture to dredge up the secrets for all to see.

The invaders on our planet took great care to keep truth from Humanity so we would never suspect the horrors taking place on what some refer to as “the farm”. They didn’t want us to know that we are the livestock farmed for multiple purposes. They led us to believe we are the top of the food chain.

What we have accepted over the past six years or so is that the creatures who have been running the world consider us a food source, and we are cultivated as such—particularly the children.

The part of that most offensive to Human sensibilities is that they use children for sex, sex slaves, and they torture them to obtain adrenalized blood created by the terror the innocent souls experience at the hands of these monsters. The blood is used to generate “adrenochrome” and other products of exceptionally high value to their kind. “They” are not Human. The Human aspect that is part of their DNA has long since been destroyed, usually in early childhood through trauma-based mind control.

Adrenochrome is their drug of choice, their fountain of youth and from which they derive the highest high; their ecstasy, one might say.

If that weren’t bad enough, these satanic psychopaths also murder children and sacrifice them to their gods. Did we ever wonder where all the missing children go? Millions of them every year disappear without a trace. We question claims that most of them are found and are simply errant teens unhappy with their home life.

What if we learned it isn’t only children, but babies? What if there weren’t enough children available to abduct or obtain unlawfully through organizations like Child Protective Services?

Truth seekers would ultimately learn of the tunnels and DUMBs miles beneath our feet used to transport or traffic children like the illicit currency they are. They might wonder why Deep Underground Military Bases would be involved in heinous activity like this.

The Unseen Underworld: 10,000 Deep Underground Military Bases Concealed Across the Globe – Prepare for the Unveiling of the Unthinkable!

List Of Over 188 Deep Underground Military Bases Situated Under Most Major Cities, US AFBs, US Navy Bases and US Army Bases, Underneath FEMA Military Training Camps and DHS Control Centers

Army Is Spending Half a Billion to Train Soldiers to Fight Underground

It’s such a long story and perhaps difficult to believe but the infiltration of all our organizations has meant the enemy had powerful puppets everywhere they needed them—including our militaries in the highest echelons.

Initiation ceremonies for the satanists are ruthless and designed to ensure secrecy and silence in members. They might demand new recruits rape and murder babies. Or influential people might be tricked, drugged, and video taped in compromising situations with children for immensely powerful blackmail operations so the globalist deep state mobsters can control their activities on the world stage.

No one wants to hear these things, but to stop it we have to acknowledge it. It must be known and at the moment it’s still one of the greatest secrets kept from the masses. The normies must be red-pilled, as we say. For as long as it remains hidden it will continue. When we have eradicated these satanic entities we must ALL be aware so it cannot ever happen again.

Children are in fact bred in those tunnels like livestock—in cages. The Khazarian mafia also perform genetic experiments on Humans and animals there. These things are common knowledge now in the Truther or Awakened community, but we still get news which sets us back on our heels as the world’s militaries storm the tunnels and discover the unexpected.

As revealed by Lt. Col. [R] Riccardo Bosi of the Australia One party in a round table discussion recently, the reason lockdowns were so severe and prolonged in Oz was because of the sheer unanticipated volume of children the military discovered in the tunnels beneath that nation. One million children were rescued from those incubation and torture chambers—just in that portion of Australia.

Since most of the children had never seen the light of day in their lifetime, the extractions had to be performed at night. Sunlight would have been devastating to them. We had an inkling that operations like these were taking place around the world but the magnitude of it has only slowly come out.

There are more details still being revealed, and Bosi stated that among the children rescued were six month old babies with venereal disease. Need I say more?


Here’s “Alice”; one of the boring machines used to make the tunnels. And down the rabbit hole we go.

When we see many of the Walmart stores closing, it is usually because they were the ones connected to the tunnels. Did you ever wonder why Walmart changed their logo? Coincidence?


The Army Corp. of Engineers have been destroying and sealing tunnels permanently so they can never be used again. Gene Decode’s research revealed that they use whatever means best suits the location because the military is nothing if not efficient. For example, if there is volcanic activity nearby they might divert lava to fill the tunnels. If there is water, they flood them. Others are blown up and collapsed permanently and we know many “earthquakes” are evidence of those operations.

This particular video depicting warfare in the DUMBs is interesting on many levels. Link to Telegram. Or view on Twitter below. Watch the very beginning and the end closely. As Agent M states, there are “creatures” or chimera down there as well, and we have heard demons, as well. Could it get any closer to hell?


No conversation about tunnels and DUMBs would be complete without the testimony of geologist Phil Schneider, who did a circuit of lectures to warn the public about what he saw and knew. Unfortunately, like so many ethical people who dared to speak out, he was suicided in a most brutal way that could not possibly have been done by this hero himself. Video 50 min.


The controllers had planned to destroy our surface world just as they have done before to eradicate the Humans who became too plentiful and aware to manage any more. They built many fully-equipped underground cities in which to hide and sustain themselves until the nuclear winter had subsided and they could again surface and start over with a few remnants of the population. We have evidence they perform these “resets” from time to time to control the civilizations on our planet. Our history is a complete lie—like everything else and the construct of time itself has been manipulated.

Despite how it appears, this war isn’t just political. That is how it manifests because of the control structure on the planet, but it is far, far more. We are not who we believe we are, our origins are not what the controllers have told us, our history has been erased and reconstructed to perpetuate the lies that keep the control structure going.

The aspects of our reality hidden from us are the key to everything. The very nature of this world we occupy is so foreign to Humans that it is extremely difficult to even describe to us because we lack the terminology and ability to conceptualize it. There are entities involved that we are completely unaware of and as such are incapable of protecting ourselves without coaching.

The good news is that a long-standing world-wide operation is underway to free us—the indentured servants—from the clutches and control of the evil forces. It’s extremely complex, dangerous, and fraught with deception, booby-traps, and double or triple agents. It truly is a war for our planet and every living thing on it.

One of the biggest hurdles to informing Humanity of the truth has been the fact that the enemy has controlled all the information. Their puppets owned all the media outlets. They put out lies and propaganda, wove mind control spells on us, reinforced the disinformation in our entertainment, wrote our books, schooled our children, and trained the professionals like doctors and lawyers to run the farm as they instructed.

They took away and hid the natural healing knowledge imparted to Humanity when our home Earth was gifted to us and replaced the botanicals and bio-chemistry with the poisons dispensed by their pharmaceutical companies. They created diseases and suppressed the cures to keep us sick and profitable for their benefit.

They genetically altered our food supply and coated it with toxic insecticides and herbicides like glyphosate. They market Roundup to farmers and the rest of us for crop and weed control and don’t tell us that glyphosate causes horrific cancers and never breaks down in the ground water or soil. It’s a forever toxin.

While Roundup has been banned in many countries, it still enjoys prominent shelf space in hardware and home improvement stores in America. Monsanto, the manufacturer, was determined to be poisoning us and was conveniently acquired by a German company Bayer AG after paying millions in lawsuits from cancer-ridden victims and others. Surprisingly, too many Humans are still unaware and slather their lawns and gardens with it, then wonder why their pets are dying of cancer at shockingly increasing rates.

Whatever doesn’t work to deceive any more is either renamed, purchased by another cabal company, or destroyed and begun anew. They renamed monosodium glutamate so we can’t see it on food labels any longer. They feed us Human-derived materials in our food supply. We have seen a lot of McDonalds burger joints close, and many meat processing plants because they were processing Humans and secretly selling us Human meat. That’s cannibalism, folks. Does it get any more despicable or disgusting?

There is no rehabilitating these monsters. They are evil to the N’th degree, not Human, and this is our planet. They steal our resources such as the water and sell it back to us as “pure” when it usually isn’t. They add fluoride and other toxins to keep us docile and slowly poison us.

It is no small wonder that Human society is so sick and our lifespans so short. They created the perfect profit-generating system to keep us sick and paying them for what causes it and then they insert us into their sadistic medical industrial complex where they torture, maim, and corrupt until they have drained the victim’s bank account. At that point the poor soul is discarded like the drained battery they essentially became.

The best news is probably that the war has been raging almost invisibly for quite some time already—or at least disguised as other things. The worst and most dangerous threats have already been removed and addressed and the heavy lifting for the most part complete. What we believe is happening in the headlines is cover for the last of the cleanup operations and is designed to “wake the normies”. Most of it is pure theatre. Joe Biden’s repeated falls, for example.

By the way, have you seen this video of what appears to be the military off-loading a robotoid Joe Biden? Link to Telegram.

Why Are Military Carrying ‘Joe Biden’ Robot? 👀 Look Closely

What do you make of this?

Kunsan Air Base Rep. Of Korea Virtual View

( Miesha Delphus

Here’s the Twitter version.


When one considers the enormity of the tunnel evacuations we are now hearing about from just two years ago, what must the “heavy lifting” have entailed? Can we even imagine? The takedown of the cabal has been well underway for awhile, as stated, and as evidenced by something we did watch unfold and expended significant time to exploring eight years ago.

Some perspective from Telegram on Operation: Jade Helm 15.

I’m just thinking out loud… Remember Operation Jade Helm 15?

Well if you don’t here’s a refresher

The joint exercise in realistic military training (RMT) known as Jade Helm 15[3] was sponsored by the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM or SOCOM)[4] and involved the United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) and Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) with other U.S. Military units in multiple states, including Texas, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Utah. Its stated purpose was “to improve the Special Operations Forces’ capability as part of the National Security Strategy”.[4] It was coordinated and led from Eglin Air Force Base, an Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) base in northwest Florida.

Long story short. They were to blend in w the local communities and fit in. They say it was to weed out terrorism. But what if Jade Helm (which officially ended in 2015) was part of this bigger operation?

It ended right before Trump took office. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ve been interacting w Jade Helm operators now

Are the fires we are seeing in any way connected to the cleanup operations? They could be. We know that when the deep state cabal attacks, the White Hats use their efficiency and Art of War tactics to enhance their own plan.

Here’s one of the nutbars they say started a lot of fires in Alberta. She didn’t start the ones in SE Québec that erupted simultaneously this weekend, so… we’re still waiting to hear if that was Alliance-related, cabal terrorism, or natural causes.

When people are evacuated for any reason, it opens the door for Special Forces to do their job unimpeded. Thick forests can hide entrances to tunnels and provide cover for entities trying to escape. There are many questions, of course, as the enemy will not be tipped off or missions compromised by loose lips.

We understand Ukraine has been a Nazi stronghold for a very long time. It is riddled with tunnels housing biolabs where the enemy has been doing research and development on genetically targeted bioweapons to eliminate Humanity by specific race, if desired, or even specific undesirable individuals.

The Russian military and other groups are capable of taking these monsters to task and cutting the head off the snake but it takes time and must be done with impeccable precision to mitigate loss of life and protect civilians. Surgical strikes. Considerable care has been taken to make it sound like the operations there are something else entirely.

Just after noon my time today the updates came in on Telegram… and could mean tunnel operations but sounded odd.

Just a note: 15:10 PM TIME, EST, Southwest of Annapolis. Massive Explosion Sound, rumbled for about 30 seconds. Friend in Annapolis called and asked if we heard it. Their whole house shook. Rumble heard and felt here on the Shore.

Will continue to update. Northern VA too….

Andrews AFB

Woodbridge, VA


I grew up in an air force town with a big air base and we heard sonic booms fairly often in the early days. It was no biggie and I doubt if it was heard outside our town. I don’t recall the ground shaking.

We have heard of “negative depth” or “air quakes”, however, from Gene Decode who said quakes above the ground were usually caused by enemy craft being taken out when they tried to exit the DUMBs and escape. We just don’t know enough to make hard and fast assumptions and need all the wakeup calls to the normies we can get.

What do you think? Listen to the recorded sound.


Is this related? Link to Telegram.


Up to one half foot of inundation above ground level along the shoreline in the District of Columbia, Arlington County, and the City of Alexandria.

We are free to draw our own conclusions about what is unfolding. Complaining is not appropriate. If operations are still ongoing then the war is not yet won. We should be thankful we are still here to tell the tale.

It’s apparent that Q’s assurances are valid and the patriots are in control. If there can be any glory in war, which is debatable, then we are witnessing it.

How’s that ‘suicide weekend’ going?


That about covers it for today. Whatever parameters you believe the stories encompass, expand your thinking. Think bigger. The entire thing is far too vast to explain adequately in five minutes, or perhaps even a day. How does one explain, “multi-dimensional” or “extra-dimensional” to the average person?

Clearly, far more has been hidden from us than has ever been revealed so the future is going to be fascinating.

Thank you to the crew for the links and updates in the comments that aren’t included here for obvious reasons. Onward and upward, all.  ~ BP

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