Your are being mind f***** if you think lucifer is good.......

Hello!I just want to share with you some video due the bug in firefox i can't post the video here...i just link it to you and wait for your comments.Here is the fisrt one the guy asked what happend to that people. here is a reponse to that.But i also interested about what you think? comment.Be good!
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  • Well what i think is that god is represent the creation around us what is there already even the air you breath in.But there is no cold hard proof for that nor i can't prove that he/she is there somewhere.And lucifer is all about the bad things for ceratain invidual and the darker side of things...for example destruction..hate selfis thinking..

    That is what i think about..:-)
  • evil is dong bad things and feeling good about it

    when i do something good, i feel good about it ,and when i do something bad, i feel bad about it, that is my religion if i have one at all ,as old Ben Franklin said ,the best thing a good person can do to please there god is to do good things among there fellow humans

  • Lucifer is indeed shrouded in a cloak of intense evil.  So are the other three.  He is a hells angel who rebells against God and among his tasks is law enforcement concerning rules governing society. In other words he and they want to be the bosses

  • interesting ,

        this is what i think,"Lucifer is not evil ,people are" The Fallen Angel - A true story about Lucifer this link tells some of the story but i think evil is man made and so is religion ,i mean really ,dose god have a religion.personally my god dose not practice religion nor dose my god punish anyone ,another thing is H.P.Blavatsky and her secret doctrine and the kabalistic views and all whatever is out there in the world for me  is for discernment ,i am an ordained minister but that dose not make me a good man I make me a good man or a bad man

    funny thing is when folks do some thing bad and say the devil made me do it

    but when they do some thing good they say " I " did it , why not say god made me do it

    anyway good luck John

    there is no religion greater than truth

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