Worldwide Collective Prayer Invitation for Australia

Thanks to Patty for the heads-up!

by Brigeeta Light, January of 2020


Currently, there are out-of-control fires in 4 States of Australia. Both Human’s and animal’s lives are at risk, with many fatalities already. They need a miracle to bring on the rain.

We’re looking to harness the power of people praying together, so we invite everyone to participate in a 3 minute prayer/intention where we collectively see, feel and hear:

  • Gentle, consistent rain falling on the affected areas,  soaking into the land and lasting for days
  • All fires extinguished
  • People and animals celebrating, full of joy and gratitude

Collective prayer has a far more powerful effect than when we pray individually. Please share this invitation freely.

Whatever your faith or spiritual belief, please enlist the Grace of it to come to Australia’s aid. The Compassionate Grace of the Divine will hear our calling!

There are two time options given, depending on what suits you (cities/countries in alphabetical order, enough examples to figure out your time zone ) :

Adelaide: Fri 3 Jan 5.30pm, or Saturday 4 Jan 5.30am

Auckland: Fri 3 Jan 8pm, or Saturday 4 Jan 8am

Beijing : Fri 3 Jan 3pm, or Sat 4 Jan 3am

Berlin:Fri 3 Jan 8am, or Friday 3 Jan 8pm

Cape Town: Fri 3 Jan 9am, or Fri 3 Jan 9pm

Chennai: Fri 3 Jan 12.30pm, or Saturday 4 Jan 12.30am

London : Fri 3 Jan 7am, or Fri 3 Jan 7pm

Malaysia: Fri 3 Jan 3pm, or Saturday 4 Jan 3am

New York: Fri 3 Jan 2am, or Fri 3 Jan 2pm

Perth: Fri 3 Jan 3pm, or Saturday 4 Jan 3am

San Francisco: Thurs 2 Jan 11pm, or Fri 3Jan 11am

Singapore: Fri 3 Jan 3pm, or Saturday 4 Jan 3am

Sydney: Fri 3 Jan 6pm, or Saturday 4 Jan 6am

Tokyo: Fri 3 Jan 4pm, or Saturday 4 Jan 4am

Turkey: Fri 3 Jan 10am, or Fri 3 Jan 10pm

Ukraine: Fri 3 Jan 8am, or Fri 3 Jan 8pm

Vancouver: Thurs 2 Jan 11pm, or Friday 3 Jan 11am

Vladivostok: Fri 3 Jan 5pm, or Saturday 4 Jan 5am

Many thanks for your love and care, rich blessings to you all.

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  • Val said he's putting some feet to his prayers and sending a group of ships to seed some

    clouds over the fires.

    So get your cameras out, Australia, when the Commander says it, it happens.  

  • Rev. I know what you mean...when I used to work, I'd see the jets criss crossing in gthe sky before dark and when I got up to go to work I'd have to take window spray and a cloth and clean my car window so I could see to drive, and it woiuld be black on the clothy from what fell from the sky.

    But Amparo is right and you have the power and that's why you are concerned about it.. so see the clear skies where the junk is, but keep seeing gthe skies clear and they will clear, if something has gto happen to the planes tjhey cannogt take off...because you have the power...we all havfe the power to change the world but we jusr don'tr know it or use it...

  • Very correct, Amparo... letting them go is essential to the prayer...they don't go anywhere as long as we continjue to hold on to we release them, they enter an energy field similar to when a seed is planted in the soil...then the prayer begins to take form and if left alone, will manifest..just as a seed will grow into a plant...-

    The servant saw with the mortal or material mind  only a cloud like a man's hand... but Elijah heard, with the mind of spirit....the sound of abundance of rain...   the scripturews are so full of deep spiritual teachings that lead to enlightenment, ascension and immortality in the body...

    Elijah taught us to have whatever we want... when only a cloud the size of a man's hand seems to be all there is... he "heard"...he didn't hear anything, but with his faith in his spoken Word... he heard the sound of abundance of rain...he didn't audibly  hear anything... but he believed... and it rained, rained, rained.

    Do you hear the rain in Australia? Let's listen and hear it rain....

  • I was fixing to say same thing, Amparo said.  Just every time you thinjk of Australia, see the rain coming down and the fires going out... you can feel or hear rain or do it allo, the more senses you use the more powergful the thought form.

    "Elijah was a man of like passions as any man and he prayed, and it did not rain for 3 years then he prayed and igt rained torrents..." James...paraphrased by me...

    One doesn't have to be perfect or ascended to see miracles happen...

    Jesus said, "SAY unto the mountain"  and he meant exactly what he said... the mountain will move if you believe with all your heart it will...

    The fires will go out!  

  • "Today is the worst ever DC spraying of deadly Chem-trails & acid rain n Belize n 17 yrs that I have been here.What a way 2 start the new year" In my 21 years of watching and suffering from chem-trails and acid rain I have never seen anything so bad as what I seen and now feel here in Belize. I believe the DC Deep-State has lunched an attack on us that will probably spread across the world, sort of like what they did in Calf. with the bush fires started by Satellites laser  weapons. For they know that they are loosing the Silent War.

    I feel sorry for the Ausies living in those areas,were all the strange fires are, for I have lived and did metaphysical work in that exact same locations for nearly 5 years back in the late 80's and early 90's.Most of the Aussie in that area.They are good honest and spiritual people and deserve our prayers and visual affirmations. Also from now on we need to keep an eye on big brother and report what is going on with there last stand against us. 2020 is already and  going to be an explosive year, the End of the DC is near, huh.

This reply was deleted.

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