Yeshua tells Mary about the Secret Space Program

Mary discusses our immediate shift timeline with Yeshuwa ben Joseph (the one we call Jesus Christ). He tells Mary about the domino effect, how money must be removed Universally, because it is the Cabal who is creating the money that controls us, he tells us that immediately after the Shift we will have a new type of government in action that allows the unknowable goodies in the Secret Space Program to become available. He reveals that gold will be of some purpose in the future only because it is an important part of Universal Exchange.

He especially warns us not to become fooled by the Cabal (who is obviously the Federal Reserve and all who are associated with it). This could be disguised as many things including really low interest rates for new homes, stock market rising greatly, or even martial law. Remember these are all Tricks. The Federal Reserve was already removed, the military was already removed.

Jesus also tells Mary that almost everything that Karen Hudes (legal aid for World Bank) has told us is correct information about how the old money will be switched out for the new money that is backed by gold-- but it is our gold--it is not the gold of the Cabal.

Yeshua reveals many new truths to the one he reveals to be Mary Magdalene on Earth in the Flesh at this time.

Yeshua ben Joseph describes to Mary Magdalene how they first met, how they came from the God World, how they traveled together to many places, how they had also been together when he was St. Germain and Mary was his student. This discussion is continued in their discussion about the Oraphim Race line when they were in the First Creation. They share detailed memories of how they taught the Algorithims of the Universe in the Magdalene Mystery School and how the use of Om is now being taught at Mary's Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse.

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